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JasionLED, headquartered in China, has consistently produced unique LED display goods and excellent service for over 20 years. We have grown into a seasoned display supplier. JasionLED’s LED display products are exported globally, serving all vertical markets such as creative indoor/outdoor displays, control rooms, conference rooms, broadcast, and others.

JasionLED has continuously delivered unique LED screen products and excellent service. Our age experience gives us the confidence to supply our valued customers with high-quality LED displays. As a result, we may strive for professional bespoke LED display panels that are low in weight, energy efficient, and stable.

Conference LED Screen: Utilizing a Modern Corporate Environment

Any collaborative work setting requires a conference LED display. Because screens come in various sizes, you can obtain one in whatever size you like. An LED display has numerous advantages, which we will discuss today. A collaborative work environment is established by utilizing the conference room’s LED screens.

Nothing surpasses LED displays for huddle rooms since they provide a more creative meeting place with the latest technology while also being less expensive than traditional projectors. Repairs are also not a significant problem, thanks to the ease of installation and maintenance.


JasionLED, Your Conference LED Screen Reliable Partner

JasionLED is a well-established company that provides high-efficiency, environmental protection and cost-effective LED display products. We have a strong team with years of experience in the field and an innovative technical concept to ensure we stay ahead of the competition.

Every aspect of our product development cycle – from research to production – is conducted by our people at state-of-the-art facilities in China. We use only reliable components and operate an extensive quality check on each component before reaching our customers.

True color & unique vision

A Leading LED Display Manufacturer with the Best LED Display Production Line


LEDs Baking

Baking, a step in the reballing process, involves heating the LED die to a high temperature for several seconds. This causes the moisture within the chip to evaporate.



The IC surface-mounting technique involves applying solder paste to the printed circuit board and placing components such as the IC, resistors, capacitors, power sockets, and signal sockets. To ensure that all components are correctly aligned, and in place, this process can be followed by reflow soldering.



The surface of the lamp must be brushed with solder paste, then placed in an SMT machine for soldering and reflowing.


Light On Test

The light-on test determines whether LEDs are working and whether any display components need to be replaced. A technician sends current through each LED to see if it lights up, then returns any that do not light up before moving on with the installation process.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

Brush anti-corrosion paint is used to protect the LED display from corrosion. The product is a water-based, semi-transparent coating that can be applied to the surface of indoor LED displays. It has excellent insulation properties, is moisture-proof and anti-leakage, and provides shock resistance.


Screw (for Bottom Shell)

The lower shell is secured to the PCB using stainless steel screws. These screws are made of a durable and corrosion-resistant material.


Screw (for Mask)

The mask-mounting screw is made of high-strength steel and has been processed with an anti-corrosion coating. The screw is made of high-quality zinc alloy and heat-treated for improved hardness and strength.


LED Module Aging

After assembly, we will perform aging tests for 6-12 hours. Aging testing evaluates each screen aspect, such as lamp life and attenuation, color differences, balance effects, realistic angles, and quality of text playback.


LED Cabinet Assemble

The LED cabinet is assembled by installing the module on the cabinet body, connecting a signal cable between modules and a 5V power cord to each module. Next, install the system by clicking the system output to modules and then connect a 5V power cord to the system.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

An aging test is conducted on the screen for at least 72 hours. During this process, the screen is placed in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled environment to ensure it has had time to stabilize fully before shipping out.



We use sturdy wooden or flight-case-like packages to transport our modules. We fill each package with foam to help protect its contents from damage during transportation.

Top Reasons to Use an LED Screen for Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are often flexible, with walls that can be moved or reconfigured to accommodate various configurations. Theatrical stages and movable display screens are also famous in large conference rooms. However, meeting rooms may become boring when attendees merely use them for presentations and other business discussions; some venues do not offer high-quality displays that motivate participants to participate actively. To prevent this problem, conference LED screens can provide a better environment; they are best suited for displaying images and videos due to their vibrant colors and high contrast ratio.

Better Visibility

An indoor LED screen has advanced display technology that produces a sharp, high-resolution image. The image is not blurry or hazy like what you see on a projector. Furthermore, the content displayed on conference LED screen is brighter since the display has a higher screen brightness level.

Convenient to Users and Audience

A conference room LED display has advanced technology that produces a sharp, high-resolution image. The image is not blurry or hazy like what you see on a projector. Furthermore, the content displayed on an indoor LED screen is brighter since the display has a higher screen brightness level.

Updated Technology

An LED screen for meeting room is also equipped with updated technology. Compared to a projector or a whiteboard, it offers users the best experience for meetings, presentations, and information sharing. The screen can be connected to the laptop for creating a video conference. It's better to have a video conference with a meeting room led display than a projector or a TV. The video quality of an LED screen is superior as well.

Minimal Space Needed

A conference room LED screen is made to be slim, thin and lightweight. This means it does not need a big space to fit in. It is suitable for any meeting room size, not only for big rooms.  Besides, a meeting room that is not too spacious will not be cramped since the LED screen for meeting room can be wall-mounted.

Durable and Low Maintenance Cost

The conference room LED displays crisp resolution and will not fade for long. It does not require much maintenance since the LED lamps do not need to be changed often. It is also waterproof, which makes it even easier to use.


Conference led screens are usually less expensive than traditional projectors because they use less energy and last longer than other models. You'll also save money on bulbs and maintenance costs because conference room LED screens have fewer parts that can break down over time than traditional projectors.

Modernize Meeting Rooms with Conference LED Screen

Conference LED screens have been placed in many meeting rooms around the world. They have become an integral part of a business environment, as they are used for presentations by employees and managers. This is a great way to modernize the meeting room.

Indoor LED Screen

Conference Indoor LED Screen is a high-quality display screen for commercial use. It can be used in various indoor installations such as meeting rooms, classrooms and exhibition halls. The screen has a high refresh rate of 3840HZ, a high contrast rate, and a wide viewing angle. The screen is also equipped with an anti-glare coating that helps to reduce glare and make the image clearer and more visible

Flexible LED Display

It has strong adaptability to various installation conditions, such as curved and flexible and lateral bending shapes. The multiple modules can be assembled to form a large display screen. The module comprises a light source, driver IC, signal-processing chip and pixel matrix.

Small Pitch LED Display

Our 4:3 or 16:9 ratio cabinet design for small pitch LED display with frontal service design makes it easy to install, stable, and brings high-quality indoor HD, UHD, and 4K video content to life. The colors are more natural, bringing the real content to life. We are committed to providing the best quality for 4K and 8K HD video wall solutions. Our close viewing distance with high-precision pixel pitches from 0.9mm will bring you a better visual effect.

Front Access LED display

Front-access LED display is a form of LED display that can be fully accessed from the front. This type of display design allows the removal of components, such as a receiver card, power box and LED modules from the front, making it well-suited for 90° wall-mounted installations.

LED Wall Display

This sleek, modern display can help you make the most of your next big presentation. It's perfect for conferences, training sessions, and other events where you want to create an atmosphere that inspires your audience to listen and learn.

LED Screen Hire LED Screens for Conferences
Large LED Screen

The LED screen is a large display used at conferences and events to display information or images. This can be useful for displaying images, videos, text, etc. The LED screen can display information about a product or service at a trade show or conference. It is also helpful for displaying advertisements during the event. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for many different types of events.

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Conference LED Displays Are Equipped with the Following Features:

With the increasing technological growth, information technology is proliferating in various sectors. An essential device of information and communications technology is LEDs or display boards. These devices are commonly found in classrooms, conference halls, corporate conference rooms, exhibition halls, etc.  The best aspect of these devices is that they offer great help when you want to present any data, visual or video, to an audience.

  • Conference room LED display are better in every aspect when we compare them with traditional screens. They are lightweight, easy to install, and require no maintenance. Furthermore, they are environmentally friendly and don’t emit any harmful heat.
  • Conference room LED screen are ideal for office use. With its long lifespan (up to 50,000 hours) and super brightness, it’s set to brighten any workplace!
  • We have a fantastic led screen for your conference room, which can benefit all types of uses like conferences and presentations. The flexibility makes it a handy tool you can use anywhere you need to watch a presentation or client call.
  • LED meeting room displays are another highlighted point. The color temperature helps to form the color scheme, no matter what the weather outside is like. It’s an essential tool for enhancing productivity and improving concentration.
  • The conference LED display has a lifespan that’s several years longer than a standard display, and it requires no maintenance at all.
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