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The One-Stop Solution for Your Flexible LED Screen Needs: JASIONLED

JASIONLED has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of flexible led screen for over 20 years. We offer a one-stop solution that is designed to meet your needs and requirements, whether it’s CE, EMC or RoHS compliant. Our flexible led screen is manufactured according to strict standards that ensure the highest quality possible.

Our flexible LED screens are manufactured using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that guarantee perfect image quality and stable lifetime performance. We offer 3 years warranty on all our flexible led screens sold worldwide.

Experience Unmatched Quality with Our Top-Rated Flexible LED Screens

We provide flexible LED screens utilized in a variety of sectors, including industry, healthcare, and beauty. We have been in operation for more than ten years and have established a reputation as one of the top producers of flexible LED screens globally.

Any size space or requirement can be accommodated by our flexible LED screens. We provide different sizes as well as wall-mounted options. By employing inexpensive and accessible materials, we also aim to keep expenses down. Every customer should feel secure in their ability to purchase our items, as is our goal.


JASIONLED: The Global Leader in Flexible LED Display Solutions

JASIONLED has already provided service to more than 90 countries worldwide and is swiftly establishing themselves as a household name in the LED display sector. They want to be the “worldwide LED display solution provider” who can assist you in reaching your objectives.

Our 20 years of experience, combined with their dedication to quality, means that you can trust them to provide you with all the products you need for your business.

True color & unique vision

Flexibility in Design: Exploring the Top Advantages of Flexible LED Screens

Innovative Display

One of the best features of flexible LED panels is their inventive display. Users are able to see their information in novel and imaginative ways thanks to it. These screens’ adaptability aids in the creation of novel sorts of advertising and marketing techniques.


One major benefit of flexible LED screens is their versatility. You may design a product that is distinctive and catered to your precise demands if you have the option to personalize the screen in accordance with the requirements of your business or the consumer.

Perfect for 3D LED Screens

Flexible displays work perfectly with 3D LED screens. They enable the development of several remarkable visual effects and patterns. More intricate displays than ever before can be made with 3D LED screens.

Simple to Replace and Install

With just a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, you can quickly replace any screen unit. You don’t have to spend as much time or money on maintenance with these screens because they can be changed out so easily compared to other types of displays.


Since flexible LED displays are lightweight, they are perfect for a variety of uses. They can be utilized for signs and light fixtures. They are also perfect for usage in major construction projects, such as stadiums or retail establishments, where the weight of conventional screens can compromise their stability and endurance.

Wide Range of Application

Numerous uses for the flexible LED are possible, such as advertising displays, information kiosks, and even the presentation of content to small groups of people. They are renowned for being quick and simple to install as well.

Extremely Cost-effective

When compared to other display technologies, flexible LED displays offer exceptional value. They are less expensive to operate since they consume less energy. Flexible LED screens have lower maintenance costs as well as a longer lifespan.

The Numerous Applications of Flexible LED Panel Screen Displays

Flexible LED panel screen displays are a great solution for many different applications. Some of these applications include:

Shopping Mall

In all types of shopping malls across the world, flexible LED panel screen displays are acknowledged to be the most often used displays. Flexible LED panels are composed of LEDs embedded in plastic that can roll, twist, and bend without breaking under intense pressure.


Advertising, entertainment, and shopping are just a few of the exhibition uses for flexible LED panel screen displays. They come in different sizes and can be mounted on the wall or the floor. The screens can be supplied with or without a touch screen. They are portable and straightforward to install.

Stage Show

Advertising, entertainment, and shopping are just a few of the exhibition uses for flexible LED panel screen displays. They come in different sizes and can be mounted on the wall or the floor. The screens can be supplied with or without a touch screen. They are portable and straightforward to install.


The purpose of a lobby is more than only to serve as a gathering place for individuals. Additionally, it serves as a location where guests are welcomed and given information, or in this instance, a showcase promoting their business. Flexible LED panel screen displays can be used by businesses to display advertisements as well as information about the firm and its services.


The airport is a place where people go to fly and be entertained. Many displays are mounted on the walls of the airport and are used to show flight information, weather reports, and other important data. Additionally, these screens are widely utilised for entertainment. They can show individuals commercials or videos that will grab their interest and entice them to watch them later.

Retail Store

The flexible LED panel display screens have many applications in retail stores, such as replacing traditional signs that hang from the ceiling for inventory or promotions at eye level. They can also be used at trade shows and conventions where there is limited space on the floor plan for signage or other displays.

Get Creative with Flexible LED Panels: The Perfect Display Solution

Flexible LED panels are a great option for any display application, making them valuable for retail stores, point-of-sale displays, and even for advertising. In addition to the incredible flexibility that allows you to create an infinite number of shapes and sizes with your display, they also have a long lifespan and low power consumption.

Curved LED Screen

Curved RGB LED screens are an excellent way to add a touch of elegance to your display, allowing viewers' eyes to relax and reducing sun glare. Curved screens are also useful in offices that have limited space because they can be used on desks or walls with little obstruction.

Curved LED Video Wall

The curved LED video wall is made up of panels that are installed on a ceiling or wall. The panels are connected to each other using wires or cables. Both indoor and outdoor uses are possible for the curved LED video wall. The curved LED video wall offers various advantages over typical flat displays such as it can be simply put on ceilings or walls without having to worry about any structural adjustments being necessary in your building construction.

Curtain LED Screen

We provide a broad selection of curtain LED screens for a variety of applications. In the industries of education, entertainment, and advertising, our curtain LED displays are frequently utilized. The curtain LED screen is a fantastic solution for indoor use and serves a variety of functions. Schools, auditoriums, and other locations where you would want to display content can use these LED screens.

Flexible LED Wall

All types of business and residential applications are perfect for this flexible LED wall. It has a clean and contemporary appearance thanks to the grid-mounted LED modules that are set on stainless steel panels. Available in several sizes and forms, this product can be easily modified to match your particular demands.

Flexible P3 Soft Indoor LED Display

This product includes a flexible P3 Soft indoor LED display that can be placed in different locations to provide dynamic, interactive content in a way that blends in with the surroundings. It comes with a stand of its own, opening up possibilities for imaginative uses of the item.

Flexible LED Video Wall

The Flexible LED Video Wall is the ideal solution when you need a flexible, customizable video wall that can fit with any office environment. Engineered to be bendable and smooth to the touch, this LED screen allows you to create eye-catching design options for any size application.

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P6 LED Screen

The P6 LED Screen is an extraordinarily adaptable monitor. It can be used for both presentations and entertaining purposes. Additionally, it has a remote control so you can simply change the screen's settings from another part of the room.

Trade Show LED Display

Trade show LED displays are the most common type of lighting at trade shows. They provide bright, high-quality imagery that reaches across a large area to attract attention and make an impact on potential customers.

Church LED Video Wall

Any church's LED video wall is a crucial component. It can be used to display information about the service, prayers, or any other message that you want the congregation to view.

Control Room Video Wall

This Control Room Video Wall offers a professional level video solution that can be used in any professional situation. The wall is available in several sizes and mounting choices, allowing you to arrange your space for optimal connectivity and flexibility.

Interactive LED Wall

Users can engage with their preferred content on the Interactive LED Wall thanks to its touch screen. The screen can be used to browse through various settings or simply scroll through data at your own speed.

Wedding LED Video Wall

Depending on your requirements and financial situation, there are numerous ways to install the video wall. You might be able to utilize it as a backdrop for your reception, or you may want it as part of your ceremony. In either case, it will give visitors a breathtaking view of everything that is happening on your special day.

Cube LED Video Wall

The Cube LED Video Wall is a modular, high-performance video wall that has been designed to be easily installed. It is suitable for public and private spaces, offices, boardrooms, conference rooms and exhibition halls.

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Your message can really come to life in any setting with the outdoor LED Video Wall. The Outdoor LED Video Wall is a flexible, multipurpose display that may be utilized for a wide range of purposes. Events, trade exhibitions, and retail locations are the ideal settings for it.

Innovative Design Made Possible with JASIONLED's Flexible LED Display Features

JASONLED’s flexible LED display solutions are designed to meet the needs of a broad range of applications, including manufacturing, retail, and office settings. They are made from high-quality materials and have a lifetime warranty. With this flexibility comes incredible versatility in your design options. You can change the size and shape of your display to fit any space you have available, whether that’s in a retail store or at home.

1. Create a Display that Allows for Complicated and Creative Shapes to Improve Visual Performance.

To make the most of your display, you may bend and twist our flexible display into any shape you choose. You can see exactly what you want to see without worrying that it may break if you lean on it too much thanks to the glass casing’s fantastic vision from any angle.

2. Time-saving, Easy to Use, and Assemble LED Display Screens

You may save time while developing your next project thanks to the JASIONLED Flexible LED Display’s ease of use and assembly. The display is flexible and adaptable, fitting into any space by being chopped and put together in various configurations.

3. Higher Contrast Ratio, Wider Grayscale, and Improved Color Uniformity

JASIONLED is the perfect solution for any application that requires a flexible LED display. With our increased contrast ratio, wider grayscale, and improved color uniformity, you can count on JASIONLED for any design challenge.

4. Exceptional Components

  • LED controller card: Novastar, LINSN, Colorlight, Huidu, Kystar, Mooncell, Xixun, Onbonbx, Longgreat etc.
  • LED video processor: VdWALL, RGBLINK, Magnimage, Kystar, Huidu etc
  • LED power supply: Meanwell, G-erengy, Chuanglian, Lavalee etc
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