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JASIONLED, an experienced manufacturer of thin LED displays, has been in the industry for more than 20 years. We have built a reputation as the best LED display solution provider in the business, with over 10000 projects in our portfolio and clients from over 90 countries around the world.

We have a reputation for being a stable, quality-driven thin LED screen manufacturer that can be relied on to provide outstanding products and services.

The Versatility of Thin LED Screens

Thin LED screens are a flexible screen is a sort of display technology that can be bent, rolled, or molded into any form. LEDs are used in these displays to produce the images, and electricity is applied through thin plastic sheets to turn on the light.

This kind of screen is flexible due to its thinness, which makes it simple to mold into various shapes. Because of its adaptability, it is simple to carry from one place to another. It may be bent into whatever form you choose or rolled up like a newspaper.

JASIONLED: Your One-Stop Shop for Advanced LED Display Technology

JASIONLED is a leading manufacturer of various types of LED display screens, including the popular thin LED display. Modern manufacturing techniques are used to create our items, giving you the most value for your money. We achieve a high level of quality by using tools like the Samsung full Automatic SMT Machine and the Peak/Reflow Welding Machine.

We are also able to provide competitive prices because to our investment in this equipment. This implies that you will be able to purchase your preferred goods for a reasonable price. Four automated production lines enable us to increase productivity while retaining the same high-quality of the final product.

True color & unique vision

Thin LED Screens: The Perfect Blend of Style and Substance

Ultra-thin Volume

Thin alloy cabinets reduce the thickness of the screen, giving it a more elegant and high-quality appearance after assembly.

Ultra-high Precision

A high degree of precision is required to generate images of the highest caliber. All visuals appear clean and clear thanks to the incredibly precise manufacturing technique utilized to make our LED panels.

Super Reliability

Thin LED screens deliver consistent performance over an extended period of time, even in adverse environmental circumstances.

Exceptional Heat Dissipation

Optimal operating temperatures are maintained for thin LED screens via a heat dissipation system. This guarantees that the screen won’t overheat and break in any other way.

Highly Efficient Installation

Installation efficiency for thin LED screens is very good. They don’t need much room to be put, and they can be readily mounted on any wall or ceiling. Anywhere you need them, including your house or workplace, you can mount them on the walls!

Excellent Shielding

Thin LED screens are designed to be used in settings with electromagnetic interference, such as high-current electrical equipment and other electrical devices. Thin LED panels have effective shielding that keeps outside interference from affecting the display.

The Benefits of Thin LED Screens: A Closer Look at Their Advantages

Thin LED screens are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. They're sleek and stylish, they save space, and they're easy to install. Here are some of the benefits of installing thin LED screens:

Reduced Energy Use

You can save 50% on energy costs by switching to a thin LED panel from an LCD or plasma screen. Because LEDs consume less electricity than other kinds of screens, this is the case.

Highly Versatile

Since they are adaptable, LED screens are suitable for a wide range of uses. They are ideal for any organization that needs to present information in an appealing and readable fashion.

Superb Image Quality

Thin screens take up less space and can be placed in areas that were previously not possible. This can help you create unique retail displays and advertisements that capture your customers' attention.


Thin screens take up less space and can be placed in areas that were previously not possible. This can help you create unique retail displays and advertisements that capture your customers' attention.

Fast Response Time

Thin LED displays have a response time of less than 1 millisecond, which means that images on the screen will appear instantly. This can be beneficial for gaming, where the player needs to make quick decisions based on what they see on their screen.


A thin screen is lightweight and allows for easy transport and installation. This makes it ideal for event marketing or other similar uses where the screen needs to be moved or put up quickly.

Thin LED Screen for High-Definition Images & Creative Installation

Thin LED screens can be used for all kinds of indoor applications, such as banquet hall decoration, shopping mall decoration and office decoration. The installation process is simple.

It doesn’t need to be fixed on the wall; it can be hung in the air or placed on the floor. It can also be used as a creative wallpaper or wall coverings. It can meet the needs of various commercial scenes and various applications

Thin Soft LED Screen

The tiny, flexible, and robust LED screen known as a "thin soft LED screen" can be employed in a variety of industrial settings. It boasts a broad viewing angle, high brightness, exceptional resilience, and outstanding flexibility since it is composed of a high-quality, high-transparency silicone substrate. Indoor and outdoor decorating are also possible uses for the LED screen. It can be used in a number of locations, including malls, airports, and train stations.

Flexible Thin Transparent LED Film Screen
Flexible Thin Transparent LED Film Screen

Flexible Thin Transparent LED Film Screen is a thin and transparent LED film screen, which can be widely used for advertising display. It can be used for outdoor and indoor advertising, as well as for building decoration. It has high brightness, good color rendering index and wide viewing angle.

Ultra-Thin LED Screen

The Ultra-Thin LED Screen is a great choice for any business that needs to display information in a public setting. This screen may be used everywhere because of how simple it is to move and install thanks to its thin, lightweight construction. The Ultra-Thin LED Screen is ideal for displaying high definition images or videos due to its clarity and brightness.

P10 Thin LED Display

Anyone looking to update and modernize their store, workplace, or home should choose the P10 thin LED display. This display will withstand any amount of wear and tear because it is composed of materials of the finest caliber. The P10 requires no additional tools or experience to install and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

P3 Thin LED Screen

This revolutionary technology mounts directly onto walls or ceilings without the need for installation or additional equipment and employs a thin screen. Additionally very flexible, the P3 Thin LED Screen may be bent into whatever shape you like.

Thin LED Display Outdoor Full Color

A thin and lightweight display that can be used outside is the Thin LED Display Outdoor Full Color. It is constructed with high-quality components and has a lengthy lifespan. The display is perfect for outdoor use because to its high brightness, excellent contrast ratio, and high resolution. Along with that, it has an IP67 waterproof construction that enables it to survive inclement weather including rain, wind, and dust.

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Airport LED Display

The LED display at the airport can be put to a variety of uses. Through the usage of advertisements that appear on the screen, it can be used as a marketing tool. The screens may also be used to notify passengers of details regarding their flight and/or airline.

Cube LED Video Wall

A self-contained LED video wall system that is simple to expand up to any size is the Cube LED Video Wall. You may display high-quality material with this video wall system in sizable areas like stadiums, shopping malls, and airports.

Church LED Video Wall

An interesting, immersive environment may be made for your church or other venue using the Church LED Video Wall, a high-definition display wall. Utilizing the Church LED Video Wall, you may use any of our pre-loaded templates to create a special experience that engages your audience.

Cylinder LED Screen

A brand-new style of LED display called a cylinder LED screen emits a full-color light beam. It offers a variety of advantages, such as good brightness and contrast, low power usage, simplicity of use, and simple installation. It is additionally simple to install and utilize.

Wedding LED Wall

An interesting new enhancement to your wedding is an LED wall. Your music, films, and images will look fantastic on the LED wall. Both your ceremony and reception can use the LED wall as a backdrop. Your company's logo, brand statement, or product can all be displayed on an LED wall. The options are limitless!

Sphere LED Display

The Sphere LED Display is a new kind of display technology that uses LEDs to create a 360 degree screen. The versatile and user-friendly Sphere LED Display can show anything, including live streaming in addition to still photos and movies.

Mobile LED Display

Mobile LED Display is a portable and lightweight LED display which can be easily moved from one place to other. Digital billboards are used for a variety of purposes, including advertising and sports. The most common location for digital billboards is outdoors, in shopping malls, airports and parks.

Advertising LED Screen

Advertising LED Screen is a great way to increase your business's visibility. You can display any message or image you want, from a single color to full motion video.

Why JASIONLED is the Ultimate Choice for Your Thin LED Screen Requirements

1. Free Sample Assistance

To ensure you are getting exactly what you want before making any purchases, we provide free sample assistance. This allows you to envision your product’s finished appearance and helps prevent unpleasant surprises after your order has been delivered.

2. Dedicated Technical Support

If you have any questions or run into any problems, our devoted technical support team is here to help. The installation of your thin LED screen will be done accurately and securely thanks to the expertise of our specialists. We’ll also provide you with free training materials and troubleshooting guides to make sure your thin LED screen is operational as soon as feasible.

3. Leading LED Technology with the Highest Quality

Our products are made with the highest quality materials, and we ensure that they are durable enough to last for years to come. We do not sell cheap, low-quality products that will break down in a matter of weeks or months. Instead, we offer products with superior durability and long-lasting life—and we back them up with our warranty!

4. Free Design Assistance and 3 Years Warranty

We provide design assistance, accurate specifications, and test data. In addition, we offer a 3-year warranty on all our products and 5% spare parts for your order replacement to improve user experiences.


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