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Quality Meets Innovation: JASIONLED's Shelf LED Displays

JASIONLED is a professional company of R&D and manufacturing of shelf LED displays. Our team has over 20 years of experience, and we provide high-quality products to our customers. We adhere to ISO9001:2008 standards of quality management as well as a strict quality control system, aiming to offer you the best possible solution for your needs.

Our focus is on providing high-quality shelf LED display, thus we use the most sophisticated production technology available together with a stringent quality control system.

Make Your Products Stand Out with Shelf LED Displays

Shelf LED displays are a great way to display information in a small space. These displays are available in a range of sizes and configurations, so you can pick one that suits your needs. They are generally used on shelves or in the front of cabinets, but they can also be mounted to the wall or ceiling. You can display various types of information on each screen because some models have several screens.

Installing and maintaining shelf LED displays is simple; often, neither special tools nor installation expertise is needed. If you want to upgrade an existing shelf LED display, you can easily do so by replacing the existing screens or adding new ones with new content.


JASIONLED's Comprehensive Approach to LED Display Solutions

JASIONLED is a global leader in the design and installation of LED shelving solutions. We deliver world-class LED display shelf that are both functional and sustainable.

With more than 1000+ satisfied customers from 90+ countries and regions, we have been helping companies like yours since 2003. From concept to completion, JASIONLED will be with you every step of the way, providing expert guidance for the design and installation of your display solution.

True color & unique vision

Enhancing Your Retail Space with Shelf LED Display


Internal Wiring Layout

The internal data and power connections used by the LED shelf display allow for tidy wiring for simple maintenance while also saving space. While keeping the wiring free of obstructions, the internal data and power cables are made to take up less room.


Multiple Installation Techniques

There are numerous ways that the LED shelf display can be mounted. Hooks, screws, and magnets are the most typical methods. The displays are made to fit different types of shelves and racks. Additionally, brackets may be used to mount them to the wall.


Seamless Splicing

This functionality enables you to link many LED shelf series together so they may display more content on a single screen and provide your consumers with a smooth experience.

Front Access

It’s quick and easy to mount your wall shelves with lights to your wall. The magnetic module of the wall shelves with lights can be dismounted from the front side with a vacuum pad, and then installed back by a manual snap-on.

Advantages of Incorporating Shelf LED Displays

Incorporating shelf LED displays is a great way to add a modern, unique touch to your business. With the help of our experts, you can get started on the right path and start seeing results right away. There are many advantages to incorporating shelf LED displays into your business:

Increase Brand Loyalty Among Consumers

Shelf LED displays help retailers to increase brand loyalty among their customers by providing them with an opportunity to engage with the brand in a highly-customizable format.

New Generation of Promotions

Giving clients more in-depth information about the goods and services you offer will increase sales. By boosting the prominence of your company name and emblem, you can improve the perception of your brand. By offering quicker and more precise information about goods and services, you can enhance customer service.

Increased Customer Service Standards

Incorporating shelf LEDs into your business can improve customer service standards by making it easier for customers to find the products they're looking for. With a more visible display, you'll be able to include more information about your products—and even add photos of them!

Maximizing Sales with a Creative Shelf LED Display

Using shelf LED display is a fantastic technique to increase sales. You can showcase your products in an interesting and innovative way with the help of this display. By drawing consumers to your store and elevating the worth of your merchandise, this display will assist you in growing your business. Put this item in front of people as they enter the building or have people pass it on their way to the store to draw in consumers. It can also be utilized as a draw to get people’s attention so they remember it and come back.

P2 SMD Shelf Signage LED Display

The P2 SMD Shelf Signage LED Display is a product that can be used in a variety of settings. It offers details on the item being sold together with the brand name, price, and size and is made to be hung on a shelf. You can pick an LED display that complements the design of your store because they come in a variety of colors and designs.

4 Tier LED Display Shelf

Displaying your products on this 4 Tier LED Display Shelf is ideal. With additional shelf support points for enhanced stability, it also has a hanging rail that makes it simple to access the goods on the display shelf. Additionally, you can organize and present your products stylishly thanks to the generous front space for displays.

Advertising Smart Shelf LED Display Screen

Advertising Smart Shelf LED Display Screen is an anti-interference, brand promotion and advertising display screen. It has the design of low mounting and high grade light efficiency to meet different users' demand. The advertising smart shelf can be used as a shelf in the store alongside with other products on it. I

Shelf LED Display for Supermarket

A small, incredibly versatile LED display option for retail stores, food courts, and other commercial settings is the Shelf LED Display for Supermarket. Text, logos, and photos can be displayed on the Shelf LED Display in a variety of sizes, hues, and formats. The Shelf LED Display can be utilized to simultaneously transmit messages across many advertising channels due to its high resolution and broad viewing angle.

Shelf LED Strip Display

High-quality, flexible LED display that can be installed on a shelf or any other flat surface is our Shelf LED Strip Display. It is suited for usage in retail environments since it may be operated by a remote control that incorporates an infrared transmitter. A power supply is included with the Shelf LED Strip Display, which is available in several colors.

LED Shelf Edge Display

These displays are an excellent method to enhance the value of your product line without having to tote about a bulky countertop display stand or case. LED Shelf Edge Displays may be easily customized to meet your demands because they are available in a wide range of sizes and designs. This makes the LED Shelf Edge Display a fantastic choice if you need something that can be simply moved around or rearranged based on what's going on at your store.

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Curved LED Screen

The Curved LED Screen is a flexible, curved LED display that offers crystal-clear visuals for your company. For conferences, trade exhibits, and a variety of other events, its high resolution makes it ideal.

Thin LED Screen

The Thin LED Screen features a lightweight, portable and easy to use solution for all your lighting needs. This ultra-thin plastic evens out shadows and creates a dynamic effect of light.

Airport LED Display

Our Airport LED Display is an innovative, high-quality product created to improve your airport experience. Passengers will feel as though they are entering a new realm of travel because to its simple installation and dazzling, colorful lights.

Foldable LED Screen

The screen can be quickly unfolded and collapsed almost anywhere, so there's no need to use any tools or packing materials. It has been designed with a strong aluminum frame which secures it to the ground or floor for maximum stability, helping you achieve even more with less time and effort.

Transparent LED Video Wall

You may display images of any size or shape on the Transparent LED Video Wall, which is a seamless, totally transparent video wall. This adaptable and versatile screen can be utilized in a variety of settings as a facilitation tool or an amusement attraction.

LED Poster

Any event or promotion would benefit from this poster. The LED poster will enhance your brand's style and elegance with its contemporary, edgy design and brilliant lighting.

Wedding LED Video Screen

Wedding LED Video Screen is an ideal display solution for your wedding, or event. It can be used indoors or outdoors, in public venue or private parties. Capturing images of the best moments in weddings has never been easier!

Interactive LED Wall

The Interactive LED Wall is a touch-enabled interactive wall that broadcasts your messages and images all over its surface. Two buttons, one on either side of the display, are used to operate the LEDs.

Why Choose Us?

JASIONLED is the leader in shelf LED display solutions. Since we have more than 20 years of experience producing high-quality products, we can meet your needs with a wide range of products, services, and support options. Our team of knowledgeable experts is dedicated to providing you with the assistance you need to ensure the success of your project.

1. Exceptional Technology

JASIONLED is a leading shelf LED display manufacturer in China. We have been designing and manufacturing LED displays for over 20 years, and we have a powerful team with amazing ability in designing & manufacturing LED displays.

2. Cost effective

We never compromise on product quality for cost and constantly keep our standards high. To guarantee that our items are constructed of the greatest materials, we collaborate with leading companies.

3. Various Products

JASIONLED is a world-class LED display manufacturer with years of experience in the industry. We produce full range of LED displays, indoor and outdoor, and rental, fine pitch and so on. We have the ability to meet your needs with our custom designs, high quality products and exceptional service.

4. Expert Experiences

Our team of professionals has knowledge about how to best assist you in selecting the ideal solution for your business or project because we have experience working with a wide variety of LED display projects.

5. Certificates

JASONLED LED displays are perfectly safe and environmentally friendly, thanks to our rigorous testing and approval by the CE, EMC and FCC.

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