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JASIONLED Provides High Quality Stage Backdrop LED Displays

JASIONLED has earned a high reputation for more than 20 years for producing quality LED backdrops. JASIONLED’s LED backdrops are used in almost all countries worldwide for different events, including concerts and sporting events, and on television sets. JASIONLED’s stage background LED display big screen has been endorsed by some of the most reputable organizations in the industry. With JASIONLED’s LED stage backdrops, you can be sure of high energy savings ratings.

Some reputable organizations approve of JASIONLED’s stage background LED displays. JASIONLED’s LED screen stage background gives you high energy-saving ratings.

Leading the Way in LED Stage Backdrop Screen Innovation

Our custom-built stage displays are the perfect way to showcase your brand at significant events. Whether it’s a conference, concert or festival gathering, our led screens transform every seat into a front-row seat. We provide stage displays and solutions that allow you to view the action from multiple angles—all while highlighting your brand with bright and vibrant hues.

From our large-scale facilities to stadium-sized installations, we have extensive experience designing and manufacturing durable high-resolution displays of all sizes to suit your needs and budget.


Get the Best Quality LED Backdrop Screens At The Best Prices

Our team has a lot of experience and expertise in delivering the best quality products. Therefore, we have what it takes to provide high-quality LED Backdrop Screens for your business needs. Our manufacturing processes are interactive and involve different stages of quality checking. We only use industrial-grade, safe materials so that you get all the results that you want from our product.

We know that getting the right equipment for your business takes work; therefore, we ensure that we deliver quality LED stage backdrop screens. When you order from us, you can be sure that your order will be handled professionally and delivered on time.

True color & unique vision

Production Excellence, and Strive for Perfection


LEDs Baking

A high-temperature oven can remove moisture from a light-emitting diode, returning it to its original condition. This process can be used to restore an LED after exposure to moisture.



Surface-mount technology attaches electronic components to a board with copper traces. Through-hole technology inserts lead into holes in the board and solders them.



A thin layer of solder paste is applied to the surface of a beaded lamp. The lamp is then placed on an SMT machine, which undergoes reflow soldering.


Light On Test

A light-on test can be performed to identify faulty LEDs and components. Using a unique tool connected to each LED, you apply current to each component to determine which ones are damaged. If any LEDs do not light up during this process, they will need to be replaced before installation can continue.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

A water-based, semi-transparent material with excellent insulation properties protects the LED display. This material also helps prevent leakage and other damage.


Screw (for bottom shell)

The display is attached to the printed circuit board with stainless-steel screws.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

To protect an outdoor LED display from water damage while it is stored on a horizontal shelf, waterproof the display’s surfaces and allow the adhesive to cure before turning on the unit.


Screw (for mask)

The mask’s screw is made of hardened steel and zinc alloy with an anti-corrosion finish. The screw has been heat-treated to increase hardness, strength, and durability.


LED Module Aging

After assembly, each module will be tested for 6 to 12 hours. Testers will check for lamp life, attenuation, color difference, white balance effect, realistic viewing angle and text quality during playback, and the ability to display a full range of colors.


LED Cabinet Assemble

LED cabinets may be installed by connecting a signal cable to each module. Then the output of each module is connected to the next, and a power cord is plugged into the board.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

Ensure that cabinets and displays are ready to use when they arrive at your facility. We run an aging test for 72 hours before placing them in a temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled environment.



The packages are made of wood and include protective layers, such as foam inserts and flight cases, to protect the modules during transportation.

What Makes JASIONLED's LED Stage Backdrop Screen Stand Out from the Competition?

JASIONLED's LED Backdrop Screen is one of the best options when looking for a good quality LED stage backdrop screen. The growth in use and demand of JASIONLED's LED Backdrop Screen is brought about by the company's incredible attention to unique production procedures. These procedures ensure that what clients get worldwide is of a specific quality and easy to operate. Some of these great values that come with JASIONLED's LED Backdrop Screen are discussed below.

Strength in Usage

JASIONLED's anti-shock and anti-vibration mechanisms prevent the LED backdrop screen from moving during performances. This makes JASIONLED's LED backdrop screens the strongest among other brands.

Large Viewing Angle

The JASIONLED stage background LED display screen is ideal for an overflow audience. No matter which corner your audience is, they can expect to have a view of the ongoing stage performance for up to 160 degrees.

Real Display Effects

Due to their high level of sensitivity, human eyes are very receptive to the contrast offered by LED Backdrop Screens. This makes them ideal for use at events that require much visual stimulation. LED Backdrop Screens can offer up to 16 million colors.

Extended Lifespan

JASIONLED's LED Backdrop Screen features a long service life compared to other LED displays in the market. The stage display has an excellent warranty value—it can last more than 100,000 hours of fair use.

High Brightness Levels

The JASIONLED LED Backdrop Screen provides a high level of brightness that ensures a clear view and beautiful image when used. The bright LED-backlit display offers an interactive view for your audience and viewers.

Unlimited Shape and Size

JASIONLED's LED Backdrop Screen gives you the option to expand. Our LED Backdrop Screen is not limited by size or shape. You can customize the size and shape of our LED Backdrop Screen depending on your specific use, available space, and budget.

High Quality and Reliable Stage Background LED Screen for Sale

We offer the most reliable and high-quality stage background LED screen for sale. Our screen is designed for professional use, so you can trust that it will last a long time. Our screens are made with the latest LED technology, so you can count on them to look great and get the job done right.

Our screens are easy to transport and set up, so you’ll have no problem getting them where they need to go. We have several different models available, so if you’re looking for a specific size or shape, we’ve got what you’re looking for!

LED Wall Backdrop
LED Wall Backdrop

Light up your next event with our LED Wall Backdrop! This vibrant, exciting backdrop is perfect for any event. With a variety of colors and patterns, you can customize it to match your event theme. Plus, it's easy to set up and take down, so you can use it repeatedly.

LED Stage Backdrop Screen

Designed with the latest LED technology, this stage backdrop screen is a great way to bring attention to your business or event. The LED backdrops are durable and easy to install so you can set them up quickly and easily.

LED Video Backdrop Screen

The LED video backdrop screen is an excellent product for any business. It can help to make your brand stand out, and it can be used for a variety of purposes. The LED video backdrop screen is great to use as a part of your sales pitch or presentation. You can also use it to show videos on how to do something, such as assembling a product. The LED video backdrop screen is made from durable material that will last many years.

Wedding LED Screen Backdrop

JASIONLED's LED screen backdrop wedding is the best for beautifully transforming weddings. From the venue's entrance to the altar, JASIONLED's LED screen backdrop wedding offers an audience a clear view of every action at a wedding.

Flexible LED Stage Screen Backdrop

This LED stage screen backdrop is perfect for all settings, from conferences and training sessions to parties and weddings. It's made of flexible material that makes it easy to transport and set up, and it features a simple design that fits right in with most décor. The screen is made of LEDs that can display any image or video you choose, making it ideal for projecting photos or videos on the screen.

LED Curtain

The LED Curtain is a flexible, lightweight, and easy-to-install curtain that can be used in various applications. It is an ideal solution for kitchens and bathrooms, where water and heat are common problems. The curtain consists of a series of strands connected by a flexible material that allows you to move them around as needed. Each strand contains LEDs that are powered by an external power source.

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The Sports Scoreboard is a simple and effective tool for keeping track of the scores of your favorite sports team. The Sports Scoreboard allows you to enter your favorite teams, add a list of their upcoming games, and then get an alert when your team's game is about to start.

Wedding Stage LED Screen

The Wedding Stage LED Screen is ideal for displaying your wedding photos and videos. It can be customized with your images, and the screen has a remote that allows you to control it from anywhere in the room.

Advertising LED Screen

LED screen is a new kind of advertising media with high visibility, high resolution, low power consumption, and so on. It can be used for advertising in streets, squares, highways, roadsides, and other places.

Football Stadium Screen

A football stadium screen is a large screen that can be used to show a football game to the audience. It is usually placed on the side of the football stadium. It can be used to show advertisements or other information.

Church LED Screen

The Church LED Screen is a state-of-the-art display that provides a clear, crisp picture for congregations of all sizes. The screen can be used for projection mapping and other digital art forms. It also has an integrated sound system, which means you can play music during services or presentations.

Flexible Transparent LED Screen

The Flexible Transparent LED Screen is an innovative new technology that allows users to create a screen of any size, shape, or color. The screen can be made in any shape, and it can be made to display text, images, or video. The result is a large-scale display that appears to be transparent but is just an LED display with a thin layer of plastic over it.

P8 Outdoor LED Display

P8 Outdoor LED Display is a large-sized outdoor LED screen which displays high-definition images and videos. The pixel pitch is 1920x1080, which means that the resolution of each pixel is 1920*1080. The display can be used for outdoor advertising and other outdoor events.

Event LED Screen

Our Event LED Screen is an excellent addition to your event space. This screen is portable and easy to set up, so you can use it anytime! It's perfect for displaying video footage or other content during an event.

LED Stage Backdrop Screen Features:

An LED stage backdrop screen is a wall of light, providing your band or event production with an impactful and flexible tool for stage design. Designed to replace traditional vinyl banners, the LED stage backdrop screen offers several distinct benefits over its plastic predecessors. LED video backdrops are an ideal solution for a multitude of reasons. Here are just a few:

1. Stage LED Display Description

With LED stage backdrop screen technology improving, LED screens in the stage backdrops have become a more common tool for special effects. The ultra-large-scale LED stage backdrop screen has been used in many large-scale shows by directors looking to provide more excellent shock value to their audience.

2. Stage LED Display Function

The large screen has a high refresh rate, which can provide accurate and smooth images to the user’s eyes. The screen is easy to install, and the user can use it anywhere in the room.

The screen can be used by any game player who wants to play games with good viewing systems; It can be used as a window or wall mounted so that it can be used in any room of your choice. You can also use it as a live concert backdrop if you want to watch live concerts or performances.

3.  The LED Video Wall Features

  • High resolution, pixel density, and true color reproduction provide a sharp and clean viewing experience.
  • The high refresh rate and the grey level of the LED display make it ideal for shooting outdoors, allowing it to meet the needs of commercial users in terms of visual quality. It is especially suitable for occasions such as shooting, where avoiding the flicker of a display is imperative.
  • Light control systems automatically adjust a display’s brightness to match the ambient light’s changing brightness, reducing your operating costs and making the audience more comfortable.
  • The led video screen has brightness, and color point-by-point correction functions, so that the led video screen is richer in color. Meet the commercial use of high visual quality requirements, And make different batches of the screen body mixed-use.
  • The power and signal cable plug has a high-quality aviation-class connector, and the socket is highly reliable—good connectivity and resistance to plugging and unplugging. The components are commonly used, easily identified and exchanged.
  • The ultra-thin high-precision box has a thickness of 65mm and is made of die-casting aluminium. The finished product can be easily integrated into the machine’s structure due to its unique shading design, ensuring seamless integration between the box stitching and the body while offering a professional appearance.
  • Components that allow for compact hanging and side locks: these components are vital, do not deform easily and have accurate positioning. They can be seamlessly spliced together and disassembled without difficulty, saving labour costs.
  • Low power consumption is a significant feature of our product. The display can be run at one-third the power of the original, saving you money on operating costs.
  • Equipped with professional audio and video processing systems, the stage boasts a variety of signal-processing capabilities that allow for high-fidelity image processing to ensure quality performance. Enabling the live production of high-quality images.
  • The outdoor model has various air boxes, making it easy to store and transport. The LED scoreboards have good protection for use in the outdoor environment and have a waterproof effect of IP67, which makes them suitable for use in the outdoor environment.

4. Stage Display Solution

Stage design can be a picture cut into multiple video screens, which can be independent, combined, or combined with large background screens. Visuals can be superimposed on and played with a video processor system. Partitions can be used to display text, as well as scrolling text. The floor of the stage and its landscaping may also be used as part of the display by using software to control the changing images on them. The professional audio and video processing system allows us to support a variety of signal processing to ensure the quality of our playback and ensure it is high-fidelity.

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