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JasionLED is a renowned outdoor led screen manufacturerwith its global headquarters in Shenzhen, China. We provide our customers with cutting-edge technology and powerful visual goods. Outdoor LED displays, indoor LED screens, rental LED displays, transparent LED displays, LED posters, flexible LED displays, HD LED screens, mobile LED video screens, and more are all part of our wide selection of LED displays.

Since its founding in 2003, JasionLED has employed advanced technology and materials to fulfill the demands of clients in many sectors. We pledge to offer you the best LED display possible at a price you can afford. In addition to installation services for our LED display, we also provide design services for your projects.

Outdoor LED Screen, A Great Choice for Outdoor Advertisement

An outdoor LED screen is a display designed to show different video contents outside, such as text, images, and videos. Because it’s an ip67 led screen, it can be used for advertising in public places such as stores, sidewalks, or even football stadiums. You can also use an outdoor LED screen on public transportation such as buses and taxis. In addition to its use for advertisement purposes, it can also be used for several other purposes, such as displays on highways, so drivers know where the exit is or provide directions through signage control systems.

Depending on the condition of your install location and how you use it, an outdoor LED screen may last between 80 000 hours 120 000 hours. 


JasionLED, Offers a Superior Outdoor LED Display Solutions

Modern methods and tools are used to create the JasionLED outdoor LED screen. Our outdoor LED display products come in ultra-thin and lightweight designs for simple transportation; They are built to endure harsh weather conditions. We offer the highest quality outdoor LED display goods and first-rate customer service; We have an 8000-square-meter outdoor led display factory a 5,000-square-meter production facility, and 120 professional employees. We guarantee on-time delivery of your outdoor LED screen. The outdoor LED screen from JasionLED is made with industry-leading components and comes with a 3year warranty.

True color & unique vision

Manufacturing Process of LED Displays


LEDs Baking

Baking is used to remove moisture from LEDs that have been exposed to moisture. Baking an LED at high heat for a few seconds will evaporate the water inside the LED.



IC (integrated circuit) SMT (surface-mount technology) involves brushing solder paste over the printed circuit board and placing components such as ICs, resistors, capacitors, power sockets, and signal sockets. To ensure that all components are correctly aligned and in place, it is necessary to perform reflow soldering.



The bead surface patch on the lamp must be brushed with solder paste and then placed onto the SMT machine for soldering and reflow.


Light On Test

The light-on test is a method used to determine whether LEDs are working and whether any display components need to be replaced. A technician applies current through each LED using a special tool. If one or more LEDs do not light up, they will have to be replaced before installation can continue.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

To protect the LED display from corrosion, brush anti-corrosion paint is used. This water-based, semi-transparent, and environmentally friendly coating can be applied to the surface of indoor LED displays. It has excellent insulation properties and is moisture-proof, anti-leakage, shock-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, and corona resistance.


Screw (for Bottom Shell)

The lower shell of the product is fastened to the PCB with stainless steel screws. These screws are made of durable and corrosion-resistant material.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for Outdoor Only)

An adhesive is applied to its surface to waterproof an outdoor LED display. This glue must be prevented from drying while being stored on a horizontal shelf.


Screw (for Mask)

The screw for the mask is made of high-strength steel and has undergone anti-corrosion processing. The screw is made of high-quality zinc alloy, treated by heat to achieve a higher hardness and strength.


LED Module Aging

After assembling finished kits, we will conduct a 6-12 hour aging test on each unit. The aging test evaluates the screen as a whole. It includes such measurements as lamp life and attenuation, color difference, white balance effect, realistic viewing angle, text quality during playback, etc.


LED Cabinet Assemble

The LED cabinet is assembled by installing a module on the cabinet body, connecting a signal cable between modules, and connecting power cables between each module and aviation seats. Next, install the system by connecting the system output to modules and then connect a 5V power cord to the system.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

After the cabinet is assembled, the display is put together, and an aging test is conducted for at least 72 hours. The screen is placed in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled environment to ensure it has had time to stabilize fully before shipping out.



The packages are made of wooded boards and flight cases, with foam material inside. This will help to protect the modules from damage during transportation.

Why Should You Consider JasionLED's Outdoor LED Screen?

JasionLED outdoor LED displays are made to make your advertising efforts easier, cost-effective, and more visible. Outdoor LED displays have many benefits compared to traditional billboards. Below are some of the advantages that come with the use of JasionLED outdoor LED displays.

Excellent Weather Resistance

JasionLED Outdoor LED Display is resistant to extreme weather conditions due to its IP67 waterproof rating. This product is made from durable components that are waterproof and heat resistant so that no rainwater penetrates inside and optimum internal temperature is maintained.

Provide Seamless Images

The Outdoor LED Display is a system that allows you to display continuous text, images, and videos on the surface of each cabinet. This ensures you won't get distracted by gaps between cabinets because they are stacked uniformly. The large pack of LED cabinets appears like a large single TV screen.

Customize to Any Size Or Shape

JasionLED Outdoor LED Display comes in many unique designs and shapes to suit a range of purposes. The shapes can be customized, and the size is also customizable depending on your preferences and use. Roadside Outdoor LED Display billboards will come in large sizes to offer a better and clearer view.


JasionLED Outdoor LED Display features a brightness of 7000cd, allowing viewers to watch it from a distance. The brightness will enable one to view the contents even in strong sunlight. JasionLED Outdoor LED Display has an automatic light sensor. This makes the Outdoor LED Display dim at night and light more on a sunny day.

High Impact

Outdoor LED Display, with its high visual display technology and superior brightness, attracts the attention of passers-by and maximizes investment. The unique design of the Outdoor LED Display sets it apart from other advertising.


Our screens are designed to reduce energy consumption by up to 50% compared to traditional outdoor screens. We accomplish this by using power-efficient LED modules and a sophisticated screen management system to ensure that all of our screens are operating at peak efficiency.

Reliable, Durable and Cost-effective Outdoor LED Display

As the outdoor LED display manufacturer, we provide you with a series of cost-effective and market-leading outdoor full-color led displays. The outdoor LED display screen is a modern entertainment means to meet the needs of outdoor advertising, commercial information, and other visual communication in various outdoor places. Outdoor LED screen not only brings you more comfortable visual effects but also more astonishing light effects.

Rental Outdoor LED Display

LED screen rental serves various purposes, including stage performance and artistic activities. It is most commonly used for events such as parties, press conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, multifunctional halls, conference rooms, performing halls, and discos or nightclubs. This type of screen is lightweight and easy to install; it also has a quick lock design that allows it to be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily.

Giant Outdoor LED Screens

Our giant outdoor LED screens and high-contrast video displays are designed for use outdoors. We offer various screen formats, including street posters and large display panels. These outdoor waterproof led screens can be used in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C. They're thermostatically controlled and naturally glare-free.

Mobile LED Display

Mobile LED displays allow you to use your LED display at companies or events. In theory, every LED display can be made mobile by mounting it on a trailer. You can choose from different types of trailers, including open trailers or trailers with a closed structure in which a fully shielded space for the LED display and a separate control room is provided.

Roadside LED Display

Roadside LED Displays are large digital displays placed along roadsides to attract motorists. They are often placed in high-traffic locations such as intersections, highways, and service stations. Roadside LED Displays impress due to their size and ability to be seen at all times of the day and night.

Stadium LED Screens

Stadium LED screens can be designed to serve a variety of purposes in and around stadiums, arenas, or sports halls. They are widely used in basketball, football, rugby, cricket, racing, etc. Customize the viewing distance and resolution to maximize your advertising revenues within a budget.

Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter lighting is a dynamic and versatile display used in stadiums and on high buildings. It is visible to all and can be installed throughout the stadium or tall building. The screen uses modern stadium software to allow operators to change colors dynamically and modify the color temperature, making it incredibly user-friendly. It features safety masks and a pillow sponge at the top of the cabinet, which protects the screen and athletes.

Pole LED Display

The LED light pole screen supports Cloud Platform Cluster Management, Multi-screen synchronization, and batch control over an unlimited distance. It can quickly publish information and automatically adjust the brightness based on the environment. The pole LED display monitors environmental indicators such as temperature and humidity, wind speed, air quality, etc. Modular cabinet design makes installation easy.

Outdoor Front Access LED Display

A front-access LED display refers to a product that can be fully accessed from the front. This design allows the components, including the LED receiving card, power box, and LED modules. To be removed via the front of the product, it will fit 90° shape wall-mounted installation perfectly. It also can be designed with no door and no fan or ventilation for outdoor wall-mounted LED displays.

Taxi LED Display

Taxi LED displays are a new advertising medium installed on taxis, cars, buses, and other vehicles. They have features such as high waterproof capability, high brightness, low electricity consumption, and user-friendly installation and maintenance to meet the requirements of long-time operation in outdoor environments. As you requested, single side /double side, side logo, frame color. Controller with 4G and GPS mode, wireless and remote control, smart play

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Why Should You Choose JasionLED as Your Outdoor LED Display Supplier?

A growing business exists for outdoor LED displays. We understand that you want to preserve your investment, so it’s not surprising that you’re seeking a dependable source to work with. You may be sure that you’re getting the best for your company’s needs because JasionLED specializes in outdoor LED display solutions.

For your needs for outdoor LED displays, we are the finest option because of the following:

1. Over 20 Years of Experience

We can provide you with high-performance, perfect and complete LED display solutions. Our rich industry experience allows us to synthesize all aspects of your environment to deliver customized services. We offer excellent products and safe delivery, and we value your satisfaction and long-term development; we insist on the principle of mutual benefit.

2. 90+ Countries Solutions

JASIONLED has already served around 10,000 LED display projects and has accumulated a wealth of experience and reputation. We offer the best quality and service among our competitors in the industry. Our professional team provides valuable views regarding all aspects of your project, and we’ve developed a global distribution system to reach wherever you are.

4. 5000㎡+ Production Capacity

JASIONLED’s high production capacity ensures outstanding delivery capacity to meet your market demand. Our LED process technology and highly automated production lines, supported by our global technical resources, are available in line with your requests. We respond flexibly to the varying demands of the market. So that we can meet changing customer preferences rapidly and competitively and quickly implement new product ideas from our customers.

5. Efficient Service

The professional display manufacturer JASIONLED has been striving to become one of the industry leaders by providing quality services at competitive prices. Each of its products is designed and developed by its R&D team to ensure that it meets customers’ specific needs. They can provide a one-stop service for your project, from installation to training and maintenance.

6. 3 Years Warranty & 5% Spare Parts

JASIONLED’s LED displays comply with CE and RoHS certifications and come with a three-year warranty. We provide you with the best product and service experiences possible.

7. Strict Quality Control Management

Our LED screen modules result from comprehensive equipment and processes, including raw material inspection, SMT production optical inspection, calibration equipment, and vibration measurement. They can deliver customers high-quality products that produce clean images and provide an enjoyable viewing experience.

8. High-Quality Parts

Our materials are purchased through reputable business partners such as Nationstar, Kinglight, Nichia, Cree, and Epistar LED. This ensures the function and effectiveness of our products. Our products are manufactured in our factory, and we stay up-to-date on the industry by choosing specific suppliers for each component.

9. Reliable Sales & Technical Support

We have close cooperation between the sales and technical departments and the logistics departments. Based on this cooperation, JASIONLED can provide customers with adequate service before, during, and after the cooperation.

10. Sturdy Packages with Wooded Packages or  Flight Cases

We will make sure that your LED display modules are packed in a sturdy way. Our staff is experienced and skilled at handling such parts. We will also ensure that the wooded packaging material used to pack your modules is high quality and strong enough to withstand impacts from rough handling during transportation.

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