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JASIONLED is an award-winning LED screen manufacturer specializing in creating LED display solutions for global projects. From the most extensive rear LED screen worldwide to smaller displays used as an outside advertisement for a retail store, we offer everything you need to stand out from the crowd.

Our 20 years of experience have allowed us to create innovative solutions that change how audiences engage with products and brands. We are at the forefront of display technology and focused on new and exciting ways to advertise, inform, and entertain.

Advanced Technology for Flexible Transparent LED Screen

Flexible LED display is a new product with different physical properties than traditional rigid LCD; It has a high permeation ratio, light weight, thinness, and is easy to install. Our Flexible LED Display can be used for various industries such as advertisement, transportation, building decoration, etc.

Our Transparent LED Display product series adopts our self-developed bare die chip driver IC and the light emitting chip that uses a micron-grade light source. We install components on PCB boards with a high transparent rate. The display unit is integrated through specially designed solid glue into an optical lens base board.


JASIONLED – A Leading China Company in LED Lighting Industry

JASIONLED is dedicated to product quality. From the research and development through to the delivery of our products, we are committed to strict adherence to ISO9001: 2008 standards and all products undergo professional certifications, including CE, ROHS, UL, CUL, FCC, C-Tick, PSE and KC. We also perform dust-proof, waterproof, and high and low-temperature tests to ensure that every single product can stand up to the rigours of daily use.

Our products are widely used in various fields such as mining, military occupation, transportation industry, construction industry and lighting industry etc., which has led us to export our products to more than 90+ countries worldwide.

True color & unique vision

Production of Professional-grade Flexible Transparent Displays


LEDs Baking

An LED is dried out in an oven at high temperatures to remove moisture and restore it to its original state. This process can be used to restore an LED exposed to moisture.



Surface-mount technology relies on components attached to the surface of a printed circuit board. Through-hole technology uses holes drilled in the printed circuit board and solders lead into place.



The surface of a beaded lamp is coated with solder paste, which is applied via stencil. The lamp is then placed on an SMT machine and soldered into place.


Light On Test

A light-on test can identify faulty LEDs and their components. A unique tool is used to apply current to each LED; if the LED does not light up, the part is defective and must be replaced.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

The LED display is coated with a water-resistant material that prevents corrosion and also helps prevent leakage, damage, and malfunction.


Screw (for bottom shell)

The display is attached to the printed circuit board by four screws made of stainless steel.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

To protect an outdoor LED display from water damage. At the same time, it is stored on a horizontal shelf, apply a waterproofing adhesive to its surfaces and allow it to dry before storing the unit in a protected area.


Screw (for mask)

The screw of the mask is made of hardened steel alloy and zinc, which have been treated with an anti-corrosion process to make it resistant to corrosion. The screw has been heat-treated to increase its hardness and durability.


LED Module Aging

The modules will be tested 6 to 12 hours after assembly to verify functionality, including tests of lamp life and attenuation, color difference, white balance effect, realistic viewing angle, and ability to display a full range of colors.


LED Cabinet Assemble

LED cabinets contain modules with power and signal connections that must be made in a specific sequence. Connect the aviation seat power cables, then install the system by plugging a 5V power cord into the board.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

Our cabinets are assembled and checked for stability, durability, and product quality before they are shipped to ensure that you receive the best quality cabinet possible.



Packages are constructed from wood and layered with protection devices, including foam inserts and flight cases, to ensure the modules’ safety during transportation.

Flexible Transparent LED Screens and Technology For Creative Spaces

The future of digital signage is flexible transparent LED screens. They enable you to give your consumers a more immersive experience by making your screen appear to be a part of the wall or other surface on which it is installed. The technology underlying these panels has been around for a long time. Still, it has only lately been affordable enough for businesses to deploy as a vital component of their marketing plan.

High Transparency

Made of flexible material, this transparent LED screen boasts high visibility, making it perfect for indoor spaces like offices or glazed spaces. It allows natural light to enter, visible inside and outside said areas.

Adjustable Brightness

LED screens are flexible, transparent and thin. It makes the screen adjust its brightness level to that of its surroundings, ensuring a comfortable viewing, maximum quality and a significant amount of energy saved.

Compact and Lightweight Design

With its flexible and transparent led screen, the minimum thickness of the screen will simplify its incorporation and installation into any glazed building space.

Minimal Impact

A flexible transparent LED screen allows for the visual appearance of the building to remain unchanged, reducing the impact of the product on the building's aesthetics.


Convert transparent LED screen offers flexibility and can create almost any shape. It's ideal for any application with light or glazing facing outwards, such as supermarket chains, offices, franchises, etc.

Curlable, Curved, Soft and Flexible

Our flexible transparent led screen is lightweight, curved, and stylish. It is unfolded when used and can be rolled back up when not used, which is convenient to carry. It is easy to install. It can be directly attached to the glass curtain wall.

High Definition Indoor and Outdoor Transparent LED Display Screen

Transparent LED displays are a new trend that have been adopted by many businesses. These displays are an excellent way to attract customers. The screens are made from glass, which allows them to be placed anywhere, including inside stores and outside on the streets. They can also be used as part of a store display or as part of a brand’s campaign.

Curved Transparent Display

The Curved Transparent Display series can be customized to meet the exact degree of the curve your display calls for. The innovative Curved Transparent Display makes a lasting impression that makes your brand stand out. These highly customizable curved displays consist of either multiple panels that clip together to form a tall curve or one large curved panel.

Indoor Flexible Transparent LED Screen

The Indoor Flexible Transparent LED Screen is an LED display that can be installed anywhere. This product is perfect for offices, retail stores, hotels, and more. The Indoor Flexible Transparent LED Screen can display full color and clarity text or images. It is also a great way to advertise your business and attract customers.

Outdoor Flexible Transparent LED Screen

The outdoor flexible transparent LED screen has high transparency and low light leakage, which can be used in any weather. It can be bent freely and installed quickly. With the function of protection against rain and sunshine, it is suitable for outdoor advertising.

Rental Flexible Transparent LED Display

Our rental flexible transparent LED display is the perfect solution for any event, from large-scale festivals to small gatherings. We offer a wide range of sizes and configurations, so you can get precisely what you need. Our displays are made up of high-quality components, including a chip that allows you to create your content in any format and upload it to the display.

Transparent Flexible LED Curtain Display

The transparent Flexible LED Curtain Display is a high brightness and contrast display. It has high transparency, good color reproduction and an excellent viewing angle. It can be applied in places with high requirements for visual effects or large-scale applications such as exhibition halls, shopping malls, cinemas, stadiums, etc.

Transparent Flexible LED Mesh Facade

A transparent flexible LED mesh facade can attract customers for shopping malls, make brand identities for big businesses and strengthen the fan experience for stadiums. In addition to delivering advertising and live video content, large-format media facades go beyond this by serving as a public art instrument.

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LED Film Screen

The self-adhesive, transparent LED video film can be installed easily on the existing glass railing or in windows without any complicated additional steel structure. This makes installation extremely convenient, does not require complex construction, saves labour costs, and power and signals can be hidden naturally. This is an incredible innovation for window glass. It adds a rich visual experience without having to renovate the space vigorously.

Transparent LED Window Display

The transparent LED window display is a new kind of visual window display. It has the characteristics of high brightness, strong impact, strong visualization and long service life. The transparent LED display is not limited to windows or doors but can also be used for advertising at home or abroad.

Outdoor Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED screens are a great way to add an extra element of entertainment to your outdoor space. They can be used to display videos, images or text and they don't require any external power source, making them perfect for use in parks and gardens. The screens are made from high-quality materials that are entirely waterproof, so they'll withstand even heavy rain.

Outdoor Rental LED Display

The outdoor rental LED display can be used for outdoor advertising, such as in outdoor sports stadiums, outdoor gymnasiums, outdoor exhibitions and many other places; The outdoor rental LED display is a kind of large-scale advertising equipment. It has the characteristics of large-scale, high brightness, high reliability and easy installation.

P10 Outdoor LED Display

The P10 Outdoor LED Display is a versatile and reliable display that can be used in various environments. The display features an IP rating of IP67, which means it is resistant to dust and splashes. It also has a non-glare surface and can be used indoors and outdoors.

P8 Outdoor LED Display

The P8 outdoor led display is built for high-quality image displays in various settings, including retail, education, broadcasting, and transportation. It's an excellent solution for outdoor environments that need a great deal of flexibility to meet the unique needs of their users.

P5 Outdoor LED Display

The P5 Outside LED Display is ideal for any outdoor application. It is a 5mm pitch LED display with an ultra-bright, high-quality LED backlight to ensure your message is visible even in direct sunshine. The P5 Outdoor LED display is simple to install and may be used alone or in conjunction with other units to build more extensive displays.

P4 Outdoor LED Display

P4 Outdoor LED Display is a high-brightness outdoor display that can be used in various outdoor advertising applications. With the enormous size advantage, the P4 Outdoor LED Display can show clear and vivid images. The P4 Outdoor LED Display is constructed using an LED module to replace traditional lamp bulbs.

Why Should You Purchase Your Flexible Transparent LED Screen from JASIONLED?

JASIONLED is a leading manufacturer of flexible transparent LED screens. We understand the need for high-quality, durable screens that won’t break easily. Our team works hard to ensure each product is built with the highest-quality materials and surfaces.

Here are some of the other reasons why we think our screens are the best:

1. Professional Manufacturer

JASIONLED has built up rich experience in R&D and a high-quality production line, which ensures that its products are of good quality and cost-effective.

2. World Standard

JASIONLED display products have been certified by industry organizations to meet CE, ROHS, UL, CUL, FCC, C-tick, PSE and KC certification requirements. The company has implemented an effective quality management system following ISO 9001:2008 standards.

3. Full Range

JASIONLED has a range of LED screen products that can be used for various indoor and outdoor activities, including advertising displays, stage displays, irregularly shaped displays, truck-mounted mobile displays, flexible transparent led screens and sports billboards. These products are available for rental as well as fixed solutions for advertisement.

4.  Competitive Advantages

Our factory has a production capacity of 5,000 square meters per month and an area of 8,000 square meters. Specializing in P3, P4, P5, P8, P10, P16 and P20 grades of products, we employ advanced machinery and testing instruments to ensure high-quality standards. Our competitive advantage is the price while maintaining good performance. With 3 years warranty guarantees you a reassuring user experience.

5. Global Presence

JASIONLED is a well-known brand in the LED display market because of its excellent quality and innovative products. Currently, it exports its products to more than 90 countries worldwide. JASIONLED will continue to improve its existing products and develop new ones.

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