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JASIONLED is a high-tech enterprise specializing in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling LED display modules and screens. The company has a complete large-scale R&D system and an independent manufacturing base (total area over 8,000 square meters), which currently employs more than 120 employees.

JASIONLED integrates upstream suppliers, selects top raw material suppliers, and focuses on massive LED display module production to make its products more competitive.

A Cost-Effective Outdoor LED Solution

The P3.0 Outdoor LED display module is a versatile outdoor LED display solution. Featuring a 3mm pixel pitch and a high brightness of 5,000 to 7,500 nits (adjustable). For the physical construction of the panel, it features a die-cast aluminium frame on top and bottom with an aluminium/steel iron frame in between. The IP67 rating makes the panel suitable for outdoor use and assures that it is 100% dust-proof and water-proof.

The P3.0’s high brightness allows visible images up to 3 meters away under direct sunlight (1500 lux). Its ability to achieve consistent color reproduction is also contributed by its 16-bit (281 trillion colors) / 65,536 shades per primary color resolution. This feature, along with its adjustable brightness level capability, allows for greater control over the visual experience of the end user.


Professional P3 Outdoor LED display Manufacturer for Outstanding Service

We are a professional LED display manufacturer in China. With 20 years of efforts and development, we have successfully developed many kinds of high-brightness outdoor led display products: outdoor advertising led screen, outdoor sports video wall, bright city information display and other indoor applications.

We provide the most timely and best service to all overseas customers. Our service includes technical support, guidance, training and so on.

All products manufactured by JASIONLED are compliant with CE, ROHS, UL, CUL, FCC, C-tick, PSE and KC certifications. They are widely used in Europe, North America, East Asia, Australia and other regions.

True color & unique vision

How is P3 Outdoor LED Display Produced?


LEDs Baking

Baking is a process used to remove moisture from electronic components. If the components have been improperly stored or exposed to high temperatures, baking is required to eliminate this moisture.



Surface-mount technology produces electronic devices in which components are placed directly on the surface of a printed circuit board. Reflow soldering ensures that all components are correctly aligned during assembly.



To attach the surface-mount technology (SMT) bead to the lamp, apply a soldering paste to its surface and then place it on an automatic soldering machine. The machine will perform reflow SMT of the component.


Light On Test

To test an LED display, technicians will send electricity through each LED with a unique tool to determine whether the LEDs are functioning. If one or more LEDs do not illuminate, the technician will replace them before installation can continue.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

The anti-corrosion paint used to protect the LED display from corrosion is water-based, semi-transparent and environmentally friendly. The coating has excellent insulation properties and moisture resistance and low permeability.


Screw (For Bottom Shell)

A stainless steel screw secures the lower shell to the printed circuit board. The screw has a hexagonal head, allowing for easy insertion.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (For Outdoor Only)

Outdoor LED displays should be stored on a horizontal shelf in a dry area and coated with waterproofing adhesive to protect them from water damage.


Screw (For Mask)

The mask screws are high-strength steel, which prevents corrosion and withstands harsher environments better than other metals.


LED Module Aging

Each monitor will be tested 6 to 12 hours after assembly, including but not limited to lamp life and attenuation, color difference, white balance effect, realistic viewing angle and text quality during playback.


LED Cabinet Assemble

To install the LED cabinet, connect a signal cable to each module, an aviation seat power cable to each module, and then connect the system output to modules. Finally, plug in a 5V power cord to the system.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

When a cabinet has been assembled, and a display put together, we run an aging test for at least 72 hours before placing the screen in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled environment to ensure stability.



The packages are composed of plywood, reinforced with padding, and fitted with flight cases to protect the modules during transportation.

P3 Outdoor LED Display Features:

One of the most popular items from JASIONLED is the P3 Outdoor LED Screen. Its features are well-balanced. Additionally, it is frequently used in outdoor settings, whether for a large or a small audience. JASIONLED offers customisation, especially if your project location is in a tiny space. We cater to all project demands along with installation, technical support, and post-sale services. We will begin manufacturing immediately after you decide on the project's desired results. Our P3 Outdoor LED Panel also goes through several inspections and quality assurance procedures to guarantee its dependability and consistent performance throughout time. The P3 Outdoor LED Display Screen has a few high-quality features, which are listed below.

High-quality Resolution

The P3 LED Panel Screen Outdoor is a high-resolution outdoor display with a low pixel pitch. It has a refresh rate of up to 3840 Hz, which creates smoother lines and trouble-free viewing of videos.


LED displays are highly sought after for their energy efficiency. JASIONLED uses Novastar LED, a reliable brand in the industry. We partner with only reliable brands.

Adjustable Brightness

The P3 Outdoor LED Screen can be used in a variety of lighting conditions, and its brightness can be adjusted accordingly.

Dependable Performance

The P3 Outdoor LED Display has balanced parameters, making it a product that can be relied on to perform with excellence over an extended time. Throughout our P3 Outdoor LED Panel projects worldwide, this product has generated a substantial return on investment for advertisers.

Technical Support/ After-sales Services

JASIONLED provides installation, technical, sales, and other support services. We have been in the business for 20 years, and we have an excellent record of success over the years.

Wide Viewing Angle

The P3 Outdoor LED Display has a viewing angle of up to 160 degrees, so you can be sure that anyone looking straight at the display can still see everything.

High Brightness and High Resolution P3 Outdoor LED Screen

The P3 Outdoor LED Screen is an outdoor LED screen specially designed to be used outdoors. This LED screen’s high brightness and high resolution make it ideal for large-scale display in shopping malls, sports arenas and stadiums. The P3 Outdoor LED Screen also has a wide viewing angle and can be viewed from all angles without any colour distortion or loss of detail.

P3 Outdoor Video Wall LED Display

P3 Outdoor Video Wall LED Display is a high-definition LED display system integrated with a video wall, which can be used in outdoor public areas to display dynamic images and videos. It has the advantages of high brightness and contrast ratio, wide viewing angle and no color difference.

Full Fixed P3 Outdoor LED Display

The Full Fixed P3 Outdoor LED Display is a high-quality, commercial-grade product that can be used for various purposes. This display is perfect for outdoor use and will last for years. It is available in several sizes to choose the right size for your needs.This product has an incredibly high resolution (1920x1080), meaning the picture quality is outstanding. The colors are also vibrant and bright, so you'll always be able to see everything.

P3 Outdoor LED Screen for Advertising

Our P3 Outdoor LED Screen for Advertising is a state-of-the-art product that delivers high-quality images. The screen has high brightness, enhancing the content's clarity and making it visible even in sunlight. It also has a high contrast ratio, which ensures that the images on the screen are sharp and clear.

P3 Outdoor LED Digital Billboard

The P3 Outdoor LED Digital Billboard is ideal for businesses looking to reach large groups of people. It has a large size and high resolution, so you can use it to catch the attention of passersby from far away. This allows your message to be seen even when many other billboards are nearby competing for attention.

P3 Outdoor LED Scoreboard

The P3 Outdoor LED Scoreboard is a high-quality, durable, long-lasting outdoor scoreboard that's perfect for any sports team or school. With an IP67 waterproof rating, this scoreboard can withstand the elements and keep working even when it's raining outside.

P3 Outdoor Mobile LED Billboard Screen

The P3 Outdoor Mobile LED Billboard Screen is a versatile mobile solution for outdoor advertising. It's equipped with an IP67 rating, making it suitable for use outdoors in all weather conditions. The unit has two 4K projectors, each displaying a 1080p image.

P3 Outdoor LED Screen Front Access

The Outdoor Front Maintenance LED Screen Series is mainly used for outdoor advertising, information publishing, journalism and communication in some places, such as cultural squares, traffic arteries, stations, terminals, information centres, entertainment venues, shopping centres and commercial cities.

P3 Outdoor Transparent LED Display

P3 Outdoor Transparent LED Display is perfect for outdoor applications. The display achieves high-quality content display and super brightness using ultra-high brightness LEDs. Many special effects can be realized on P3 Outdoor Transparent LED Screen, such as audio-visual synchronization, 3D animation, dynamic vision and other unique functions.

P3 Outdoor LED Creative Display

P3 Outdoor LED Creative Display is a fantastic way to create a dynamic lighting display. The light panels and video can be customized to any shape and size. They are a sleek, durable and stunning design element that will transform any space into a spectacular contemporary visual statement.

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Advertising LED Screen

Our advertising LED Screen is high-brightness, high resolution and flexible to meet your needs. It can be rotated smoothly with the intuitive controller, making it easier to create a perfect stage effect to attract customers’ attention.

Outdoor LED Advertising

Outdoor LED advertising offers an opportunity for your brand to grow. Outdoor Advertising is a unique medium with millions of impressions every day. This creates an unparalleled experience for customers, thus generating lasting memories for your brand.

P3 Soft Indoor LED Display Module

The P3 Soft Indoor LED Display Module is a high-performance, versatile, and robust solution for indoor video walls. Packed with advanced features and capabilities, this universal LED display module is ideal for applications requiring high-impact visuals. The P3 offers vibrant full-color visuals and provides an outstanding visual experience for all business applications.

P6 Outdoor SMD2727 LED Screen

The P6 Outdoor SMD2727 LED Screen is an ultra-bright and easy-to-install outdoor video display solution ideal for public spaces, large retail stores, restaurants and other venues. Featuring a high-impact acrylic frame with a sleek aluminium edge trim, the P6 features an ultra-modern look that fits in with any décor.

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen large-size advertising equipment plays a vital role in outdoor advertising. It is a convenient, fast and effective means of displaying information like time, current news, advertisements etc., for the public at venues or special events like sports matches and concerts.

Mobile LED Billboard

Outdoor LED Billboard is perfect for outdoor advertising. It provides maximum brand exposure for your products or services and is durable and weather-resistant so that it won’t rust or crack in the outdoor elements.

Outdoor LED Billboard

Outdoor LED Billboard is perfect for outdoor advertising. It provides maximum brand exposure for your products or services and is durable and weather-resistant so that it won’t rust or crack in the outdoor elements.

Conference LED Screen

Our Conference LED Screen is a versatile choice for display and projection. It has an energy-efficient design and meets strict environmental requirements, so it’s well-suited for applications in public facilities and commercial buildings.

JASIONLED's P3 Outdoor LED Display Quality Advantages:

P3 Outdoor LED screen is a high-quality display with many advantages over its competitors. P3 Outdoor LED screen the latest technology in digital screens, video wall displays and large format displays. These provide excellent picture quality and always produce consistent images. This ensures you always get the best image and consistent performance from your outdoor LED display. Here are the advantages of the P3 outdoor LED display:

  • High-quality LED chips are employed, with high luminous efficiency, small brightness attenuation, and good stability and reliability of the display screen.
  • Anti-static measures should be adopted in the production process to reduce static electricity damage to LED tubes effectively. The annual blind rate should be controlled within 5 ppm.
  • High-end production and processing technology ensure the quality, service life, and ease of maintenance of the display screen;
  • The brightness difference between any two LED lamps is less than 1%, ensuring consistent brightness and color uniformity across the screen.
  • Low-cost, high resolution and fine-grained images are important for many applications.
  • The columns are connected in a way that allows for complete front maintenance, and there is almost no dislocation between them.
  • The display body can be used normally within a temperature range of -25°C to +75°C.
  • JASIONLED’s production capacity is 5000 square meters per month, which allows it to ensure the product’s production and delivery cycle.

JASIONLED manufactures high-quality LED display screens for a variety of uses. We only make products! Designing, manufacturing, installing, operating, maintaining and servicing our one-stop LED display screen solutions—for low carbon energy consumption, environmental protection, high definition displays and stable performance—with reliable quality.

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