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JASIONLED is a world-class provider of Concert LED screens and lighting solutions. We have been providing outstanding customer service since 2002, and our products are second to none. Our Concert LED screens deliver unmatched visual effects, and we’re proud to say they are highly embraced worldwide.

Our investment in top-notch machinery, innovation, and a global network of partners have helped us emerge as a worldwide leader in LED screen production and delivery.

Great Visual Impact, High Resolution, and Cost-effective

JASIONLED’s concert LED screens are an excellent way of increasing audience entertainment and engagement at your upcoming concert. Our dedicated staff will help you choose the most appropriate screen size, type and location for your event. You can have a seamless content delivery system in minutes with little effort.

JASIONLED has a variety of screen sizes and types to choose from, but when it comes to concerts – we say the bigger, the better! Our big screens will give your audience visibility for any concert stage, music festival, or another music event you’re hosting.

Experience Cutting-Edge Technology with JASIONLED

JASIONLED’s LED products are subject to rigorous evaluation before they are packed and distributed. Concert LED screens must conform to exacting standards. JASIONLED’s technicians examine the functionality of concert LED screens with utmost care to ensure they will last longer and give a smooth experience.

Our production department is equipped with the latest technology to create concert LED screens of the highest quality. Our concert LED screens offer an affordable price that provides custom sizes and designs—guaranteed by JASIONLED!

True color & unique vision

Our Commitment to a Strict Production Process
Ensures Product Quality


LEDs Baking

The restoring process involves the application of heat, which restores the LED to its original state whenever it has been exposed to moisture.



Surface-mount technology and through-hole technology attach electronic components to printed circuit boards.



A thin layer of solder paste is applied to bond the board to the lamp, which has been placed on an SMT machine for reflow soldering.


Light On Test

Using a light-on test, an LED tester is connected to each LED, and current is applied to identify faulty parts. If any LEDs do not light up, they will need to be replaced before installation can continue.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

The water-based, semi-transparent material around the LED display helps prevent damage. It keeps the temperature inside the system stable.


Screw (for bottom shell)

The display is attached to the printed circuit board with screws made of stainless steel.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

To protect an outdoor LED display from water damage, place a layer of waterproof tape on both sides and allow the glue to cure for at least 24 hours before use.


Screw (for mask)

A screw made of heat-treated steel and zinc alloy is used in the mask. The screw has an anti-corrosion finish, and its hardness and durability have been increased through heat treatment.


LED Module Aging

Each module will be individually tested for 12 hours after assembly, including lamp life and attenuation, color difference, white balance effect, realistic viewing angle and text quality during playback. The ability to display a full screen will also be tested.


LED Cabinet Assemble

LED cabinet lighting is a quick and easy installation project. First, connect a signal cable to each module. Then connect each module’s output to the next module’s input. Finally, plug a 5V power cord into the board.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

We put all our cabinets and displays through a 72-hour aging test to ensure they work as intended before storing them in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled environment.



The packages are designed to protect the modules, which contain wood. Each box includes layers of protective materials, such as foam inserts and flight cases, to ensure safe transportation.

Why JASIONLED for Concert LED Screen Display

We are a professional LED display manufacturer. Our main products include LED displays, LED video walls, LED screen, digital advertising screen and so on. We have been in this field for many years, providing high-quality products and excellent customer service worldwide. We know that you have many choices when choosing an LED display manufacturer. JASIONLED is proud of its reputation and long-term cooperation with many customers who are satisfied with our products and services. We will continue to provide high-quality products and excellent service to customers worldwide.

Strong Visual lmpact

JASIONLED, a leader in audio-visual integrated, dynamic, and large-sized LED screens for concerts, offers reality features that engage the audience’s feelings in a widespread way, delivering vibrant and crisp images that can be seen from any angle.

Concert Engagement

The concert LED screens produced by JASIONLED ensure that every fan gets a front-row visual experience. Our screens can provide not only social media feeds but also deliver real-time fan engagement. Never miss a beat with real-time fan engagement. Make your live concert look truly spectacular!

Customizable Screens

Concert venues vary significantly in size, shape and acoustics, so choosing an LED screen manufacturer that offers customizable solutions is important. JASIONLED provides customized screens according to your needs, including screen sizes, pixel pitches and dimensions.

Environmentally Friendly

Our LED screen for the concert is equipped with an automatic light sensor that can adjust brightness according to the environment, saving power. Moreover, we use top-quality LEDs and an advanced heat-removal system to extend the lifespan of LED panels.

Installation Modes

Our stage screen is easy and convenient to install. It can be taken apart and transported to another area or stage. Because it is made of high-quality materials, our stage screen has a longer lifespan than other types of screens.

Display Effect

Conventional LED screens are limited to playing videos and pictures. On the other hand, stage or concert LED screens can provide high-definition camera feeds. This makes them ideal for concerts and live performances.

Concert Screen - The Ultimate Entertainment Experience

We offer a wide range of products and services that allow you to watch your favourite artist perform live, no matter where they are. Our screens are built with the latest technology so that you can expect the best picture quality and sound experience possible.

Our screens are available in various sizes, so whether you’re watching at home or at work, we’ll have the right size for you!

High-Resolution LED Panel for Concerts

Our high-resolution LED panel's stunning contrast and definition make it an excellent display medium for 8K, 4K, and 2K videos and images. The LED panel of NSE uses high-quality LEDs to provide a wide viewing angle, vivid colors, and an elegant appearance.

Creative LED Concert Screens

JASIONLED is a manufacturer of high-quality LED concert screens and monitors. Their innovative products captivate audiences with real and dynamic content of a concert, and they can flexibly create endless layouts, such as a 360° stunning visual impact. Impress your audience with an immersive atmosphere that lasts a lifetime.

Outdoor Rental LED Screens for Concerts

JASIONLED is an outdoor LED rental company that allows customers to rent a high-quality outdoor LED display for concerts. Our displays are highly versatile and can be easily installed in any location. Allowing your audience to enjoy state-of-the-art visual technology in their viewing experience.

LED Posters for Concerts

The JASIONLED's LED poster is unique, movable, and portable, has a high resolution and is easy to use. These advantages and features make it perfect for concerts, exhibitions, and other outdoor and indoor events. JASIONLED's LED posters will make your upcoming concert alive with vibrant visuals.

Concert Transparent LED Screens

JASIONLED offers high-quality concert transparent LED screens that create captivating images. Each screen features ultra-high transparency of over 80% to ensure clear and detailed images. We can customize your screens based on your unique needs, including pixel pitch, size, and other dimensions.

Indoor Rental LED Screens for Concerts

Our indoor rental LED screen for concerts features a flexible design and easy installation. It can capture real-time fan engagement and deliver social media feeds. This is the perfect solution to keeping your fans happy by providing an immersive experience.

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Stage LED Screen

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Football Stadium Screen

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Perimeter LED Display

A perimeter LED Display is a display that can be used for perimeter advertising. It is a large, illuminated sign that wraps around the outside of a building. It uses LED lights to create an image or message, which may be changed to show different things at different times. These signs are often used by companies looking to promote themselves in an eye-catching way.

Church LED Sign

The Church LED Sign is a great way to advertise your church. This sign allows you to change the text and images on the LED screen easily. You can even create a welcome message displayed when people first enter your building.

Transparent LED Screen

It's a transparent screen that can display text, images, and video in full color with high image quality. The screen is made of transparent glass, which allows you to see through it. This makes for an eye-catching addition to any office space or retail store.

P4 Outdoor LED Display

P4 Outdoor LED Display is a professional display for outdoor use. It is made of high-quality plastic with excellent workmanship, which makes it robust and durable. The light source of P4 Outdoor LED Display is sunlight-readable, so the brightness can be adjusted according to your needs.

JASIONLED Provides Concert LED Screen Displays, Designed to Meet Your Varying Needs.

Our LED screens offer a wide range of benefits. They are highly customizable and can be used in various settings, including concerts, sports events, trade shows, etc. Our screens are lightweight and easy to set up, making them ideal for any venue where you need a high-quality display quickly.

We also offer several different sizes for our LED screens. Whether you’re looking for something small enough to fit into your pocket or large enough to fill an entire stadium with crisp, clear images, we have the perfect product!

1. 20+ Years Experience You Can Trust

Our rich industry experience allows us to synthesize all aspects of your environment to provide you with high-performance, perfect and complete LED display solutions.

We have a wealth of knowledge of all things LED, so we can synthesize all facets of your situation and provide a solution that will meet your needs. We can do this because we have worked in this field and have become experts on the subject.

2. Great Production Capacity

JASIONLED is committed to producing the highest quality LED lighting products at the lowest prices. We have a 5000㎡+ production capacity, ensuring we can meet market demand. We can produce our products competitively because we have the latest machinery and facilities. 

3. Offers 3 Years Warranty & 5% Spare Parts

Our products are made with the highest-quality materials, and we take pride in our craftsmanship. Our LED displays are designed to provide you with years of reliable service, all backed by a 3-year warranty for your peace of mind.

This means you can buy with confidence, knowing you will be covered if anything goes wrong with your purchase.

4.  Best Quality. Satisfied Service.

Our LED screen modules are produced using advanced equipment, such as raw material inspection, SMT production optical inspection, calibration equipment, and vibration measurement. These processes ensure that every module meets the highest quality standards in the industry, ensuring straightforward and enjoyable visual experiences for our customers.

5. Quality Parts and Accessories

Our products’ materials are purchased from acclaimed business partners like Nationstar, Kinglight, Nichia, Cree, and Epistar LED. These partnerships ensure that our products are well-made and highly effective. Our LED displays are known for their high-quality construction, low energy consumption, and effective results. We take pride in our products and make sure each one is built to the highest standards.

6. Efficient Equipment & Workers

JASIONLED has a set of efficient production lines and practical workers who are always dedicated to great cost-effective products and bringing a satisfying customer experience. With the support of highly trained engineers, advanced technology and equipment, we can efficiently manufacture a wide range of solar street light products that meet international standards.

7. Reliable Sales & Technical Support

By coordinating with the sales department, technical department, and logistics department. JASIONLED offers customers professional pre-sale services and after-sale services. JASIONLED has a solid and experienced sales department responsible for pre-sale services. It can provide customers with technical support and solutions to their problems. The technical department is in charge of product quality control and after-sale services.

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