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Transforming Spaces with JASIONLED's Cutting-Edge Transparent LED Video Walls

JASIONLED is a leading international manufacturer of transparent LED video wall. We specialize in providing first-class products and services to our customers.

JASIONLED was established in 2003. We have a team of experienced engineers who are dedicated to innovation and creativity that can meet the various transparent LED video wall globally . We have developed into one of the leading transparent LED video wall manufacturers in China because of our outstanding quality, competitive price, and first-class service.

Revolutionizing Visual Experience: The Power of Transparent LED Video Walls

Transparent LED video wall is composed of a thin and light-weight glass plate. This makes it possible to place the display without using a steel structure. Due to the high transparency (up to 80%), it is possible to blend in with the surroundings, giving your audience a distinctive visual experience.

For any form of public and private venue, including stadiums, shopping centers, exposition halls, and more, a transparent LED video wall is a great option. Many uses for the LED display exist, including advertising and product launch occasions.


Expertise, Innovation, and Global Reach: JASIONLED's Approach to LED Display Solutions

With 20 years of experience in the LED display industry, you can be sure that we know what it takes to provide you with the best products and outstanding stable quality. You will receive the assistance you require thanks to our 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts.

Our reputation of excellence has earned us a spot in the global market, where we are aiming to become “worldwide LED display solution provider”.

True color & unique vision

The Innovative Process of Creating Transparent LED Video Walls


LEDs Baking

Using a high-temperature oven, you can dry out an LED that has been exposed to moisture. This process can be used to restore the light emitting diode (LED).



Surface-mount technology is more popular than through-hole technology because it is faster, but through-hole technology has certain advantages over surface-mount technology.



Solder paste, applied using a stencil, is often used to coat beaded LED’s. The lights are then placed on an SMT machine and soldered to their base.


Light On Test

Light-on testing involves applying a current to each LED. If a light does not glow during this process, it is defective or damaged and must be replaced.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

A water-based, semi-transparent coating protects the LED display and prevents corrosion.


Screw (for bottom shell)

The display is attached to the circuit board by stainless steel screws. The screws are made of stainless steel because they do not rust or corrode.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

To protect the outdoor LED display during storage, apply waterproofing adhesive to the surfaces of the unit.


Screw (for mask)

The mask’s screw is made of hardened steel alloy and zinc–a process that increases its hardness, durability, and longevity.


LED Module Aging

Each module is tested for 6-12 hours after assembly, including tests of lamp life, attenuation levels, color difference and white balance effect.


LED Cabinet Assemble

Cabinets must be connected using a specific procedure. Aviation seat power cables are plugged into each module, which are then linked together by attaching a 5V cable to the board.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

We assemble and test our cabinets to ensure that they are stable, durable, and of high quality. Our customers can rest assured that their cabinets will last for years to come.



The packages used to ship the modules are made from wood and layered with foam inserts and flight cases, providing safe transport.

Innovative Solutions for Dynamic Digital Signage: Transparent LED Video Walls

Transparent LED video walls are screens that can be used to display images and videos.These can be put in place at work, at home, or in public areas like malls and airports. Compared to other forms of displays like LCDs, plasma Televisions, and projectors, they have a number of advantages.

High Transparency

Transparent LED Video Wall is the best choice for information display. It has high transparency rate, up to 80%. The transparent LED video wall can be used in many places, such as airport, shopping mall, trade show booth, exhibition hall and so on.

Light Weight

The main benefit of this product is its light weight, thin design without a steel frame. This can cut down on labor costs, transportation expenses, and installation time.

Fast Installation

Transparent LED Video Walls are simple to build in contrast to conventional video walls. Due to the panels' small weight, hanging them on the wall doesn't require any additional supplies or tools.

Easy Maintenance

There is no requirement to remove any hardware, not even a single module. The transparent LED video walls feature an inventive, modular design that makes it simple to install new modules and replace individual ones as needed.

Stable & Reliable

With components that can last up to 50,000 hours under typical use settings, the LED video wall is built for long-term dependability. Even in situations where there are considerable temperature changes or other forces acting on the device, the LED video wall has been tested in severe conditions and shown to function there.

High Brightness

With a high brightness, our LED video walls can provide brilliant, high-quality images. This implies that you can display on your LED video wall the most detailed and vibrant material.

Immersive Visual Experience with Transparent LED Video Walls

A new generation of smart visual display technology is the transparent LED video wall. Advertising, entertainment, and education are just a few uses for it. The transparent LED video wall is composed of separate modules, each of which contains a driver board and a number of LEDs. With this type of LED video wall, consumers have more possibilities because it is simple to put together either one huge surface or multiple smaller ones.

Flexible Transparent LED Video Wall Screen

Our flexible, transparent LED video wall screens are built for durability, performance, and reliability. They are a cost-effective solution for high-quality video walls that require flexibility, transparency and a minimum of space. The LED video wall screens can be used in retail environments, corporate headquarters and offices, airports, shopping malls and more.

Glass LED Video Wall

The Glass LED Video Wall is a dynamic and colorful way to show high-definition images. Retail establishments, eateries, museums, and other places can all make use of the Glass LED Video Wall. It's ideal for spotlighting artwork during an exhibition or displaying goods for sale. It also functions well as a marketing tool to advance your company.

Transparent LED Video Wall Film Screen

This film's construction uses a unique substance that lets you look through it to view the opposite side. This enables the creation of a video wall display that seems to be completely glass-free. You can select a color of the film that precisely complements your design because it comes in a variety of colors.

Outdoor Transparent LED Video Wall

The Outdoor Transparent LED Video Wall is a great option for setting up an outdoor video wall that you can see from all sides. It’s made of a transparent acrylic material which allows for greater visibility, making it perfect for use in places like airports, malls, train stations and other public spaces where people may be passing by from all sides.

Indoor Transparent LED Video Wall​

The Indoor Transparent LED Video Wall is the perfect solution for any business, including restaurants, retail stores, bars and nightclubs.Because our display is transparent and has a wide viewing angle, it can be placed anywhere within your store or venue without obstructing your customers' view of other products or areas of the store. The result is a seamless visual experience that keeps them interested in what you have to offer while they're there.

curved Transparent-LED-Video-Wall​
Curved Transparent LED Video Wall

A curved transparent LED video wall is a truly immersive experience that can be used to create the illusion of infinite space. The curved screen allows the viewer to see more than 180 degrees from a single vantage point, creating a completely different experience than with traditional flat screens.

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Church LED Video Wall

A Church LED Video Wall is also a great way to spread the word about upcoming events or special services. You can use the screen to display announcements or even highlight upcoming concerts or other programs that are held at the church.

Indoor LED Video Wall

The indoor LED video wall is a fantastic tool for communicating. Presentations, advertising, or any other usage is permitted for the display. It is a very adaptable product that may be used to build a virtually infinite variety of different configurations.

Micro LED Video Wall

The Micro LED Video Wall has been used by some of the world's most prominent brands to add a dynamic element to their events and presentations. It's perfect for trade shows, concerts, conferences, weddings—anywhere you need to make a big impression with something small!

Event LED Wall

Every event, party, or festival would benefit from having our Event LED Wall there. You are able to project your logo or other visuals onto the wall thanks to its configurable display choices. It's a fantastic opportunity to promote your company and get visibility in front of some important audiences.

Portable LED Video

Without complicated installation or specialized technological knowledge, our portable video walls may be put up anywhere. Simply plug in and go! Our LED video walls are ideal for conferences and meetings, as well as special occasions like weddings and parties. They're also fantastic for tiny firms that lack the resources or room for an ongoing video wall.

Interactive LED Wall

The interactive LED wall is a great way to spice up your next event and keep your audience engaged. You may program the wall to play whatever animation or movie you like, and you can even use a touch screen or an app to operate it.

Flexible LED Wall

A screen that can be bent, molded, and twisted whatever you choose is called a flexible LED wall. Almost any size and form are possible because the screen is made of a stretchy material. As they are embedded in the material, you don't have to worry about the LEDs coming loose or becoming destroyed by humidity.

Indoor LED Wall

One of the most widely used applications for LED lighting is indoor LED walls, which give you the freedom to arrange your wall space anyway you see fit. Indoor LED Walls come in a variety of styles from simple panels to dynamic displays that will give your room a genuinely one-of-a-kind feel.

How JASIONLED Outshines Competitors as the Leading Transparent LED Video Wall Manufacturer

JASIONLED is the leading transparent LED video wall manufacturer in China. We offer dependable, high-quality items that enhance your experience. With a professional team that can assist you in finding the ideal solution, whether you need a small or large video wall.

1. 24-hour Customer Service is Provided

Our customers are welcome to call us at any time 24/7, and we will promptly address any of their inquiries, no matter how big or small. Our committed crew is available around-the-clock to make sure that our clients receive assistance when they require it.

2. 20+ Years of Expertise

Over 20 years of expertise in the LED video wall market may be found at JASIONLED. Being a market-leading producer of transparent LED video walls, we remain committed to creating goods of the highest caliber.

3. Strong Capability for Customizing

JASIONLED’s transparent video screen can be customized in a variety of ways. The transparent LED video wall’s frame and screen come in a range of materials and hues, and we can create a design that suits your demands.

4. Flexible Operation Technique

The flexible operation technique of JASIONLED is a series of processes that ensure the seamless operation and management of our organization. Almost all facets of the business’ operations are covered, from delivering goods to customers to standardizing the production process. With this flexible operation strategy, we are able to give reliable and fast services to our consumers.

5. High-quality Products at Affordable Prices

JASIONLED is a leading manufacturer of transparent LED video walls, with extensive experience in the field. We are one of the most well-known brands for this kind of product since we provide high-quality goods at competitive pricing.

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