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Experience Meets Quality: JASIONLED's 20+ Years in the LED Industry

JASIONLED is a China-based company that specializes in the manufacture and export of flexible LED video walls. We provide flexible LED video wall solutions that are customized to meet our clients’ needs.

We have 20+ years of experience in the LED industry, with a team that includes skilled production line workers and professionals with quality control systems. We make sure to comply with CE, ROHS, UL and CUL standards as well as FCC.

Bend, Shape, and Display: The Power of a Flexible LED Video Wall

An extremely adaptable, high-quality display that can be bent into different shapes and deployed in a variety of locations is a flexible LED video wall. Any situation where you need to display images or video onto a big area can use it.

This form of display is adaptable, so it may be shaped and sized to meet your unique requirements. Retail establishments, athletic venues, educational institutions, and other public locations frequently use this style of display.


JASIONLED's Commitment to Manufacturing Dependable and Durable Flexible Video Screens

As a leading manufacturer of flexible video screen, we know that the quality of our flexible video screen is critical. To assure the dependability and durability of every flexible video screen we manufacture, we have invested in the greatest technology currently available.

JASIONLED has a fully automated production setup that enables us to keep costs down while upholding high standards for quality. Each flexible video screen is guaranteed to meet or exceed industry standards thanks to the highly developed technologies our great R&D team has developed.

True color & unique vision

The Step-by-Step Process of Creating High-Quality Flexible LED Video Walls


LEDs Baking

To restore an LED to its original state, it is dried out in an oven at high temperatures. The process removes moisture from the LED.



Surface-mount technology is used to attach components to the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB). Through-hole technology uses holes drilled in the PCB and leads that are soldered into place.



To make a beaded lamp, solder paste is applied to the surface of a lamp through a stencil, and then the lamp is placed on an SMT machine.


Light On Test

A light-on test is a procedure that identifies faulty LEDs by applying current to each part in turn. If an LED fails to light up, it indicates that the part is faulty.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion paint

The LED display is coated with a water-resistant material to protect it from corrosion, helping to prevent damage to the display.


Screw (for bottom shell)

The display is attached to the printed circuit board by four stainless steel screws, which are then covered by a protective cover.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

To protect an outdoor LED display from water damage, apply a waterproofing adhesive to the display surfaces and allow it to dry before storing the unit in a protected area.


Screw (for mask)

The screw of the mask is made of hardened steel alloy and zinc, which have been treated with an anti-corrosion process.


LED Module Aging

After assembly, the modules will be tested 6 to 12 hours later to verify functionality. Testers will evaluate the lamps’ longevity and brightness, as well as their ability to display a full range of colors.


LED Cabinet Assemble

LED cabinets contain modules with power and signal connections. The aviation seat power cables must be connected first, then a 5V power cord is plugged into the board.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

Our cabinets are assembled, checked for stability and durability, then shipped to ensure that you receive a high-quality product.



Packages are constructed of wood, layered with protection devices such as foam inserts and flight cases, and then shipped using a variety of methods to help ensure their safety during transportation.

Exploring the Top Advantages of Flexible LED Video Walls

Because of their flexibility to be quickly changed to fit any location, flexible LED video walls have been a popular choice for businesses and organizations with vast, open spaces. There are various advantages to flexible LED video walls:

Creative display

One of the most significant components of display design is its versatility. A flexible display can be bent and curved to meet your company's demands. This enables you to design one-of-a-kind and eye-catching displays that will entice customers to buy your products and services.


You can modify it to your unique wants and specs, and you don't have to worry about it being customized for anyone else. This means you may obtain exactly what you want and need, making it easy to operate the LED video wall.

Easy to Install & Replace

LED video walls are simple to construct and replace due of their flexibility. Because the LEDs are tiny and light, the display can be mounted on an existing wall or ceiling. You can also mount the display to any surface in your building with an adhesive.


Flexible led video display are lightweight and simple to build, a great choice for temporary installations or permanent displays that must be relocated on occasion. A lightweight video wall can also be quickly carried to new locations, providing greater flexibility in its use.

Wide Range of Application

These displays have a wide range of uses, from retail establishments looking to provide an engaging experience for their consumers to sports arenas displaying game information in real time.

High Cost-effectiveness

Flexible LED video walls are affordable because they can be utilized for a multitude of purposes, including product premieres, brand awareness, and virtual reality. Furthermore lightweight, they are simple to move and put together.

Flex the Creativity with Flexible LED Video Walls

Flexible LED video walls are a great way to flex your creativity and make your business stand out. Flexible LED video walls are a unique tool for businesses to communicate with their customers. hey are ideal for use in retail stores, restaurants and bars, offices, hotels, hospitals and even schools.

Transparent Flexible LED Video Wall

Transparent flexible LED Video Wall is a new technology for transparent LED video wall.Applicable for advertising, public spaces, shopping malls, and so forth. You can use this product to display your movie while keeping the screen translucent. It's a terrific way to allow folks look through the screen while also focusing on the content.

P5 Flexible Transparent LED Video Wall

The most recent development in video wall technology is the P5 Flexible Transparent LED Video Wall. It has a versatile design that can adapt to any location, including curved surfaces and corners, by being bent and molded. The P5 may be installed on the ceiling or even directly on a wall thanks to its ultra-thin profile.

P3 Flexible Indoor LED Video Wall

The P3 Flexible Indoor LED Video Wall is a display technology that may be deployed in locations where conventional video walls are not practical by rolling them up or folding them. The screens are slender, portable, and lightweight. They may be easily moved about and installed in any direction or position.

Flexible Soft Indoor P1.875 LED Video Wall

The P1.875 LED Video Wall is the best choice for displaying vivid images that are clear from all angles due to its high brightness and color gamut. The LEDs are excellent for use in schools or businesses where there may be financial restrictions or concerns about carbon emissions because they are also very energy-efficient.

Soft Flexible P2.5 LED Video Wall

The Soft Flexible P2.5 LED Video Wall may be easily folded or rolled up for transportation because it is comprised of a soft, flexible material. You can utilize this item in a multitude of ways because of the material's flexibility and ability to be bent into numerous forms.

Flexible P4 LED Video Wall

Since it may be deployed in either curved or linear configurations. A built-in edge-blended light source ensures superb color uniformity all the way along the length of the wall. You don't need to run any cables to connect your content sources because the P4 also features integrated power supplies and signal processing.

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Church LED Video Wall

The church LED video wall is a great addition to any church. It allows you to have visuals during service and gives your church a modern feel. The church LED video wall comes in many different sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs.

Curved LED Video Wall

Innovatively designed, the curved LED video wall combines multiple displays to form an arc. The end result is a curved, continuous image that seems like one screen. This gives the impression that there is one enormous display rather than multiple tiny ones, giving viewers a considerably more engaging watching experience.

Wedding LED Video Wall

Any wedding will benefit greatly from the wedding LED video wall. Many uses are possible for the video wall. It may be utilized as a backdrop for the wedding ceremony and reception or as a projection screen for your preferred videos. This product comes in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Micro LED Video Wall

The future of video walls is micro LEDs. With just a few of them, you can build a sizable show because they are both small and bright. You may witness for yourself how incredible this technology is at our showroom and warehouse, where we have a range of micro LED displays.

Outdoor LED Video Wall

An innovative form of outdoor advertising media known as an outdoor LED Video Wall combines the benefits of an LED display and a video wall. It can be used as a billboard or advertising board because to its wide display area and high quality.

Interactive LED Wall

Depending on your demands, you can use this wall as a display or an interactive touch-screen. You may set up the wall to display any type of information, including text, photographs, and video. Viewers can use their fingers or pointers to interact with the content on the screen thanks to the touch-screen functionality.

Wedding LED Video Wall

A memorable touch for your celebration can be added with the wedding video wall. When combined with lighting and music, the video wall can be used to display pictures of the bride and groom or to create a genuinely one-of-a-kind ambiance.

Flexible LED Wall

Flexible LED Wall is a bending, flexible display that has several applications. The product is constructed of flexible panels with electronic and LED components. Depending on where it is placed and how it is adjusted, the wall can show a variety of images, making it a perfect choice for numerous uses.

Why is JASIONLED the Smart Choice for Flexible LED Video Wall?

JASIONLED is the smart choice for flexible LED video walls because of the following reasons:

1. Great Service

JASIONLED is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service. We provide various flexible LED video wall solutions focusing on quality and customer satisfaction to meet your demands. Our professional experts is committed to assisting you in selecting the best product for your requirements and price range.

2. Post-Sale Support

We are dedicated to providing the greatest post-sale assistance and customer care, so we provide it around the clock. If you have any queries or worries after your purchase, our committed team of specialists can help.

3. Spare Parts

JASIONLED has spare parts for all of our LED video walls. We know that you might need to replace a part, and we want to make sure that your LED video wall is always in tip-top condition.

4. Training

Our training program is extensive, and it’s free! We offer training on everything from how to install your new video wall to how to use it in your classroom or office environment. JASIONLED’s goal is for you to be able to use your product without any issues—after all, it shouldn’t stand between you and success!

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