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JASIONLED's Commitment to Providing the Best LED Solutions

JASIONLED, the leading manufacturer and supplier of P2 LED screen solutions in China, focuses on research and development, creation, marketing and support of P2 LED displays, modules and control systems. Our goal is to provide customers excellent pre-sale and after-sale services.

JASIONLED focuses on high quality products with competitive price and fast delivery time. Our mission is to provide customers with high quality products at competitive prices by continuously improving our production process with advanced technology and strict QC test procedures.

The Power of Pixel Pitch: Delivering Amazing Picture Quality at 2.0mm

Amazing picture quality and high-definition image presentation are to be expected with a 2.0mm pixel pitch. This entails that you can see text, photos, movies, and graphics in great detail.

High brightness, high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle up to 160 degrees makes it perfect for big-screen applications such as shopping malls, exhibition halls, sports stadiums, conference rooms and corporate offices etc.

JASIONLED: Your Go-To P2 LED Display Manufacturer in China

With over 20 years of LED display experience, JASIONLED is a leading P2 LED display manufacturer in China. More than 200 people, including R&D engineers, work for our company, which has an 8000 square meter footprint. Our skilled R&D team can offer users specialized goods that are tailored to their specific needs.

Our P2 LED display products are widely used in various fields, including advertising, public information and entertainment. Our products have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions, including Europe, North America and Australia.

True color & unique vision

P2 LED Screen Parameters

LED Module:



Pixel pitch


Pixel configuration


LED lamp


Pixel matrix per panel


Module resolution rate


Module dimensions (W*H*D)




Package material



combined driver board

Input votage


MAX. input current


Driving mode

1/32 scan, constant current

Module power


LED Cabinet


800-1200 cd/m2

Cabinet dimensions (W×H×D)

480*480mm/640mmx640mm/800mmX800mm/960mmx960mm are avaliable.

Resolution ratio



8.5±0.05 kg

Pixel density


Viewing angle (H/V)

140° Horizontal and Vertical

Best viewing distance


LED Control System

Gray scale per color

12-16bits for red,green,blue



Life time

≥100,000 hours


≥10,000 hours

Refresh rate

≥ 720Hz

MAX. power


Input voltage (AC)

110V ~ 240V

Operating temperature

-20°C ~+ 50°C

Operating humidity

10% ~ 90%

Source compatibility (with video processor)

DVI/VGA,Vedio(mutiple modes),RGBHV,composite Vedio Single,S-VIDEO,YpbPr(HDTV)

Exploring the Top Features of P2 LED Screens

The most recent digital signage technology uses P2 LED screens. They are a great option for any business that needs to display information to consumers or visitors due to their distinctive blend of features, long lifespan, and minimal maintenance needs. Here is an overview of some of the best P2 LED screen features:

Outstanding Quality

P2 LED displays' premium components include their high-quality core materials and our expertly designed circuit boards. This combination makes sure that your screen is dependable and will last you for many years.

Excellent Stability

P2 LED screens have high stability and a powerful heat dissipation feature. Good stiffness on the display surface effectively prevents deformation brought on by outside forces. Excellent self-healing capabilities and an automatic brightness adjustment feature are both features of the screen surface.

Higher Contrast Ratio

Compared to other panels in its class, the P2 LED screen can generate deeper blacks and more brilliant colors thanks to its excellent contrast ratio.

Slim Design and Light-weight

The P2 LED screens have slim design and light-weight, which can be easily installed in the places that need high definition display, such as airport and exhibition hall.

Smooth & Vibrant Performance

Smooth and vibrant performance is provided by the P2 LED screens. They are thus the ideal option for any company that needs to broadcast premium video material, such as restaurants or retail outlets.

Simple Maintenance

P2 LED screens have a modular architecture that makes them simple to maintain. You may save time and money by replacing parts as needed thanks to the modular structure.

Powerful P2 LED Screen: Ideal for Advertising and Entertainment

Our P2 LED screen is excellent for both entertainment and advertising. It is ideal for outdoor use because of the strong, bright screen, which is made to be seen in even the strongest sunlight. It also provides sharp and clear visual quality because to its high resolution. Your audience will be able to view every element of your message or presentation, even from a distance, thanks to this high-quality screen.

P2 Indoor LED Display

For any company or organization wishing to reach a broad audience, the P2 indoor LED display is a wonderful fit. It is simple to read the display due to its size, brightness, and contrast levels, which are all quite excellent. You will be able to clearly view every detail in your photographs because to the display's ultra-high resolution panel and 2mm pixel pitch.

P2 Poster LED Screen

A high-quality, bright display that is ideal for any location is the P2 Poster LED Screen. This screen's 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution making it perfect for showing sharp, clear images. The screen may be readily connected to your device for convenient use and is also compatible with Mac laptops and desktops. You may place the P2 Poster LED Screen in the ideal location for the most comfortable viewing experience thanks to its adjustable stand.

P2 Taxi Top LED Screen

The P2 Taxi Top LED Screen is a very adaptable tool that may be applied in a variety of contexts. It can be fastened to the side of a building or a vehicle, as well as the top of a cab. Information can also be displayed using it at gatherings, performances, and other occasions when a sound system isn't generally available.

P2 Front Access LED Screen

It is a kind of LED display which has a front access panel, and the whole display can be opened from the front side. This allows for easy installation and maintenance, as well as easy access to the screen if repairs need to be made. Front access LED displays are mainly used for advertising purpose, such as outdoor advertising displays, shopping mall advertisements and so on.

P2 Outdoor LED Display for Advertising

The P2 Outdoor LED Display can display vivid images with rich color and contrast because of its huge screen area and high resolution. It is appropriate for long-term use in any setting because to its superior power consumption performance.

P2 Flexible LED Display

A high-resolution, ultra-thin, light display that can be put on any surface is the P2 Flexible LED Display. A number of LEDs that may be individually light up to produce images and text make up the display. You can sculpt the display as you like because it is flexible.

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P6 LED Screen

There are several uses for P6 monitors. Large indoor and outdoor displays, as well as those that must be bright and have a high resolution, typically use them.The usual distance between any two neighboring pixels on a P6 display is 6mm.

P4 LED Screen

An LED panel with a pixel pitch of 4, the P4 LED Display panel. This premium solution was created to serve your demands as a business while also offering the highest picture quality and viewing experience.

P10 LED Display

P10 LED Display is a new kind of display, which can be used for the advertisement of various kinds of products. It has the features of high contrast, low power consumption, easy installation and maintenance and so on.

Cube LED Video Wall

The Cube LED Video Wall is a cutting-edge screen with a distinctive design that gives an immersive visual experience that cannot be duplicated. You can display a single large image or a number of smaller ones thanks to the cube's smooth moving capabilities.

Trade Show LED Display

Our Trade Show LED Display is the ideal approach to promote your business at any expo, event, or trade show. This can be included into your exhibit to draw in more customers. Our LED display comes in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to pick the one that best complements your booth.

Advertising Video Wall

Advertising Video Wall allows you to create an immersive, interactive experience for your content. It’s a digital canvas that can be used to create beautifully formatted, high-definition video walls with a variety of features and options.

Portable LED Video Wall

The Portable LED Video Wall is a portable and lightweight video wall that can be used for both indoor and outdoor events. Individual modules that can be joined to one another to create a continuous display make up the wall. You can add your own designs, logos, or photographs to each of the four sides of the modules.

Curved LED Wall

Since the LED wall is curved, it may fit in spaces that would be too tiny for a conventional flat panel. Because viewers can move around the image and watch it from various angles, a curved screen also produces a more immersive experience.

Factors Influencing the Cost of P2 LED Screens

P2 LED screen prices are influenced by a variety of elements, such as screen size and resolution, labor and material costs, and the chosen display technology. Each factor will be discussed in turn below.

1. LED Display Size

The price of the screen will directly depend on the size of the LED panel. A larger screen will cost more to produce because it needs more room and LEDs.

2. Video Processing System

An essential component of the price of P2 LED screens is the video processing equipment. The reason is that it influences whether or not the screen can carry out sophisticated operations like noise reduction and color correction as well as how well it can display high-definition images. The price of the video processing system will increase as it becomes more sophisticated.

3. Installation Requirements

The complexity of the installation process might significantly affect the price of P2 LED screens. If you intend to hire a professional installer, make sure to request quotes from several businesses so that you are aware of what to anticipate. The cost will increase as more work is performed.

4. LED Display Design

The cost of your system can significantly vary depending on the style of your LED display. You might wish to construct a flat display instead of a curved one because it is easier and less expensive to do so. However, if you want to add extras like a touchscreen interface or an audio-visual presentation, you will have to pay more for such functionalities.

5. Type of Construction

Hanging construction is more expensive than standing construction because it requires a lot of additional parts, including the frame, which has to be specially designed to hang from a ceiling or wall.

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