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JASIONLED is a leader in 360° LED Displays. We are driven to provide customers with the best visually stimulating solutions incorporating state-of-the-art LED technology. Our professionally trained engineers inspect and ensure product quality, reliability and performance.

All products follow stringent quality control procedures and comply with ISO regulations. Our displays have received numerous global awards and recognition for creativity and innovation.

HD quality with 360 Degree Visual Experience

The 360° LED Screen is a state-of-the-art digital display solution. It provides a 360 ° projection, which makes it ideal for indoor applications such as shopping centres, public transport stations and retail spaces. This screen can also be used for entertainment venues, foyers and other retail areas where visibility is essential from all sides.

The High definition quality, with a 2mm pixel pitch, delivers more precise images with less fuzzy edges, making this screen ideal for high-traffic areas. This screen is exceptionally lightweight and simple to transport, making it highly portable – an excellent solution for exhibitions or events.


JASIONLED Provides One-stop Solution for LED Display

JASIONLED’s advanced management regulation and strict quality control system ensure the best quality, user-friendly product and trouble-free after-sales service. JASIONLED helps you concentrate all your time and energy on your main business by providing perfect production & service system.

JASIONLED has a strong R&D team, mass production mode & world’s largest manufacturing base guarantees that any LED displays are complete at the fastest speed, high quality, reasonable price & strong delivery ability.

True color & unique vision

Professional 360 Degree LED Screen Production Process


LEDs Baking

Drying out an LED in an oven at high temperatures restores light-emitting properties that have been compromised by exposure to moisture.



Surface-mount technology uses components attached directly to the surface of a printed circuit board. Through-hole technology uses holes drilled into the printed circuit board, which are then filled with solder, and leads protruding from it.



A stencil is used to apply solder paste to the surface of a beaded lamp. The lamp is then attached to an SMT machine.


Light On Test

A light-on test can determine whether LEDs are defective by applying current to each of them. If the LED does not light up, it is faulty and must be replaced.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

The LED display is made with a water-resistant material that prevents corrosion and damage.


Screw (for bottom shell)

The display is attached to the printed circuit board by four screws.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

Outdoor LED displays should be stored on a horizontal surface and covered with an adhesive to protect them from water damage.


Screw (for mask)

The mask’s screws are made of a hardened steel alloy and zinc. The screws have been treated to prevent corrosion and heat-treated to make them harder and more durable.


LED Module Aging

After assembly, the modules will be tested for six to twelve hours to ensure they work correctly. Performance testing will include lamp life, color accuracy, white balance capability, realistic viewing angle and ability to display a full range of colors.


LED Cabinet Assemble

LED cabinets have a power connection sequence. The aviation seat power cables must be connected first. Then the system can be installed by plugging the 5V power cord into the board.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

We assemble, check for stability, durability, and product quality before shipping so that you receive the best cabinet possible.



Modules are transported in specially designed packages made of wood and layered with protection devices, such as foam inserts and flight cases, to ensure their safety during transit.

Following Are Some of the Features of the 360 Degree LED Screen Technology:

There are many applications for LED displays. Large video displays can be made with them and can also be used for advertising or communication. These displays are incredibly adaptable and may be customized to meet various requirements. These varied applications have one thing in common: they all call for a high-quality display system. Using an LED screen is the most excellent way to guarantee that your display system produces the best results possible. Some of the characteristics of this kind of technology include the following:

HDR Pixels

The 360 LED display is a high-definition screen that can run large, high-quality images and videos. The HDR technology in the pixels creates a bright picture and brings out all the details.

Excellent Blend of Colors

The LED screen images are of excellent quality, with a clear blend of colors. The pictures are distinct, detailed, and crisp.

High Refresh Rate

For a high-quality visual experience, 360° LED screens are usually backed by a blend of greyscale with 4096 units or more. The screen's refresh rate should be high—typically 600 Hz or higher—for seamless channel loading times.

Complete and Holistic View

These devices usually feature a 360-degree angle that offers a complete and holistic view. This adds to the quality of the image, making it even more exceptional.

Solid Durability

Thanks to advanced technology, these devices also come with solid durability. You can expect your LED display to last for the longest time.

Universal Computability

The 360 LED display offers universal computability with almost all kinds of inputs of signals. It can seamlessly transmit the best images and videos, whether HDMI, AV, VGA or anything else.

Cost-effective, Efficient, Energy-saving & Top Quality 360 LED Screen

Our 360 LED screen can be used in various applications like entertainment, education, advertising and business promotion. It can be installed both indoors and outdoor. The 360-degree LED screen provides a unique visual experience with its high brightness, resolution, and contrast ratio.

360 Degree Curved LED Display

Curved display screens are made with curved panels that, when combined in a circle, form an abnormal shape that can be customized according to the diameter of the project. This type of display screen has high brightness and good performance.

Outdoor 360 LED Display

The outdoor 360-degree LED display is great for getting your message seen. This screen is designed to be used in factories, sports stadiums, airports and other places where many people exist. The screen is made up of an array of pixels that each have their light source, which means that you can have full-colour images displayed on the screen and have text appear in any font you like. This allows you to create a truly unique experience for your audience.

Hanging 360 Degree LED Display

The Hanging 360 Degree LED Display is a new way to draw attention to your business. This display can be hung on any wall, ceiling or pole and features an eye-catching LED screen that immediately catches the attention of customers. The Hanging 360 Degree LED Display is lightweight, easy to install and transport from one location to another, making it ideal for trade shows, conferences and other events where you want people to see what you're selling quickly and clearly.

360 Degree LED Scoreboard

The 360 Degree LED Scoreboard is a revolutionary new technology that allows scores to be displayed on the playing field. This means that fans can see the score from any angle, which will make for a more exciting game for everyone!

Indoor 360 LED Display

The Indoor 360 LED Display features a light-emitting diode (LED) display that creates bright and colourful images visible from all angles. The product has a high visual impact, so it can be used to attract customers to your business or event.

360 Degree Small LED Billboard

The 360 Degree Small LED Billboard is a great way to advertise your business. It's an option for small companies or individuals who want to promote their products but need more budget or space for a large billboard. The LED screen displays full-colour images and animations in real-time and can be used indoors and outdoors.

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Cylinder LED Screen

The Cylinder LED Screen is a large LED screen that can be used for various purposes, including advertising, entertainment and more. The screen can be placed indoors or outdoors, making it an excellent choice for any location.

Round LED Screen

Round LED screens are attractive and can be customized to showcase any message you want to share with your audience. These screens are available in various sizes, with the ability to choose your screen size.

LED Sports Scoreboard

The LED Sports Scoreboard is a fully customizable, self-contained digital signage solution that can be used anywhere. This versatile display can show scores, time remaining, and even game titles as a digital scoreboard.

Event LED Screen

Event LED screens provide you with a unique way to promote your brand. They can be used at concerts, sporting events, and other public gatherings. These screens can be used to display images and animations in real-time. They are also great for displaying advertisements and additional information necessary to your business.

Church LED Sign

The Church LED Sign is perfect for churches with large congregations or even those just starting. It's great for drawing attention to special events like weddings or baptisms. The Church LED Sign comes with two options: one with a single line of text and one with three.

P10 Outdoor LED Display

P10 Outdoor LED Display is a high-quality outdoor electronic display. Its brightness, contrast and refresh rate are very high. It's suitable for all outdoor advertising signs, such as billboards, bus stop signs. It's waterproof, anti-static and anti-ageing

Transparent LED Screen

A transparent LED screen is mainly used in public places such as shopping malls, exhibitions and sports stadiums. It displays a wide range of information like time, date, weather forecast, news headlines, stock indices, etc.

Advertising LED Screen

LED Screen is a digital advertising equipment with an LED display. It can be widely used in various fields, such as government, commercial, education, entertainment, etc. The LED screen has many advantages to attract attention compared with other advertising equipment, such as high brightness, wide viewing angle and fast response speed.

What Can You Do with 360 LED Screen?

A number of different venues and events make use of 360 LED screens. Museums, offices, and spaces for public viewing have all deployed such screens. These include conferences and a number of other applications.

  • LED 360 screens are excellent for marketing banners and signboards. The high-definition screens provide comprehensive coverage for busy areas.
  • A 360 LED screens may be used to show images and artefacts in a way that allows viewers to see them from all angles.
  • It can be used to promote the name and image of a casino.
  • Hotels can advertise by showing films or hosting special events related to the motion picture industry.

These LED displays are available in various sizes and can be customized with additional features for brightness control. The brightness of a specific space can be automatically controlled, leveraging minimal effort. You must explore your options depending on your particular requirements. One of the most important factors to consider is whether you want the device to cover a small or large area. Typical applications include displaying any message relating to public awareness/importance and branding in Subways, Shipping Malls, Airports, Railway Stations, Business Centers, Banks, Supermarkets and many other locations.

Despite the diversity of applications, the displays will remain the same: they will support branding and public awareness. These displays are also gorgeous and thin. The structure is thin, and you can customize the pixels or overall screen size depending on your needs. Thus, these displays will continue to rule the markets with their multifaceted applications. Their effortless style and beautiful designs are certainly here to stay.

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