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JASIONLED has become one of the top-selling mobile LED screen manufacturers that produces top-notch LED screens in China. The company has 20 years of experience in the LED industry and 10 years of manufacturing experience in LED screens.

JASIONLED works with clients from more than 90+ countries worldwide. It has earned its clients’ popularity, respect, and faith through high-quality products, better performance, and long-lasting LED screens. The products are widely used in advertising, outdoor advertising, indoor video display system and other fields.

Powerful, Bright and Easy-to-transport Mobile LED Display

Our mobile LED display allows you to share content with your audience. This flexible display can be used as an advertising display, outdoor TV or event screen. The mobile LED display is a multifunctional device that can be used in many different ways—providing you with a fully integrated solution – from design to production!

The mobile LED display is a versatile and innovative tool used in various situations. This makes it ideal for use at events, exhibitions or trade shows. The screen size can be adapted to suit your needs and requirements, making it easy to transport around and set up quickly when needed.

Award-winning Mobile LED Screens from JASIONLED

JASIONLED aims to create mobile LED screens that make your work easier. We focus on functionality, usefulness, and reliability when we design these products. Each range of products we deal with was initially designed for your needs. We want your investment to be profitable because your satisfaction is also ours.

Over the years, we have developed an extensive range of products. We offer a wide variety of mobile LED screens for sale that can be used for different applications and scenarios. From large-scale events to small business promotions, we have what you need! We provide affordable, high-quality LED screens so everyone can access them.

True color & unique vision

Manufacturing the Highest Quality, Most Reliable
Mobile LED Displays


LEDs Baking

Baking LEDs at high temperatures removes any moisture from the interior components of the LED.



Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method of mounting electronic components on a printed circuit board using solder paste.



The bead lamp requires solder paste to be applied to the surface of the patch and then placed on an SMT machine for soldering and reflow.


Light On Test

Before LED lights are installed, the LEDs should first be tested. A light-on test will identify faulty LEDs and other components; each LED must be tested by applying current with a special tool. If one or more LEDs do not light up during this process, they must be replaced before installation can continue.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

The paint used to protect the LED screen from corrosion also acts as a barrier, preventing moisture from entering the circuit box and damaging it.


Screw (for bottom shell)

This product’s lower shell is affixed to the upper one by means of stainless steel screws.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

A waterproofing adhesive can be applied to the surface of a mobile LED display to prevent water damage, and it should be stored on a horizontal shelf.


Screw (for mask)

The screw head is made of zinc alloy, while the screw itself is made of alloy steel. Both have been heat-treated and hardened to prevent corrosion.


LED Module Aging

The aging test evaluates overall performance, including but not limited to lamp life and attenuation, color difference, white balance effect and text quality during playback.


LED Cabinet Assemble

An LED cabinet is assembled by connecting the power and signal cables between each module and the system output to the modules. The completed system is installed by plugging a 5V power cord into it.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

Cabinets are placed in a temperature-controlled environment for at least 24-72 hours before being shipped to ensure stability.



Each module is housed in a shock- and vibration-resistant wooden shipping case, with foam inserts providing additional protection during transportation.

What Are the Advantages of JASIONLED's Mobile LED Display?

JASIONLED's Mobile LED Display is an innovative product that provides many advantages over other products. It is an excellent asset in your business as it can help you improve your brand and increase profits. Here are some of the advantages that this product has:

Easy to Install

The LED screens are lightweight and easy to install. They can be assembled and disassembled rapidly, making them ideal for mobile use.

Flexible Aspects Ratio

It is important to maintain a flexible aspect ratio to make a perfect image or video on an LED display. Our LED displays come with 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.

Easy Maintenance

The mobile LED screens with fast assemble and disassemble features enable a lower cost of maintenance and easier operation.

High Brightness

We produce LED screens with brightness up to 10,000 nits and are the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor use. Our screens let you see the best picture under any conditions.

Strong and Lightweight

All our LED screens are constructed with high-quality materials, which means they are strong and sturdy enough to withstand heavy use.

High Contrast Ratio

Our LED displays maintain a 5000:1 contrast ratio. This means the display will appear more detailed and vibrant to its viewers.

Variant Options

We provide a wide range of product lines for our customers, from individual consumers to businesses and governments. To fulfil all the client's demands, we produce different LED display screens such as 720p, 2K, and 4K.

Mobile LED Screen for Every Event

Our mobile LED screens are the perfect solution when you need a screen but need more time or resources to set one up. Whether it’s a trade show, a music festival, or outdoor event, we’ll bring the screen to you! We have a variety of sizes and colors available, so whether you need something large or small, we can help.

Taxi Top LED Display

Taxi LED displays are available with crisp images and automatic brightness adjustment in our line of products. We currently offer the largest selection of taxi displays on the market, with models available to suit most vehicle makes and models.

Mobile LED Display Trailer Manufacturer

The mobile LED display trailer manufacturer offers you the best quality product. We offer a mobile LED display trailer that features an independent power supply that is reliable, safe, high-performance, and environmentally friendly. Our products are made of high-quality raw materials to ensure their durability. We use advanced technology to manufacture our products. Our company also offers customization services for our clients who want to get a unique product.

Transparent Car Back Window LED Display

Our transparent car back LED display is characterized by incredible high brightness and high picture quality. We designed an acrylic surface to protect the screen from any collision. So why not memorably showcase your brand personality!

Bus LED Display

JASIONLED bus LED display series is a state-of-the-art display system. It comes with intelligent control, stable performance and impressive high definition.

Mobile Truck LED Display

JASIONLED's mobile truck display is perfect for advertising publicity in various settings. It has a wide viewing angle, perfect colour mixing, energy efficiency, a long lifespan, and an IP67 rating.

Mobile LED Wall Display

The Mobile LED Wall Display is a revolutionary, portable display that can be easily assembled and moved from one location to another. It is ideal for trade shows, conventions, and special events. This display comprises three separate panels that combine to create a large screen. Each panel has a series of LEDs programmed to display any message or image you desire.

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LED Backdrop Screen

LED Backdrop Screen is a large LED display that can be used for outdoor advertising, product promotion and events. It consists of an LED panel and a control system. The LED panel is composed of many pixels that can be controlled individually. The control system controls the LED panel, including the data input, image processing and image output.

Wedding Stage LED Screen

Wedding Stage LED Screen is a large screen for weddings, parties and other entertainment events. It is made of LED display which can be used to show pictures and videos. The screen can be placed anywhere easily since it is portable.

LED Sports Scoreboard

The LED Sports Scoreboard is a professional-grade scoreboard designed to provide the best possible experience for sports fans. Its bright, vivid LED lights and high-quality construction make it perfect for any indoor or outdoor stadium or arena.

Stadium LED Screen

The Stadium LED Screen is a large, high-resolution display that can be used to show live video and graphics, play games, or broadcast sports. It is designed for use in stadiums and arenas but can also be used indoors or outdoors. The screen features a modular design that allows you to configure the screen as large or small as needed.

Transparent LED Window Display

The transparent LED window display is a great way to get your brand noticed. This display can be used in many ways and is perfect for any business or store. You can use this as a way to advertise your business and attract new customers, or you can use it as an additional part of your store’s decor.

Interactive LED Display

Interactive LED displays allow users to interact with the content on the screen—meaning they can be used for educational purposes, gaming applications, or even just as a fun way to keep kids entertained. At the same time, they wait at the doctor's office.

Event LED Screen

An event LED screen is a screen that can automatically change its content according to the user's request. It is a display with various sizes, lightweight and high brightness. It has many advantages, such as high-definition image quality, long life span, low power consumption, etc.

Glass LED Display

The Glass LED display is an electronic sign that uses glass panels and LEDs to create an image. The glass panels are coated with phosphors that react to the electrons emitted by the LEDs, which are then used to produce light. This light is then used to create an image on the glass panel.

Why Choose JASIONLED Mobile LED Display Manufacturer & Supplier?

JASIONLED is a leading mobile LED display manufacturer and supplier in China. We have more than 20 years of experience and a professional team. We can provide you with all kinds of display solutions, such as LED displays, led wall, led video walls, led billboards, led display board, etc.

1. Capabilities

Our company, founded in 2003, is a professional manufacturer of LED display screens. We have a factory that includes all the high-end technology to produce high-quality LED screens without compromising the standards. Our 8,000 square meters factory has 10 quality control systems to test our products before they enter the market.

Our highly skilled team of qualified engineers and ten after-sales technicians work hard with their ability and potential to deliver you the best quality. They also use all unique and advanced technology, such as automatic gluing, SMT, etc., to maintain quality.

2. Dedicated Employees

Our customers come first on our priority list. We provide extensive documentation and video training content to make the installation process easy and straightforward. Our customer support team is available 24/7, ready to solve any problems that may arise during installation or usage. We also offer a 3-year warranty.

3. Achievements

JASIONLED is skilled at managing more than 1,500 LED projects every year. Harmony Times Square, Mexico City Arena, Taipei Arena Sky Screen, Taipei Arena, and many more are some special activities. The Company has certificates from CE/EMC, CE/LVD, ROHS, ETL, FCC, CB, IECEE, KC, PSE and other relevant certification bodies.

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