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JASIONLED: Your Trusted P10 LED Display Manufacturer for Over 20 Years

JASIONLED was established in 2003. We have been your P10 LED display manufacturer for over two decades, and we are proud to deliver outstanding quality, competitive prices, and first-class service to our customers.

Quality is always our priority when it comes to manufacturing LED display products. The image quality of our products must be perfect, and the life of each product must be stable enough for our customers to count on it day after day.

Maximize Advertising Potential with P10 LED Display

The P10 LED display is a high-quality, high-performance electronic display that can be used in a variety of applications For companies wishing to update their signs or just add a new component to their visual marketing strategy, the P10 LED display provides an economical alternative.

The P10 is a powerful, totally programmable LED display. Applications for the P10 might be either indoor or outdoor. This qualifies the P10 for all kinds of signage requirements, including those for retail businesses, restaurants, and hotels, among others. To continue writing, press Tab.


JASIONLED: The P10 LED Display Experts You Can Trust

JASIONLED’s team of highly-skilled and trained engineers have over 20 years of experience in the field of P10 LED display. We are committed to giving you a product of the highest caliber that is made for continuous use.

For our goods, we provide a 3-year guarantee and 5% spare parts for LED modules. We want you to have the assurance that your investment is safeguarded by our lifetime guarantee since our goods are built to last.

True color & unique vision

Innovative Techniques in P10 LED Display Manufacturing


LEDs Baking

LEDs can be damaged by moisture. An LED baking technique is a low-temperature way to remove moisture and reduce damage to the product.



IC SMT is a process by which a semiconductor device is attached to a printed circuit board or PCB using solder. The device can be attached using either a reflow process or an ultrasonic bonding process.



With this technique, an LED is put directly on a PCB’s surface without the use of any other parts or packaging. The end result is a gadget that is significantly smaller and more effective than conventional techniques.


Light On Test

The Light On Test quality control method compares the output of light to a reference value by turning on each pixel’s LEDs individually.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

The anti-corrosion paint can be used to prevent corrosion of light panels and other components, so as to extend their service life.


Screw (for bottom shell)

The screw is used to connect the bottom shell with the bottom frame.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

 It must be waterproof and resistant to high temperatures, as well as able to withstand vibrations and impacts.


Screw (for mask)

It is used to fix the mask to the display, so it must be made of high-quality materials and well processed.


LED Module Aging

LED module aging test is a method of ensuring that the module works as expected over time. This test assesses the performance of the LEDs after being subjected to high temperature, humidity and voltage.


LED Cabinet Assemble

The LED cabinet assemble has a number of functions, including heat dissipation, lighting and power supply. The LED cabinet assemble is made up of a metal shell and an aluminum alloy base.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

Full LED screen aging is mainly used to test whether the LED light source is stable, and whether the aging rate is within the allowable range. 



Each module is individually packaged in layers of wood and foam before being placed inside flight cases to protect them during transport.

P10 LED Display and its Remarkable Features

A high-end, high-resolution video wall solution is the P10 LED display. Amazingly, the pixel pitch is 10mm. For applications in retail, business, and architecture, the P10 is the best choice. It can serve as a digital signage display alone or as a video wall. The P10 LED display stands out from the competition thanks to a variety of features. They consist of:

Distance Viewing

P10 LED display has a viewing distance of 10mm and is a premium LED display. Outstanding brightness, a good contrast ratio, and a broad viewing angle are its top qualities.

High Brightness

The P10 LED Display is a high brightness display. It is capable of producing up to 900 cd/m2 of brightness, which is the highest amongst all LED displays.  It is perfect for outdoor use thanks to this function, which guarantees that your content will be visible even in bright sunshine.

Heat Dissipation

The built-in heat sink of the P10 LED Display dissipates the heat produced by the LED backlight, preventing the LED from overheating and extending the life of the product.

High Contrast

The P10's high contrast ratio makes it possible to clearly discern images. Also, it helps colors appear more vivid and clear so you can enjoy videos with the utmost clarity.


P10 LED Display is a modular display that allows for customization in terms of shape, design, and size. Any application, including marketing, broadcasting, instruction, amusement, and more, can make use of it.

High Smoothness

The display can update a full screen up to 1,000 times per second thanks to its high refresh rate of 1000 Hz. This enables the screen to display fluid animations and videos while also providing you with an amazing gaming experience.

Brilliantly Illuminate A Space with a P10 LED Display

The P10 is a high-performance LED display created to offer stunning illumination for sizable locations in the commercial and industrial sectors. It has a space-saving, ultra-bright 10mm pitch LED module that can be installed either vertically or horizontally. Use the P10 as a wall-mounted sign or as a component of a bigger display system.

P10 Advertising LED Screen

P10 Advertising LED Screen for Events and Exhibitions. The P10-LED is a highly bright, easily transportable and cost effective display solution for all your needs. Featuring a P10.4mm pixel pitch, the P10 is well suited as backwall, side wall or even front wall applications. The simple yet effective design with its modularity in mind makes it not just easy to mount but also to adjust on site.

P10 Concert LED Screen

The P10 Concert Series is the ideal tool for musicians, club patrons, and venues wishing to improve their concert experience with expansive and striking images. The P10 not only supports screen-to-screen interaction but also gives you the option to add your own special effects by incorporating extra visual sources like webcasts or even live camera feeds into your performance.

P10 Sports Scoreboard LED Display

The P10 sports display board is an LED based scoreboard with advanced features and specifications such as high contrast ratio, low power consumption and range of numbers and symbols. These units are perfect for sporting facilities in schools, colleges and universities or anywhere there is a need for accurate information.

P10 Event LED Screen

P10 Event LED Screen is the most widely deployed outdoor LED screen.  P10 achieves exceptional performance on image accuracy and color uniformity thanks to a sizable, long-term R&D team and superior technology. Since there are no visible exposed construction, mounting brackets, or mullions, it is flexible for both indoor and outdoor applications.

P10 Rental LED Screen

This screen works well in open events and trade exhibits whether you're showcasing a new product or making an announcement. Making presentations more vibrant and interesting is easy with the P10 Rental LED Screen. The screen has a huge 10mm pixel pitch and is incredibly sharp and clear. The screen is simple to attach anyplace because it can be either wall- or truss-mounted.

P10 Indoor & Outdoor Commercial LED Display

The P10 Indoor & Outdoor Commercial LED Display is an innovative and elegant display unit, designed to meet high quality standards. It offers a brightness of 8,000 nits, showing images even in direct sunlight. The unit has an ultra-light, slim and lightweight design, which allows for easy installation in any location - indoors or outdoors.

P10 LED Billboard Display

The P10 LED Billboard Display is an ultra-wide screen designed for outdoor use that can be used as a digital billboard, P10 LED Billboard Impacts on the audience with its sleek appearance. Various creative images and logos can be easily incorporated on the advertising wall.

P10 Trade Show LED Display

Any commercial setting is a great fit for the P10 trade show led display. The P-LED panels are made from the best materials and have a high level of durability. They are full color and have a high definition. The P10 can be set up to accommodate a range of sizes, uses, and environments. We equip each of our displays with a standard and wireless control system so they may all be operated separately or concurrently.

P10 Cube LED Display

The P10 Cube LED Display is a light, compact and energy efficient product. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, such as marking directions, wayfinding at airports and train stations, advertising boards in retail stores, stadiums or concert halls and to create soft illumination of objects.

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Airport LED Display

The airport can be promoted more effectively with the use of an LED display. You can show flight information or other adverts on the LED display. Also, it can be used to advise passengers on safety. Moreover, it can serve as a digital sign for a variety of uses, including informational and promotional signage.

Wedding LED Screens

A wedding can be greatly improved by using LED screens. These can be used indoors or outdoors, come in a variety of sizes and forms, and can be used to show text and images.

Control Room Video Wall

The Control Room Video Wall is a tool that allows you to monitor various aspects of a business, from the comfort of your desk.  It offers a sizable display that enables you to view the video stream from several cameras simultaneously without switching between them.

LED Video Wall Panels

From digital signage to broadcast and big format displays, LED video walls are employed in a variety of settings. A single panel or several panels may be used to construct them. Due to the fact that each of these panels may be managed by a single computer, there is more flexibility and lower installation costs.

Interactive LED Wall

Interactive LED wall provides a great way to create engaging content in an environment. It is employed in a variety of purposes, including advertising, gaming, instruction, and entertainment. Users of the wall can communicate with it by touching or making gestures using the controller that comes with it.

Portable LED Video Wall

The ideal complement to any event, festival, or trade expo is this portable LED video wall. You may take it wherever you need it because it is portable and lightweight.

LED Poster

LED posters are a fantastic method to promote your company, product, or service. They may be placed up anyplace because they are simple to set up and move. You may quickly generate any message you desire with an LED poster.

Transparent LED Wall

The clear, see-through design means that it blends seamlessly into the background of your space, making it perfect for areas where you want to showcase products or services and still maintain an open feel. Transparent LED Wall can be used to display the latest product information, promotions or even live streaming video content.

Why JASIONLED is the Top Choice for Professional P10 LED Displays

JASIONLED is the top choice for professional P10 LED displays because we are able to deliver the highest quality products at an affordable price. We have been in operation for over 10 years, and our quality control procedure guarantees that each product is manufactured with consideration, accuracy, and speed. Also, we provide a wide range of customization choices so you can receive exactly what you require from us.

1. Expert Manufacturer

JASIONLED has a rich history of making the most reliable and quality-assured products in the world of professional displays.  Since 2003, we have been producing P10 LED displays and have collaborated with hundreds of customers to design unique displays that are catered to their requirements. We can deliver on everything from design to production and shipment since our staff is made up of skilled individuals that understand exactly what goes into making a quality product.

2. World Standard

Jasionled is a world-class manufacturer and supplier of P10 LED displays. We not only provide high-quality and professional products but also meet all the standards required by customers. Our products have passed CE, ROHS, UL, CUL, FCC, C-tick, PSE, KC, and ISO9001 certifications.

3. Full Range

At Jasionled, we provide a full range of professional P10 LED display solutions. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor signage, we’ve got you covered. Our products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship—we stand by them 100%. Our displays are designed to be durable and reliable so that you can use them for years to come.

4. Global Presence

JASIONLED is one of the top choices for professional P10 LED displays because it has a global presence. It’s sold in more than 90+ countries worldwide, and is known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service.



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