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JASIONLED specializes in P5 LED displays and manufacturing. We have dedicated and skilled experts for P5 LED displays development, solution, manufacture, packaging, and marketing. Our high-quality P5 LED displays consistently deliver the best using cutting-edge LED technology.

Our team has years of experience working with different customers to create a customized solution that fits their needs. We also provide technical support throughout the entire process of development so that you can get the best results possible. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals with our products by providing you with top quality services at competitive pricing!

Revolutionize Your Advertising with P5 LED Display

The P5 LED display is a full color, high-resolution, programmable LED matrix that provides a low-cost way to create video screens. The P5 can be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as digital signs and kiosks, retail settings, and more thanks to its tiny size and low power consumption.

Powerful LED display, the P5, may be configured to show either still photos or full-motion video. It’s perfect for digital signage applications when you want to make an eye-catching video screen that stands out from the competition.


JASIONLED: Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality P5 LED Displays for Two Decades

JASIONLED is proud of its 20 years of experience producing premium P5 LED display products. We can guarantee that our P5 LED displays will meet your standards for superb stable quality.

Due to our investment in cutting-edge technology, we are also able to provide reasonable pricing, giving you the best value for your money. Our entire line of P5 LED displays has received CE, EMC, FCC, and RoHs approval.

True color & unique vision

Innovative Technologies in P5 LED Display Manufacturing


LEDs Baking

LEDs baking is a process that involves placing the LEDs in a machine that cures them, helping to ensure that they are properly assembled and fully functional.



 It is used to connect electronics and other components to a printed circuit board (PCB). The IC SMT can be used in any application that requires a dense and reliable connection between electronics and PCBs, including P5 LED displays.



 The SMT process involves placing LEDs on a circuit board and connecting them to other components through solder pads.


Light On Test

Light On Test (LOT) is a testing method that is used to ensure the quality of an LED display. A LOT is performed by turning on each pixel individually and checking for leaks, dark spots, or dull colors.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

In order to prevent corrosion on LED displays, brush anti-corrosion paint is employed. It is designed to be applied to the LED display’s surface and contains an anti-corrosive chemical that guards against corrosion.


Screw (for bottom shell)

 It is used to attach the bottom shell of the display to its frame. The screw holds the two pieces together and allows for their disassembly if necessary.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

This glue’s unique composition shields the display from the elements. The adhesive dries quickly, is water-based, and is simple to use. Outdoor displays can make use of this glue.


Screw (for mask)

The screw is used to secure the mask and prevent it from falling off.


LED Module Aging

LED module aging test is the most widely used method to evaluate the performance of LED modules. It can be used not only to test the aging characteristics of each module, but also to detect and evaluate the internal parameters such as defects, pileup and cracks in the solder joint, etc.


LED Cabinet Assemble

Install the LED cabinet by connecting modules on the cabinet body, then connecting signal cables between modules. Connect 5V power cords between each module and aviation seats if there are any; then install the system by connecting system outputs to modules.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

The screen is operated for 72 hours at its maximum brightness and resolution during this process. This enables all of its pixels to operate at their peak efficiency.



Our team of dedicated employees will make sure your module is protected by encasing it in foam and padding the box with bubble wrap. This ensures that the module will arrive safely at its destination.

Illuminate with the P5 LED Screen: Product Features and Advantages

A cutting-edge new display with numerous applications is the P5 LED screen. Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are used to create a picture on the screen from a computer or other connected device. Better color accuracy, less energy usage, and higher contrast ratios are just a few of the display's many advantages over conventional displays.

High Resolution

The 1920x1080 pixel high resolution of the P5 LED Screen makes it capable of displaying high-quality images in full HD. Moreover, the screen's inherent contrast ratio is 4000:1, resulting in brilliant, richly detailed colors that are bright and lively.

True Colour

The P5 LED Screen is the only LED screen on the market that provides full-color, which means it can display the entire RGB spectrum. Comparatively speaking, other LED screens typically only feature red, green, and blue light sources.

Stable and Low

The P5 LED Screen is a reliable, power-efficient display. It offers a rich color gamut, broad viewing angle, high resolution, and high contrast ratio. Applications including advertisement displays, retail store displays, and information display systems are all appropriate for it.

High Refresh Rate

With a high refresh rate of 3840HZ, the P5 LED screen can display an image swiftly enough to avoid ghosting or blurring. This makes it perfect for playing video games and viewing sports and action movies.

High Brightness

The display has a brightness of 7000cd/m2, which is far brighter than most other displays on the market. This means that your images and videos will be clear and easy to see, even when you're viewing them in a lighted room or outdoors in direct sunlight.

High Grayscale

The P5 LED Screen's pixels can display more shades of gray than most other panels thanks to its extraordinarily high grayscale. As a result, even at sharp angles, the image you see on the screen will be clearer and crisper.

Revolutionizing Digital Signage with P5 LED Displays

P5 LED displays are a cutting-edge type of display that produces images and video utilizing an array of LEDs rather than a conventional backlight. A screen with brighter colors and more contrast is now possible thanks to this technology. The screens are also more energy-efficient than their LCD counterparts, which makes them perfect for situations where space is at a premium, including in airports and retail establishments.

P5 Outdoor LED Display

The P5 Outdoor LED Display is made for a variety of uses, including retail, residential, and commercial. The P5 display is perfect for creating dynamic and interesting lighting effects on building facades and at events, as well as for digital signage and advertising.

P5 Indoor LED Display

A flexible indoor LED display called the P5 can be used in a variety of settings, such as shops, restaurants, and accommodation facilities. The exhibit can either be affixed on the wall or set up on the floor, depending on your needs. A wonderful option for displaying text messages or commercial content is the P5, because to its high brightness.

P5 Super Slim LED Display

High-quality display intended for wall mounting is the P5 Ultra Thin LED Display. It consists of five distinct panels, each of which may be tilted. This makes a vast variety of setups conceivable. The monitor itself has a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, making it perfect for producing high-definition content.

Soft P5 Flexible LED Display

The Soft P5 is a cutting-edge flexible display made of hundreds of individual LEDs. With its unique design, the Soft P5 can be curved, bent, twisted and folded into almost any shape you can imagine. And it's extremely durable—the soft silicone material is waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant.

P5 Stage LED Screen

The P5 Stage LED Screen is a sizable LED display that is appropriate for use on the stage of sizable entertainment events. It can fully display the colorful appeal of the scene thanks to its excellent brightness, contrast, and resolution. It can serve as a projection screen or a sizable LED display.

P5 Fixed LED Display Billboard

The P5 Fixed LED Display Billboard is a very powerful tool for advertising your company. The P5 Fixed LED Display Billboard may be used both indoors and outdoors to promote your goods and services in a way that will catch people's attention. The P5 Fixed LED Display Billboard is the ideal option for businesses of all sizes because it can be tailored to your needs.

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Trade Show LED Display

Trade show displays are a fantastic way to promote your company and boost sales. Also, they might aid in expanding your clientele and fostering bonds with current ones. Any trade show would benefit from using an LED display because they are quick to set up and take down and have a long lifespan.

Wedding LED Screen

Wedding LED Screen is a wedding decoration product that can be used to create a wonderful atmosphere at the wedding. It mainly consists of a large-scale LED screen, which is ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere in the evening.

LED Video Wall

A LED video wall can be used for many different purposes, but is most commonly seen in retail stores, restaurants and bars, lobbies, and other places where customers need to be informed about the business or products being sold. They can display information such as menu items, prices or special offers on each individual screen.

Cube LED Video Wall

A distinctive video wall option with many potential applications is the Cube LED Video Wall. The Cube LED Video Wall's modular design allows you to combine several smaller displays into one larger show. Wide viewing angles and high-resolution displays are features of the Cube LED Video Wall.

Airport LED Display

Airports may show details about flights, such as time of departure, gate number, flight number, boarding time, and more, as they arrive and depart thanks to the airport LED display system. Large screens are scattered throughout the airport where this information is displayed so that travelers may quickly learn what they need to know before boarding their trip.

Curved LED Video Wall

Our curved LED video wall is a great choice for those looking to create an engaging experience that will captivate the audience. This wall's distinctive design makes it the ideal choice for informational display. People find it very simple to read and comprehend the information on the screen thanks to its curved shape.

Event LED Wall

The Event LED Wall is a modular, flexible display system designed to create an immersive experience at events. It features a variety of options including LEDs and projectors in order to provide high-quality lighting and video content.

Control Room Video Wall

With the help of the Control Room Video Wall, a sizable multi-monitor display, you may view various camera feeds right from the control room. The video wall is offered in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Key Factors to Look for in P5 LED Screens

P5 LED screens are a fantastic technique to raise the presentation’s visual appeal. Because of their strong contrast, they can generate a sharp image in practically any lighting situation. You may pick a screen that suits your demands and budget because they come in a range of sizes and resolutions. Here are some important aspects to take into account when selecting a P5 LED screen:

1. Screen Size

It’s critical to select a screen size that meets your requirements and expectations because it will influence the overall impression you convey to your audience. Smaller screens can be used for many things, like playing games, exhibiting images or movies, or displaying product information. Information can be displayed on larger displays in an auditorium environment, such as during a presentation or lecture. In addition, they can be utilized as video walls in retail establishments, event locations, and other public spaces.

2. Field Of Application

The field of application for P5 LED screens is very diverse. The screens are used in advertising, trade fairs, and exhibitions, but also as shop window displays or for other purposes in retail. In addition to that, they are used as backdrops for television studios and theatres.

3. Brightness and Contrast

A LED screen’s brightness is expressed in candelas per square meter (cd/m2). A higher number denotes a more positive image. Contrast, which is also measured in cd/m2, measures the degree of contrast between an image’s brightest and darkest areas. Better contrast is indicated by a higher value.

4. Brightness and Contrast

A LED screen’s brightness is expressed in candelas per square meter (cd/m2). A higher number denotes a more positive image. Contrast, which is also measured in cd/m2, measures the degree of contrast between an image’s brightest and darkest areas. Better contrast is indicated by a higher value.

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