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JASIONLED: Trusted Manufacturer of Advertising Video Walls for 20 Years

JASIONLED is a leading manufacturer of high-quality advertising video walls in China with 20 years of expertise. From small to large sizes, they provide a complete selection of products.

Qualified R&D staff can help you develop customized solutions for your project demands. Our advertising video wall has been exported to many countries around the world. We are also one of the largest suppliers of advertising video walls in China.

The Creative and Effective Use of Video Walls in Advertising

The advertising video wall is a creative way to promote any company. Several screens connected to one source make up the video wall. An airport, shopping center, or train station are typical locations for the video wall. The main goal of this sort of advertising is to catch the eye of onlookers and get them to stop and take a closer look at your advertisement.

The advertising video wall is not only economical but also quite effective at communicating your message. A video wall with advertisements on it can be the answer for you if you’re seeking for a fresh approach to advertise your company and draw clients.

JASIONLED: Streamlining Production with a Talented Workforce

JASIONLED has a streamlined production process and a talented workforce. We offer excellent pre-sale and after-sale services. Our excellent R&D team has created much mature technology to provide customers with one-stop service.

Our company is committed to providing the best value for our customers by offering outstanding products and services, as well as being a reliable partner in the LED lighting industry.

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Advertising Video Wall System Components


Display Screens

The individual screens that make up the video wall are seen here. They come in sizes ranging from very small to very large and can be LCD, LED, or OLED panels.


Video Wall Processor

The video signal is distributed to each display screen by this component, which also processes the video signal. Resolution, brightness, and color calibration for the video wall can all be controlled by it.

Video Wall Controller

This component manages the layout of the video wall, allowing for the arrangement and positioning of individual screens. It also enables users to control the content displayed.


Content Source

A computer, DVD player, cable box, or other device must be connected in order for video or visual material to be displayed on a video wall.


Mounting Hardware

This includes brackets, frames, and other hardware that are used to mount the individual display screens onto the video wall.


Cabling and Connectors

hese components include the cables and connectors that are used to connect the video wall components together, such as HDMI cables, power cords, and Ethernet cables.


Control Software

Control and management of the video wall system are done using this program. Features like content scheduling, remote monitoring, and system diagnostics could be included.

Standing Out in a Crowd: The Advantages of Advertising Video Walls

There are numerous benefits to using video walls in the marketing initiatives. Although some firms might be cautious to adopt new technology, there are several advantages that make the investment worthwhile. Listed below are just a few benefits of using advertising video walls:

Bright, Vivid and Captivating

Using video walls is an excellent approach to distinguishing a brand from the competition. Video walls can draw attention to a brand and entice customers to interact with it thanks to its high quality, vibrant colors, and intriguing content.

Customized Content Options

For showing content that is continuously changing, video walls are fantastic. These can include promotions, news updates, forecasts for the weather, and more. With video walls, you can tailor the content to your requirements, keeping it current and interesting at all times.

Operable from Any Location

Video walls can be operated from any location, so you don't have to worry about having a dedicated space for them or where they're located.  This is especially helpful if your company has numerous locations or staff members require access to the same information but have different skill sets.

Complete Control

The user can easily update the material displayed on the screen and manage the control of advertising video walls from a single computer. You can give your viewers an exciting experience thanks to the limitless customization options.

Good Durability & Minimal Maintenance

Advertising video walls are extremely durable. They require minimal maintenance, and even then, it is usually just a matter of cleaning the screen with a soft cloth.

Higher ROI

Advertising video walls have been proven to increase sales, improve brand recognition, and increase foot traffic at retail stores. In fact, one study found that customers were more likely to buy from retailers who had advertising video walls installed than those who did not.

Maximizing Your Message: Effective Advertising with Video Walls

Companies are seeking for more ways to reach their customers as a result of the growth of digital advertising. The utilization of advertising video walls is a crucial aspect of this. Several huge screens that are joined together in some way to display a single video make up a video wall. It is common to see these screens during athletic events and concerts as well as in public locations. At places like retail establishments or museums, they can also be used privately.

Billboard Advertising Video Wall

A billboard advertising video wall is a type of outdoor advertising display that consists of a large video screen or wall, typically located in high-traffic areas such as busy roads or city centers. These video walls are designed to capture the attention of passersby and communicate advertising messages through dynamic, high-quality video content.

Advertising Video Wall for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions can utilize an advertising video wall, a sizable digital display system, to show clients and visitors promotional messages, information, and adverts. This video wall can be used to present many messages simultaneously or sequentially and can display content in high definition with vibrant colors and graphics.

Corporate Advertising Video Wall
Corporate Advertising Video Wall

A corporate advertising video wall is a large digital display that is used to showcase promotional content and advertisements for a company or organization. The content displayed on the video wall can include corporate branding, product information, customer testimonials, and other promotional messages aimed at attracting the attention of potential customers and stakeholders.

Entertainment Advertising Video Wall

A wide display panel made up of several smaller screens placed in a grid-like layout to provide a unified visual show is known as an entertainment advertising video wall. Commercials, live performances, or recorded video content are regularly presented on this type of display in entertainment spaces like concert halls, sports stadiums, and shopping centers.

Healthcare Advertising Video Wall

A healthcare advertising video wall is a large digital display that is used to showcase healthcare-related advertisements, announcements, and educational content.  In order to draw the attention of patients, visitors, and staff, these video walls are commonly found in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. The video wall can show a range of content, including advertisements for healthcare providers, details on novel therapies, and wellness advice.

Food Industry Advertising Video Wall

A food industry advertising video wall is a large digital display used for advertising food products, brands, and related services in various food industry settings such as restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and food markets. These video walls are typically made up of multiple screens or panels arranged in a grid, allowing for dynamic and eye-catching visual displays that can showcase product images, videos, and other promotional content.

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Flexible LED Video Wall

Flexible video walls, as opposed to conventional LED displays, are constructed from modules that can be bent, rotated, and adjusted to match a range of different forms and sizes. This makes it possible to create striking display arrangements that can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including as live events, entertainment, and advertising.

Indoor LED Video Wall

An indoor LED video wall is a sizable display comprised of numerous LED modules or panels. It serves as indoor digital signage for entertainment, advertising, and information display. Each of the LED panels, which are placed in a grid pattern, is made up of tiny LED pixels that can emit vivid and dazzling colors.

Micro LED Video Wall

A Micro LED Video Wall is a sizable display constructed of numerous Micro LED modules, which are more compact and smaller than conventional LED modules. The wide color range, great contrast, and high brightness of micro LED technology make it perfect for generating immersive visual experiences.

Fine Pitch LED Video Wall

The Fine Pitch LED Video Wall is an ultra-thin, high-definition flat panel display that offers the highest resolution of any commercially available video wall on the market. Fine pitch describes the close spacing between individual LED pixels, which produces a high pixel density and a continuous, seamless image.

Church LED Video Wall

The Church LED Video Wall is a potent and striking way to convey the message of your church. You may be confident that this video wall will be ideal for any church thanks to its many size, shape, and color possibilities.

Advertising LED Wall

To draw attention and interact with the audience, these walls are frequently employed in public settings including sports stadiums, malls, airports, and outdoor areas. Advertising LED walls can be tailored to a client's precise requirements in terms of size, resolution, brightness, and color. They are quite good at grabbing people's attention and generating a lively visual experience.

Wedding LED Video Wall

Video walls are frequently used at weddings and other important occasions to show high-quality video content, such as live video feeds of the event or previously recorded movies of the couple. The video wall's content can be adjusted to fit the wedding or event's exact requirements by arranging the LED panels in a variety of sizes and shapes.

LED Video Wall Panels

These panels are commonly used in various settings such as entertainment venues, trade shows, conferences, and digital signage displays.  LED video walls are renowned for their sharp visuals, vivid colors, and brightness, which makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Tips for Designing Effective Video Wall Advertising Content

Video wall advertising is an incredible way to reach your audience in a way that’s more engaging than any other form of digital media. You can direct your customers’ attention right where you want it, and make sure they see exactly what they need to see. Here are some tips for designing effective video wall advertising content:

1. Employ Realistic, High-quality Photos and Videos

A fantastic approach to advertising on video walls is to build brand recognition for your company. You may interact with customers in a distinctive and memorable way with the appropriate content. Use realistic, high-quality photographs and videos when creating content for video walls. Your message will become more remembered and powerful as a result.

2. Short & Direct Text

It’s imperative that the wording you employ for your video wall advertising is concise and straightforward. The purpose of video walls that are a part of larger campaigns is to compel viewers to take action by clicking a link or making a purchase, therefore this is particularly true for those video walls. To avoid detracting from the campaign’s main message, the text must be succinct and unambiguous. Where feasible, write in brief phrases, concise paragraphs, and with bulleted lists.

3. Proper Screen Brightness

The most crucial component of video wall advertising content is brightness. Your material will be washed out and challenging to read on a too-bright screen. On the other side, viewers will struggle to see the content at all if you choose a screen that is too dark.

4. Keep the Video Wall Tidy

Making sure that the images and text are retained in the right order is the greatest approach to maintain organization in your video wall advertising content. As a result, you should always make sure to arrange your text and graphics in a logical order. Use a limited number of colors and design elements on your wall if you don’t want your viewers to become perplexed.

5. Regular Content Testing

Regular content testing is the best way to ensure that your video wall advertising content is effective. This can be done by testing various elements of your advertisement, such as the location of your logo, the color scheme of your background and text, or even how quickly you move from one frame to another. You should also consider how long each piece of content should be displayed for, as well as how often you should change it out.

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