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JasionLED - Professional LED Billboard Manufacturer for High Quality Signage

JasionLED is a reputable, customer-oriented company with a 20-year dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality LED billboard signs and other forms of outdoor advertising. We will help you determine the best design for your advertising needs so that you can reach the correct market share.

Our LED technology is both eco-friendly and safe for your eyes. We will use only the finest materials in all aspects of making your billboard, from creating to installing and maintaining it.

Making Your Business Stand Out With Our LED Display Billboard

JasionLED is an led billboard company that delivers the most attention-grabbing and efficient way to impact your audience. Our billboard-led screen are designed to interact with various people as they pass by, occupying one or two lanes on a major highway or byways, building brand and business awareness.

By choosing JasionLED as your led billboard supplier, you are partnering with industry leaders who will help you create a unique experience for your customers and advertisers that makes it easier to stay top of mind.


Customized LED Digital Billboards for Global Markets

To create customized LED digital billboards that satisfy the demands of the global market, JasionLED adheres to its ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and maintains high-tech manufacturing lines. When you work with JasionLED, you collaborate with a manufacturer familiar with your company’s operations and project specifications to determine the ideal size for your bespoke electronic billboard signs. At trade events and exhibits, these billboards help increase your consumer base. The skilled sales team of JasionLED is well-versed in the operations of LED billboards in China.

This indicates that you can get recommendations for best practices and a highly unique solution for your billboard. You will discover that JasionLED has a solid reputation as one of the top Chinese LED producers and offers all the essential certifications for LEDs.

True color & unique vision

Producing the Highest Quality LED Billboard Signs


LEDs Baking

Baking the LED die is a process of electronic heating components to remove moisture, usually from improper or extended storage. Baking at temperatures as high as 300°C will cause any trapped moisture in the chip to evaporate.



Surface-mount technology uses electronic components on a printed circuit board, such as integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, power sockets, and signal sockets. Reflow soldering is performed to ensure the proper alignment of all components during assembly.



To attach a bead surface-mounted patch to an LED lamp, apply solder paste to the SMT machine and place the component on top. The machine will then reflow and solder it.


Light On Test

The light-on test is used to determine if LEDs are working and if any display components need to be replaced. A technician sends current through each LED using a unique tool to see if it lights up. If one or more LEDs do not light up, they will have to be replaced before installation can continue.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

The Brush anti-corrosion paint protects the LED display from corrosion; It is a water-based, semi-transparent and environmentally friendly coating that can be applied to the surface of indoor LED displays. The product has excellent insulation properties, moisture resistance, and low permeability.


Screw (For Bottom Shell)

The lower shell is attached to the printed circuit board with a stainless steel screw. The screw is made of durable and corrosion-resistant metal.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (For Outdoor Only)

To waterproof an outdoor LED display, apply an adhesive to the surface and allow it to dry. To facilitate further use of the shelf, place the display on a horizontal surface until it is time to install it.


Screw (For Mask)

The mask screw is made of high-strength steel, treated to resist corrosion. It is made of zinc alloy, a copper alloy that contains a large amount of zinc and has been heat-treated for better hardness and strength.


LED Module Aging

We will perform aging tests on finished products for 6–12 hours. These tests evaluate the quality of the screen—such as lamp life and attenuation, screen color difference phenomenon, white balance effect, realistic angle and playback text quality—and so on.


LED Cabinet Assemble

The LED cabinet is assembled by installing the module on the cabinet body, connecting a signal cable between modules, and connecting a 5-volt power cord to each module. Connect a 5-volt power cord to the system, then install the system by connecting the system output to modules.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

The screen is placed in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled environment for 72 hours before shipping to ensure it has stabilized.



We pack the modules in sturdy wooden crates or flight cases, inserting foam to prevent damage during shipping.

JasionLED - Digital LED Billboards for Long-Term Revenue

JasionLED is a digital LED billboard supplier that offers a variety of long-term revenue solutions. We specialize in creating customized, dynamic and interactive LED billboard displays that can be used to promote your business and increase sales. Our LED billboard signs are ideal for companies looking to create a lasting impression on their customers while increasing brand awareness.

20 Years of Experience

Our rich industry experience allows us to synthesize all aspects of your environment to provide you with high-performance, perfect and complete LED display solutions. We combine our expertise with the latest technology to create a new standard of performance in advertising.

Future-proofed Display Technology

Our rich industry experience allows us to synthesize all aspects of your environment to provide you with high-performance, perfect and complete LED display solutions. We combine our expertise with the latest technology to create a new standard of performance in advertising.

Brighter Lights, Lower Consumption

Other manufacturers have reduced the brightness of their displays to reduce power consumption. We buy the latest LED available to date and design our displays to direct lights toward the intended audience, improving clarity while reducing power consumption and remaining neighbourhood friendly.

Better Access, Faster Service

JasionLED billboards are designed to allow for front and rear service access. This means that, regardless of where you install your billboard, it will require less on-site time for repairs. JasionLED uses industry-standard 400 mm x 400 mm modules that minimize components and increase reliability.

Strict Quality Control Management

With our wide selection of equipment and processes, including raw material inspection and SMT production optical inspection, we can ensure that our LED screen modules provide customers with high-quality products while also delivering straightforward and enjoyable visual experiences.

Snap Auto-Blending Technology

Snap calibration is a new and sophisticated algorithm that automatically adjusts replacement modules to match the display's surrounding modules, resulting in the most brilliant image quality in the industry.

Creative LED Billboard Signs Solutions for Effective Advertising

LED billboard signs are becoming more and more popular with advertisers. They are used in a wide variety of situations, from displaying general information to promoting specific products or services. Customizing these signs makes them ideal for virtually any business or organization.

Mobile LED Billboard

The mobile LED billboard is ideal for outdoor advertising in high-traffic areas. The billboard can be set up in just a few minutes and is easily transported to different locations. The mobile LED billboard features bright, vivid colours and high-resolution images that attract attention from across the street or freeway.

LED Walking Billboard

Highly visible from a distance, our LED Walking Billboard is the perfect solution for drawing attention to your brand. With our billboard program, you will: Invest in a display equipment that can be used over and over since it requires no maintenance or repair, save thousands of dollars per month on advertising costs, and increase your brand awareness with repeated exposure.

Freestanding LED Billboard

Our Freestanding LED Billboard is a cutting-edge way of advertising your brand on any city street. This billboard can change your marketing game when it comes to reaching consumers, as it provides you with the opportunity to target anyone that passes by. Not only are they affordable, but they are powerful, too! With its illuminated display area being double the size of traditional billboards, there’s no better way than this to get noticed in a crowded market.

Indoor LED Billboard

Indoor LED billboards are changing the way advertisers reach their customers. They're an excellent option for any business with an array of benefits such as lifetime warranty, energy-efficiency, and flexibility in design and installation.

LED Digital Billboard

The digital billboard is the next step up from traditional, static billboards. The LED display has advanced functionality that allows advertisers to utilize various media options and engage with potential customers.

Wall Mounted LED Billboard

The Wall Mounted LED Billboard is a sleek, contemporary LED display that provides an affordable indoor and outdoor advertising solution. Easy installation and built with high-performance LED technology, the Wall Mounted Billboard features a high-brightness display with long life expectancy, durability, and low power consumption.

LED Billboard Signs

LED Billboard Signs are bright, energy-efficient, and long-lasting LED light sources. They can directly replace traditional billboards with no need for adjustment. Our billboard signage suits indoor and outdoor environments, such as shopping malls and streets.

Outdoor LED Billboard

Our Outdoor LED Billboard is the perfect way to promote your brand. The digital display features a high-impact, lightweight design and boasts bright colors that attract attention from vehicles and passersby. It's easy to set up in your business or other outdoor space.

Advertising LED Billboard

Advertising LED Billboard is a perfect advertising medium, which can be placed anywhere at any time. It offers a high degree of flexibility and can be installed on walls and billboard surfaces. As the size can be designed according to the requirements, it is suitable for various uses.

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Benefits of LED Billboard Advertising

LED billboard advertising is a type of outdoor advertising that uses electronic LED displays to project images onto buildings, walls, and other surfaces.

LED billboard advertising offers several benefits over other types of outdoor advertising. Here are just some of them:

1. Extra Attention

The main advantage of LED billboards for advertisers is the attention-grabbing quality of the signs. These signs are suitable for all events, from school or college fairs to large festivals in town. The bright and dynamic display captures pedestrians’ attention as they walk by, making them more likely to notice the content on the sign compared to traditional lighting options.

2. Countless Content

LED billboard advertising provides an appealing and cost-effective way to broadcast various content in short periods. An LED billboard can display thousands of messages a day or 24 hours a day.

3. A Distinct Method of Advertising

LED billboard advertising is an effective way to reach customers. The flexibility of LED signs allows advertisers to display specific content at specific times of the day. Content can be selected based on the targeted audience, and advertisements can also be displayed during rush hour.

4. Longevity and Ease of Maintenance

LED billboards for advertising have long life spans because they are well suited to withstand adverse climatic conditions. As a result, the visual LED display boards have extended lives, which gives good returns to investors and business units. The maintenance costs for these billboards are not too high either.

5. Operational Adaptability

LED billboard displays are operated through WIFI connections. Digital technologies allow users to control multiple displays and achieve goals with a single click. Flexibility is supported by software that allows content to be displayed wherever the user is.

6. Higher Quality Content

The LED billboard display offers superior-quality images in various conditions compared to traditional methods. The higher-resolution feature lets viewers see content clearly, even in bright sunlight.

7. No Need for High-end Professionals

The content of an LED sign must be managed by a professional advertiser or someone with high-end skills. The owner can save money by using visual-led software, which does not require the use of expensive technicians to maintain the LED sign.

8. Low Production Costs and a Good Return Rate

Digital billboard advertisements incur only a low cost for production. A computer, a digital camera and some software are all needed. The return on investment is high when compared to old methods of advertising.

9. A Broad Range of Clients and Solid Earnings

LED billboard advertising increases the customer base and revenue for the owner. In this way, the owner has the flexibility of distributing the same board to multiple buyers. This increases revenue further. One static advertisement on a billboard to a single buyer also increases profit.

10. Brand Marketing

Because of the relatively low cost of LED billboard advertising and its high exposure, many companies have begun to use this form of advertising for their brand. It is an excellent way to make a profit.

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