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Invest in Long-Lasting LED Display Modules with JASIONLED's 20 Years of Experience

JASIONLED offers a wide range of LED display modules, from indoor to outdoor applications. Each of our items underwent a three-step aging test to make sure there are no flaws and that they will last for many years of use.

We can guarantee that you will receive the best LED display modules with exceptional quality and stability because we have 20 years of experience in this field.

The Versatility and Power of LED Display Modules

The LED display module is a cutting-edge display tool that projects text and graphics using a spread of LEDs. As it doesn’t require backlighting and responds much more quickly than LCD screens, the LED display module has numerous advantages over those displays.

For applications requiring constant visual feedback, like traffic signals or on-screen displays in computers or televisions, the LED display module is perfect. In order to produce various hues and intensities, this form of display manipulates the amount of current that passes through each individual light source.


JASIONLED: Your One-Stop-Shop for High-Quality LED Modules

We at JASIONLED strive to provide you with the best quality LED module and our strict production process ensures that only the highest quality LED module makes it out of our factory.

Our technical support team is here for you, whether you’re looking for a custom-built LED display module or just want to know why we’re the best choice for your business. We’ve got all your bases covered: all of our products are CE, EMC, FCC and RoHS approved.

True color & unique vision

The Art of LED Module Manufacturing


LEDs Baking

LEDs baking is the process through which a batch of LEDs is slowly heated up to remove moisture, gases and contaminants from the surface of the LED chip.



The procedure is placing the LEDs into the corresponding circuit board holes, followed by soldering them in place using solder paste and a soldering gun.



Soldering LEDs to a printed circuit board is known as LED SMT. The LED is heated and applied to the board, where it will be attached to other components, using a specialized equipment.


Light On Test

The procedure is shining a test light on each individual LED to confirm if it illuminates. Any LEDs that fail to illuminate when exposed to the light from this test device must be replaced or fixed until they function properly.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

This particular kind of paint guards against oxidation and corrosion, which can cause metal components to rust or corrode.


Screw (for bottom shell)

The screw is used to attach the bottom shell to the rest of the module.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

Outdoor LED modules are typically glued together to create a waterproof seal. The glue used will depend on the specific application, but one common option is silicone.


Screw (for mask)

Screws are used to attach the mask frame to the base of the module.


LED Module Aging

The 72-hour LED module aging test is performed to ensure the reliability and quality of the production line.



We use sturdy cartons and foam-padded envelopes to ensure that your LED modules arrive safely and undamaged.

Types of LED Modules


A typical type of surface-mount LED is called a DIP LED, and it is utilized in applications where there is a shortage of space, as on a circuit board or in an array.


SMD LED modules, both outdoor and indoor types, are available under this category.


The LED is a waterproof, light-emitting diode which can be used in lamps and is glued onto boards.

Classifying LED Modules by Size

Small LED Module

Little rooms, hallways, and other confined spaces in your home can all benefit from the use of these tiny LED modules.

Standard LED Module

They are more dependable than other types of modules and can be waterproof to the extent of IP65 to IP67.

Large LED Module

More light can be directed into the fixture by increasing the return depth. This may be helpful in situations requiring a lot of lighting, such as factories and warehouses.

Creating Custom Lighting Designs with LED Modules

You can employ a variety of LED module types in your design, such as:

Soft P5 Flexible Indoor LED Display Module

This is an excellent option for indoor displays because it is simple to place on walls and ceilings and can be bent or twisted in any direction. This makes it perfect for usage in public areas like malls and airports where mounting it on curved surfaces or other odd shapes may be necessary.

Soft P3 Flexible Indoor LED Display Module

The Soft P3 Flexible Indoor LED Display Module is an affordable and flexible solution for indoor LED displays. This display may be fixed on a wall or ceiling using double-sided tape thanks to its design. To get started, simply connect it to your computer or mobile device as it already has the required power supply and control software.

P6 Outdoor SMD2727 LED Screen Module

The module adopts SMD technology to replace traditional lamps. It has the advantages of low power consumption, easy installation and maintenance. The module can be widely used in outdoor advertising display system and light box industry, such as: shopping mall, supermarket, exhibition hall and so on.

Outdoor P4.81 250mm x 250mm LED Screen Module

The Outdoor P4.81 250mm x 250mm LED Screen Module is a versatile and reasonably priced alternative for outdoor displays. Advertising, public information displays, event signage, and other uses are all possible with this durable solution, which has an IP67 waterproof rating and is built to withstand the elements.

Outdoor P3.91 HD 250x250mm LED Display Module

The P3.91HDM is a large format LED display module with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It features high brightness, wide viewing angle and excellent color gamut. It can be widely used in outdoor advertising, commercial signs, transportation facilities, amusement parks, stadiums, shopping malls and other places.

P1.25 Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Module

The P1.25 Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Module is an excellent, extremely effective LED module that may be utilized in a number of applications, including home lighting, parking lot lighting, and street lighting. Each each pixel on the module is so small that you can see it from a distance since it has a tiny 1.25mm pixel pitch.

P3.076 Indoor 320mm x 160mm LED Screen Module

Unique and adaptable, the P3.076 Indoor 320mm x 160mm LED Screen Module can be used in a variety of contexts. This item is perfect for usage in every temperature, both inside and outside. It is also perfect for usage in regions with high traffic or where there may be pollutants like dust.

P2 Indoor LED Display Module

A display of excellent and high resolution can be made with the P2 Indoor LED Display Module for indoor digital signage. The product's resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, ensuring that every pixel is distinct and well-defined. The module can be used to produce images that are excellent for viewing on televisions and monitors because of its 16:9 aspect ratio.

P2.5 LED Module

The P2.5 LED Module is a light-emitting diode that can be used to create a variety of lighting effects.  The term surface mount device, or SMD, is also used to refer to it. In many diverse applications, such as traffic lights, streetlights, and flashlights, the P2.5 LED Module is perfect since it emits white light when powered by electricity.

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P2 Soft Indoor LED Display Module

The P2 soft indoor LED display is a great choice for any business, whether you're looking for a large screen for your storefront or a small screen for your office.This item will undoubtedly meet your demands because to its wide range of sizes and excellent presentations.

P6 Indoor Full Color LED Display Module

An indoor application can employ the P6 Indoor Full Color LED Display Module, a high-quality, high-performance display. Digital signage, information displays, advertisements, and other uses are all appropriate. Beautiful color and image quality are provided in any indoor environment by the P6 Indoor Full Color LED Display Module.

P8 Outdoor 320*160mm LED Screen Module

P8 Outdoor 320*160mm LED Screen Module is a high brightness, large screen LED module. It is suitable for large-scale outdoor advertising, dynamic display, and other outdoor activities such as stadium, exhibition hall, shopping mall etc.

P5 Indoor Full Color LED Display Module

The newest in LED technology is our P5 LED display module. This module can display full color photos and videos at a high quality (2048 x 2048). Even though the module was designed for indoor use, it can also be used outside with the installation of an enclosure.

P2.976 250mmx250mm Indoor LED Screen Module

A high-quality option that enables you to present your content in the best possible way is the P2.976 250mm x 250mm Indoor LED Screen Module. This product can be utilized for a range of purposes thanks to its high-quality resolution and brilliant colors.

Soft P4 Flexible Indoor LED Display

A flexible, high-resolution display is the Soft P4 Flexible Indoor LED Display. It has a 1920x1200 resolution and a 16:10 aspect ratio. Applications for this product include retail establishments, historical sites, private residences, and workplaces.

P1.8605 172x86dots Indoor LED Screen Module

P1.8605 is a single-board control chip, 480*272 resolution indoor LED screen module with 172 and 86 dots in various sizes. It can serve as a display board for several types of advertising gear.

P4 320*160mm Outdoor HD LED Screen Module

The P4 320*160mm Outdoor HD LED Screen is an HD LED display with 320*160 resolution. Its brightness is 1,000 cd/m2, and its viewing angle is 170 degrees. Several video formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, and WMV9, are supported by the product.

LED Display Modules: How to Select the Best Option for Your Needs

Applications and sectors for LED display modules range from the automobile to the medical. They provide a great level of customization, allowing you to adjust them to meet the precise requirements of your product. To choose the best option for your application, it’s crucial to comprehend the distinctions between several types of LED display modules.

1. Cost

The module’s cost will vary greatly based on the features and quality that you require. You might also want to think about the guarantee that your module has to offer and whether custom programming is supported.

2. Pixel Size

Pixel size is an important factor when selecting a display module. The pixel size refers to the number of individual points that can be displayed on your monitor screen. It is measured in pixels, and the higher the pixel count, the better your viewing experience will be.

3. Application-specific LED modules

As application-specific LED modules are created for a particular application, you can be sure that they will meet your needs. They frequently cost more than general-purpose LED modules as a result.

The guarantee that it is optimal for the job at hand comes with choosing an application-specific LED module, though. This indicates that it will save you time and money because it operates efficiently with no hassle.

4. Quality of the Module

Knowing which quality level you require is crucial because LED display modules are available in a variety of levels of quality. High-quality modules typically have the ability to withstand the test of time, but low-quality modules are more likely to fail or have faults with their displays.

5. Ease of Installation

Maybe the most vital factor to take into account when purchasing a display module is ease of installation. Choose a module that can be fastened straight to the wall or ceiling if you want something that will be simple to install. These modules, which are frequently referred to as “wall mountable,” contain pre-drilled holes on the back that make it simple to fasten them to the wall or ceiling without the use of additional tools.

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