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JASIONLED is a trusted name in LED solutions for LED video scoreboards. With our experience, we have delivered the best possible results to our customers by providing them with high-quality products and services.

Since 2003, we have worked hard to ensure that you get only the best quality products from us. We are known for our unwavering commitment towards quality and customer satisfaction. This has helped us gain global recognition as one of the leading suppliers of solutions for LED video scoreboards.

Timing, Scoring & Broadcasting System

The LED video scoreboard is a kind of LED display used in stadiums. Its main function is to record and display game time and scores. Although the organizer advocates friendship first and competition later, the score is the only basis for determining the game’s winning and losing and the athlete’s noun. The LED video scoreboard is responsible for calculating the game time and score.

In addition to the fundamental function of an ordinary LED display, a timing score display connects with the game’s timing and scoring system. Scoring is achieved through a timing score system. At the same time, it can also broadcast the player’s game results and related materials and release relevant game information. In terms of games, The LED display stadium scoreboard is essential in providing players with information.


Quality LED Video Scoreboards at Affordable Prices

JASIONLED has extensive experience in producing LED displays for professional and commercial use. We have quality production machinery, technology, and expertise, which enables us to deliver high-quality led video scoreboards. With our excellent LED solutions experience and first-rate customer service, JASIONLED can customize its LED video scoreboards to your specifications.

Our five-star LED video scoreboards are delivered worldwide at affordable fees. We exploit the latest technology to cut production costs on LED solutions, which is reflected in our price tags. Additionally, we offer consultancy services on best maintenance practices and other LED solution issues. You can call or email us to reach us, and our response team will gladly help.

True color & unique vision

The Production Process for LED Video Scoreboards


LEDs Baking

We bake electronic components to eliminate moisture, which can cause a common defect called solder joint failure if devices are improperly stored or exposed to high temperatures.



Surface-mount technology (SMT) uses a technique called reflow soldering to attach electronic components directly to the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs).



To attach a bead surface patch to a lamp, apply a small amount of solder paste to the lamp’s surface. Place the component on an SMT machine, which will automatically attach it in place.


Light On Test

A light-on test is used to identify faulty LEDs by sending electricity through each one. The technician uses a unique tool to send electricity through each LED. If one or more LEDs don’t light up, they must be replaced.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

The anti-corrosion coating on the LED screen increases its durability and longevity, allowing it to be used in indoor applications. This coating is environmentally safe and water-based.


Screw (for bottom shell)

This product’s lower shell is attached to its printed circuit board with a stainless steel screw, which prevents corrosion and prolongs the product’s life.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

Before storage, waterproofing adhesive is applied to the surface of outdoor LED displays to protect them from water damage.


Screw (for mask)

The mask’s fastener is made of hardened steel and treated with a process that prevents corrosion. The mask’s head is zinc alloy, which can withstand corrosion. The screw has been heat-treated to increase its hardness and strength.


LED Module Aging

Each module undergoes a rigorous quality control test before being sent to the customer. These tests include, but are not limited to, lamp life and attenuation, color difference, white balance effect, realistic viewing angle and text quality during playback.


LED Cabinet Assemble

To assemble an LED cabinet, connect each module to a signal cable and aviation seat power cable and install the system by connecting a 5V power cord.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

We assemble our cabinets and then run an ageing test on each one for 72 hours to ensure they meet quality standards. Once that is done, we package them in a temperature-controlled environment and ship them out.



Modules, housed in wooden and foam layers and placed inside flight cases, are shipped to customers.

Some of the Benefits of LED Screen Scoreboards Include:

LED Screen Scoreboards are an excellent way to keep the audience informed of what's happening on the field or court. They can clearly and concisely display scores, statistics, and other important information that doesn't distract from the action. Here are some of the benefits of LED scoreboard screens:

Saves Time and Manpower

When you choose a semi-automatic or fully automatic scorer, you won't have to spend time or workforce manually entering scores. The machine can display two matches simultaneously, saving you time and energy.

Easy to Read

The LED scoreboard's bright and clear display can be seen from a distance, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. A traditional analogue scoreboard cannot compete with this feature.

Efficient Advertising

LED video scoreboards can generate additional revenue for your organization by including sponsorship panels and multimedia capabilities.


LED video scoreboards can be customized to suit the team's needs depending on the buyer's budget and requirements.

Heightened Game-time Experience

LED video scoreboards have become an important part of many spectator sports, providing fans with a unique game-time experience. Various audio-visual effects can be played through the scoreboard, making them accurate all-in-one entertainment systems.

Appeals Better to Fans

An LED video scoreboard allows spectators to follow the match regardless of their proximity to the pitch, thus ensuring that everyone has a good time.

Easy to Install

Most LED video scoreboards on the market today come with easy-to-follow installation instructions. All you'll need is a few essential tools and help from friends or family when setting up your new scoreboard.

Energy Ffficient

LEDs don't use a filament to produce light, meaning they don't have any moving parts that can wear down or break over time.

The Most Advanced LED Video Scoreboard

LED video scoreboards are the most advanced, high-resolution displays you can get. They can be used for live events, sports games, and more. The light-emitting diodes can create video images at extremely high resolutions. They can also be used to display simple text, such as the name of a team or a player’s number. The advantage of these displays over traditional scoreboards is that they’re much more flexible—you can change them around as needed and easily add new content.

Full Color LED Video Scoreboard

As the popularity of sporting events has increased, so have the displays used to present this information to spectators. Full-color LED displays are increasingly being used for timing and scoring. In addition to the regular score, team name, time and other data, color images such as team emblems, national flags and sponsor logos are also presented on full-color LED video scoreboard systems.

Monochrome LED Video Scoreboard

The monochrome LED video scoreboard displays only text or numbers in a single color, usually red, green, blue, or white. The content is relatively monotonous. The double-color LED video scoreboard can display text in two colors at the same time.

Center Hung LED Video Scoreboard

The center-hung LED display is a four-sided, 360-degree LED scoreboard that gives live audiences a view from all angles. The LED displays are specially designed for various competitive fields. They can be hoisted or stacked to meet the installation requirements of each field. For example, the LED displays enable real-time and accurate scoring and high-definition broadcasting of field conditions and playbacks of exciting plays.

Stadium LED Video Scoreboard

The Stadium LED Video Scoreboard is a state-of-the-art, high-definition LED display system with a large screen that can be used for live, real-time content and in-game events. This product is ideal for stadiums, arenas and other venues that support large audiences and require a high level of visual impact.

Live Video Wall Scoreboard

The Live Video Wall Scoreboard is a live-streaming event tool requiring minimal setup and no technical know-how. It provides a robust, high-quality video experience focusing on ease of use. The Live Video Wall Scoreboard offers an immersive spectator experience by allowing viewers to watch multiple camera feeds simultaneously. It also allows viewers to participate in the event by voting on questions or challenges posed by the host.

Outdoor Column Sports LED Video Scoreboard

The outdoor column sports LED display is generally installed on large columns in open-air stadiums. It can broadcast sports information as well as dynamic advertisements. Because of the particularity of the outdoor working environment, this display must have high brightness and high protection level.

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Video Dance Floor

A video dance floor is a flooring system that displays videos on the floor. The flooring can be used for special events, parties and weddings. To install it, holes are drilled in the subfloor and support beams, wire and lights are placed underneath to create an illusion of a video floating on top of the subfloor.

Transparent LED Screen

The transparent LED screen is a new kind of display that can be used in indoor and outdoor advertisements, window display, product promotion, etc.

Outdoor Transparent LED Screen

The outdoor transparent LED screen is a kind of large-scale LED screen which is made of high-strength plastic. The size can be various, and it can be installed at any place. The operation is simple; you only need to connect the power supply and video signal source, and then you can play on it.

LED Film Screen

LED film screen is a new type of large-sized flat display screen. It's made of composite material, and the display device is an LED panel. The display quality is very high and can be used for advertising and other purposes.

P8 Outdoor LED display

The P8 Outdoor LED display is designed with a weatherproof casing and high brightness. Its IP67 rating means that it can withstand dust and water, so you don't need to worry about it being damaged by the elements. It also has an anti-corrosion treatment, which makes it ideal for use in outdoor settings where moisture might be present.

How to Choose the Best LED for Video Scoreboards?

There are many things to consider when looking for the best LED for video scoreboards. You want something that looks good, but you also want something affordable and easy to install.

With so many options available, knowing which one will be right for you can take much work. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on choosing the best LED for your video scoreboard needs.

1.  Purpose of the Screen

Different types of displays undertake a variety of display tasks. For example, the funnel-shaped LED display can be used for timing and scoring and broadcasting and advertising. Small-pitch LED displays with high resolution and refreshes rate are ideal for basketball stadium because they ensure smooth continuity in live broadcasts of large-scale sports events and make viewers feel more comfortable. The P10 outdoor screen with a high protection level is a good choice for open-air stadiums.

2. Protection Performance

A display screen with an IP67 protection level and wire V0 flame retardant level is an ideal choice for outdoor LED video scoreboards in areas where moisture or wind might be factors. It would be better if it had a cooling fan, as climatic conditions vary widely from country to country. It would help if you considered your project’s environment, such as whether you are in a coastal area or high latitudes. For example, if you are in a coastal area, focus on moisture and waterproofing; if you are in high latitudes, pay attention to cold and frost resistance.

3. Brightness

The brightness of an LED display can affect the quality of its images. Generally speaking, an outdoor scoreboard needs a higher brightness level than an indoor one. High brightness and contrast can make images easy to see in daylight, but it does not mean that the higher the brightness value is, the better. It would help if you considered other factors such as energy consumption and contrast ratio.

4. Installation Method

There are many ways to install LED displays: fixed installation, hoisting, and stacking. When purchasing an LED display, you must consider whether the screen should be floor-standing, wall-mounted, or wall-mounted. Indicate your needs so the manufacturer can make corresponding adjustments to the cabinet. At the same time, maintenance is important. The difficulty of pre-maintenance and post-maintenance differs depending on needs. Double maintenance of the display can save a lot of time and labour costs.

5. Viewing Distance

Large-scale sporting events are crowded with spectators. The LED video scoreboard should ensure that audiences far away from the stands can also see it. P6 and P8 led screens are common choices for outdoor stadiums. However, indoor audiences are closer to the screen, so P5 and P4 screens with smaller spacing are more suitable.

6. Wide Viewing Angle

The size of a display’s viewing angle affects the range of angles from which the display can be viewed. The larger the viewing angle of an LED video scoreboard, the larger its audience and the wider its coverage area. Due to different locations and viewer positions, each person sees an other part of the display. An LED video scoreboard with a wide viewing angle ensures that most viewers have a good viewing experience.

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