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JASIONLED has established itself as one of China’s top producers of LED dance floors and premium LED screens. We never choose quantity over quality in the LED market, where we have 20 years of excellent expertise. A perfect option for occasions, weddings, nightclubs, parties, shopping centers, podiums for speeches, etc., is an LED video floor.

Many hotels, restaurants, and real estate properties also use floor LED screens to increase foot traffic. We have customers from more than 90 different nations. Because of the superior, robust, and long-lasting items we produce, we have earned the trust and respect of our customers.

Innovative LED Dance Floors for Parties and Events

LED video dance floor is a new, innovative way to liven up any event. This flooring can display moving images that you can dance on or watch while dancing. Use them for entertainment and promotional purposes, such as at corporate events or trade shows. LED video dance floors are composed of many LEDs distributed through the panel. They come in a variety of resolutions from low (1024), medium (1600) to high (2304).

The dance floor LED display allows you to create virtually anything you can watch on a monitor on the entire floor. Audiences are treated to entertaining, moving graphics while they dance or watch. Great for special occasions, holidays, corporate events, weddings and dance parties.

The Industry Leader in Floor LED Displays

We have great expertise working with every type of commercial installation task because we are the industry leader in floor LED displays. Additionally, we have modern production facilities and qualified personnel. Therefore, we present a diverse assortment of floor LED panels to satisfy every client’s needs. Our business manufactures a variety of floor LED screens for malls, business logos, parks, square markets, etc.

These LED video dance floors improve the viewing experience, boost traffic, and treble revenues; Our LED video floors are all robust and long-lasting. Thanks to their flexibility and versatility, they are among the most incredible dance floor LED screens available in the LED market.

True color & unique vision

Professional Production Process for Dance Floor LED Screen


LEDs Baking

To eliminate moisture trapped in electronic components, they are baked. If the components have been improperly stored or exposed to high temperatures, they must be baked to eliminate moisture.



Surface-mount technology is an assembly method used to manufacture electronic devices in which components are placed directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board. Reflow soldering is a procedure whereby all components are correctly aligned during assembly.



To attach the surface-mount technology (SMT) bead to the lamp, apply a small amount of soldering paste to its surface and then place it on an automatic soldering machine. The machine will perform SMT reflow of the component.


Light On Test

Technicians will test LED displays by sending electricity through each LED to determine if the LEDs are functioning. If one or more LEDs do not illuminate, technicians will replace them before installation can continue.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

The anti-corrosion paint protects the LED display from corrosion. It is water-based and environmentally friendly; the coating is suitable for indoor LED displays. It is semi-transparent and has excellent insulation properties and moisture resistance.


Screw (for bottom shell)

To secure the lower shell to the printed circuit board, a stainless steel screw is used. The screw features a hexagonal head and can be easily inserted into pre-drilled holes in the circuit board.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

To protect an outdoor LED display from water damage. At the same time, it is stored on a horizontal shelf, applying waterproofing adhesive to its surfaces and allowing it to dry before storing the display.


Screw (for mask)

The mask screw is made of high-strength steel, which allows it to resist corrosion. Withstand harsher environments than other metals and be easily replaced if lost or damaged.


LED Module Aging

Each module will be tested 6 to 12 hours after assembly to ensure proper operation. These tests include but are not limited to the ability to display a full range of colors, realistic viewing angles, and text quality during playback.


LED Cabinet Assemble

LED cabinets are assembled by plugging a signal cable into each module, connecting the output to the modules, and then installing the system by plugging in a 5V power cord.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

All cabinets are subjected to an ageing test for at least 72 hours before being placed in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled environment to ensure stability before shipping.



The packages are made of wood and layered with foam inserts, flight cases, and other protection devices to protect the modules during transportation.

What Makes JASIONLED Dance Floor Screens Superior?

We are proud to be the world's leading dance floor screen systems brand, with our dance floor LED screen installed in thousands of venues worldwide. Our dance floor LED displays are designed and manufactured in-house with a focus on quality, durability and functionality. We use only the highest quality materials to provide you with a product that will last for years.

Strong and Durable

Our dance floor LED displays are strong and durable. They have a high-strength mask, are waterproof, and have high image fidelity, making them unique in the industry.

High-capacity Load Bearing

Our premium-quality LED video dance floor has impressive load-bearing capacity. The non-slippery surface ensures user safety and reduces the chance of potential accidents.

High-Quality Screen

We provide high-quality LED dance floors with outstanding stability, better viewing angle and color consistency. All of our products successfully fulfill all the requirements of a high refresh rate, better clarity, high brightness and lower failure rate.

Easy to Install

All of our LED dance floor displays are modular in design. They include a fast installation process, which makes them convenient for quick set-up.

A Wide Range of Options

We offer a variety of products which have been carefully selected to meet our customers' needs. We have a video dance floor for events, weddings, stages, malls, squares, nightclubs and other locations.

Excellent Maintenance Performance

Our faster installation feature means you have time to focus on other tasks rather than waiting for a lengthy installation period. This keeps your maintenance costs lower and manageable.

A Full-Color Programmable Dance Floor LED Display

The LED Dance Floor is perfect for lighting up your next event! The floor can be programmed with many colors and patterns, and it’s easy to set up. You can even change the LEDs’ colour while playing music!

The LED Dance Floor is great for parties, weddings, or any other event where you want to create an exciting atmosphere. It’s also easy to transport; fold it and throw it in your car!

LED Screen Floor Tiles

LED Screen Floor Tiles are used in many ways. These tiles are great for use in traditional social settings, such as bars and dance halls. A pool table inlaid with LED Screen Floor Tiles is an excellent way to attract customers to a new and trendy bar. Businesses can also incorporate these tiles. A hotel lobby is a flashy place to include this technology, as are staircases where these tiles can replace traditional boring lighting methods.

Interactive LED Floor Panels

Interactive floor panels are used for one-to-one communication, where the interaction with the user is a key part of the experience. This can be achieved in retail, galleries and museums by offering users a touch screen kiosk and in conference facilities by providing information to participants or speakers.

Infinity Mirror Dance Floor

Let your party go on all night with the Infinity Mirror Dance Floor. This dazzling floor features a mirrored floor, which is illuminated for a multi-coloured effect, as well as lights which can be set to glow, flash or pulsate. The dance floor has an ambient light mode for those who prefer a more subtle atmosphere, and all features are controlled by remote control.

Interactive LED Floor Screen

The Interactive LED Floor Screen is perfect for any indoor or outdoor event where you need an eye-catching stage performance or an LED dance floor. Anyone who would consider having these – Would certainly win favour with children but expect every friend they have to visit regularly and run around on them for hours. There is much potential for interactive games using these LED floor tiles as they can be programmed to light up in sequences.

LED Video Dance Floor

LED video dance floor is a perfect solution for your party, show, wedding, and other events. It is a unique product you can not find anywhere else in the market. The dance floor is also a great way to add more fun and excitement to your party. The LED video dance floor will make your party stand out by adding color and light to the room.

LED Magnetic Dance Floor

This LED dance floor uses crisp, cool-colored LEDs in a 3-in-1 RGB configuration to create a starlit effect. The magnetic dance floor is ideal for weddings and events where you want to create a visually stunning atmosphere. The system is scalable, allowing you to choose from four 2'x2' panels or two 4'x2' panels. We offer edge trim with a sloped aluminium profile that gives your dance floor an elegant look and feel.

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Transparent LED Screen

A transparent LED screen is a screen that can display images, text, and video without being obstructed by the screen itself. Transparent LED screens are made up of millions of pixels, with each pixel containing its light source, allowing for full-color displays.

Glass LED Display

A Glass LED Display is a flat panel display made of glass and LEDs. The glass layer has been specially treated to allow light to pass while the LEDs are behind the glass. The glass diffuses the light and is then directed towards the viewer. The result is a bright, clear image that is easy to read.

Flexible Transparent LED Screen

The Flexible Transparent LED Display is a high-end, full-color display that can be easily integrated into any space. This pixelated design allows you to use it in any area, no matter how curved or irregular the surface may be.

LED Film Screen

LED Film Screen is a thin, durable, flexible LED film that can be installed on any flat surface. It is made of high-quality materials and has a long lifespan. It is used to display dynamic content such as text, images and videos in various places such as shopping malls, retail stores, exhibitions and advertising boards.

Transparent LED Window Display

Transparent LED window displays are a great way to showcase your products in a new way. The transparent material is bright and colorful, allowing you to attract attention from passing customers easily. The displays also make it easy for customers to see what's inside the store without going inside.

Outdoor Transparent LED Screen

Safe and reliable transparent LED screen for outdoor use. The screen is made of a durable, flexible, waterproof material resistant to UV rays, rain and dust. It can be installed on the ground or hung from a wall or ceiling. The enclosure protects from the elements and allows you to use your content without worrying about weather conditions.

Outdoor Rental LED Display

The Outdoor Rental Advertising LED Display is an economical, cost-effective option for many outdoor venue applications. From sporting events and festivals to retail promotions, the Outdoor Rental can be rented for short-term use.

P10 Outdoor LED Display

The P10 Outdoor LED Display is a high-performance ultra-bright flat panel display. Its high brightness, uniform color, and wide range of mounting options make it perfect for applications such as highway signs and maps, billboards, decorative graphics, advertisements and product displays.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Dance Floor LED Display?

The dance floor LED display presents a new generation of lighting technology. As entertainment fashion has evolved, so too have the old floor lighting methods used to light dance floors. Advancements in technology have made Dance floor LED display more popular than ever before. Today, Dance floor LED displays are all over the place for various occasions, including magical weddings, exciting clubs, concerts and crowded shopping malls.

1. Fully Personalized:

LED dance floors are an attractive and versatile choice for dance-event organizers. With their intelligent control and 16 color shifts, they can easily match the party’s theme. Organizers can customize the lighting effect they want.

2. Lighting up the room:

The dance floor LED lighting is excellent on its own, but it’s also a perfect complement to the above-ground lighting. When the lights are dim at the dance, and people drink more alcohol, they tend to lose their balance, increasing the risk of injury from falling. The illuminated flooring protects guests from tripping and injuries by providing better visibility in dark areas.

3. Create an Atmosphere:

LED dance lighting is a great way to make your event stand out. We can control the transformation of lights through the computer and use different lights to change the entire atmosphere of the room. During slow dances, the lights can be set to a solid color, and during faster songs, they can mix colors and change the beat of the music. It can be a great way to add a little excitement and energy to a wedding dance floor.

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