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JAISONLED LED screen event provides the perfect setting for your event. We will help you design, manufacture and install the ideal event LED display to exceed your expectations. From grandstands to marquees, from indoor to outdoor, our technical team-led of experienced managers-will provides both the knowledge of their industry and experience in managing a project of this type.

We are China’s leaders in designing and manufacturing events LED displays. Our experience in the field of events LED display is unrivalled. We have been active in this area since 2002 and have developed a reputation for excellence among our clients.

JASIONLED Event LED Screen for Your Next Event

Our large event screens are well known for their outstanding quality, durability, and simplicity of operation. They’ve been seen at crusades, weddings, sporting events, and product debuts. In the event of a malfunction, these LED screens respond quickly. Clients gain trust in using our LED displays at their events since they are guaranteed quality.

Our technology and design professionals collaborate with you to produce one-of-a-kind signage content for the entire event. JASIONLED’s event LED screen will be built with industry-leading technology to ensure the highest dependability, usefulness, and efficiency levels.

Reliable LED Display Manufacturer with 20 Years of Experience

With more than 20 years of experience in LED display manufacturing, we are one of the leading manufacturers of LED display solutions. Our products have been exported to different countries all over the world. We make all the LED displays at our factory in Shenzhen. The factory has been approved by China authorities and fully complies with all international standards.

We have a research and development team of 8 members to help design your product into different shapes and sizes to suit your business projects. Our professional sales team can guide you throughout your order as they have more than 10 years of working experience in this industry.

True color & unique vision

Advanced Equipment, First-class Technology and First-class Production Process


LEDs Baking

The heat from a high-temperature oven will drive off any moisture and restore an LED to its original state. This process can be used to restore an LED after exposure to moisture.



Surface-mount technology involves attaching electronic components to an insulating board with copper traces. Through-hole technology inserts lead into holes in the board and solders them.



A thin layer of solder paste is applied to the surface of a beaded lamp. After being placed on an SMT machine, the board undergoes reflow soldering.


Light On Test

A light-on test can be performed to identify faulty LEDs and components. Using a unique tool connected to each LED, you can apply current to determine which ones are burnt out or damaged. If any LEDs do not light up during this process, they will need to be replaced before installation can continue.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

A water-based, semi-transparent material with excellent insulation properties protects the LED display. This material also helps prevent leakage and other damage.


Screw (for bottom shell)

The display is attached to the printed circuit board with screws made of stainless steel.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

To protect an outdoor LED display from water damage while it is stored on a horizontal shelf, waterproof the display’s surfaces and allow the adhesive to cure.


Screw (for mask)

The screw of the mask is constructed of hardened steel, and zinc alloy finished with an anti-corrosion process. The screw has been heat-treated to increase hardness, strength, and durability.


LED Module Aging

Each module will be tested 6 to 12 hours after assembly, including lamp life and attenuation, color difference, white balance effect, realistic viewing angle, text quality during playback and the ability to display a full range of colors.


LED Cabinet Assemble

To install LED cabinets, a signal cable is plugged into each module. Then the output of each module is connected to the next. Finally, a 5V power cord is plugged into the board.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

To ensure that the cabinet will function properly, we run an aging test on assembled cabinets and displays for 72 hours before placing them in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled environment.



The packages consist of wood and are equipped with protective layers, such as foam inserts and flight cases, to protect the modules during transportation.

JASIONLED's Event LED Screen – Why Choose It?

As a company specialising in the event LED screen, we understand that many options are available. We want to help you make the right decision and choose the best product for your needs. JASIONLED's Event Led Screen is a high-quality product that our team of experts has designed to meet the demands of our customers. This is why we have chosen to use only the highest quality materials and components when creating our products and have built an excellent reputation for ourselves among our clients.

100% Internal-house Production

JASIONLED's event LED screens production process includes a chain of steps that must be completed before the product is finished. All processes are conducted inside JASIONLED's factory, ensuring quality is never compromised.

Knowledgeable R&D Team

JASIONLED is built of a knowledgeable team that ensures the latest demands are addressed. They also keep abreast of the latest manufacturing processes, which they can implement for improved event LED screens. This is the only way JASIONLED clients enjoy the best and latest technology in the market.

Skilled Personnel

The JASIONLED team comprises some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, with all members adept at their respective areas of expertise. The JASIONLED team's expertise ensures that your issues from ordering to delivery are handled satisfactorily. The company also constantly trains its staff to maintain its position as a leader in its field.

Standard Aging Test

The JASIONLED Aging Test ensures that the quality of our final product is up to par. We perform a secondary check to ensure that any defects are recognized and removed. This guarantees that our customers will get the best possible product with minimal chance of failure.

High Standards of Quality

JASIONLED is committed to providing quality products, and our Quality Control team works hard to ensure that all our displays meet high standards. For example, we have a rate of fewer than 3 defects per 1000 pieces and can ensure that products are tested before they leave our warehouse.

Modern Production Equipment

JASIONLED provides the best machines and technology to complement the work of its team. We acquire only the best machinery for each task and use top-rated technology in manufacturing. This is why its LEDs are constantly of top quality.

JASIONLED Range Of Quality And Durable Events LED Display

JASIONLED is a leading manufacturer and exporter of quality and durable events LED displays. We supply indoor and outdoor LED displays, widely used for advertising, retail, concert, wedding, party, celebrations and many other events. The products are high brightness, vivid color and clear picture quality. The LED displays are made from high-quality materials to ensure the durability and safety of the products. LED displays have low power consumption and long lifespan, which makes them one of the best choices for your choice.

Event Outdoor LED Screen

Our event outdoor LED screen is perfect for your next outdoor event. It’s portable, lightweight and easy to set up, making it ideal for concerts, festivals and sporting events. An easy-to-use remote control and intuitive interface make it easy to program your content.

Wedding LED Screen

Our LED wedding screen is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties or any other special event where you want to make an impression on your guests. The screen will light up your space with beautiful colors and patterns that will impress everyone who sees it!

Event Mobile LED Screen

Event Mobile LED Screen is a portable and easy-to-use LED screen. It can be easily set up under different settings. The screen is made of high-quality materials that are durable and sturdy. It can be used for various events such as concerts, sports matches, parties or other events.

Concert LED Screen

A concert LED Screen is a high-quality, large-scale LED screen that can be used for concerts and other entertainment events. The screen is made of the best materials and is designed to last. It's straightforward to set up and use.

Stage Show LED Screen

Our Stage Show LED Screen is a great way to add more flair to your next event. With this screen, you can display images and videos in full color, and it's equipped with a built-in sound system for playing music or other audio. The screen can be installed on any surface and is weatherproof, so you don't have to worry about it getting damaged by the elements.

Trade Show LED Displays

LED displays are a great way to display your brand at trade shows and events. These displays can be used as backdrops, or they can be used to create displays that highlight your products and services. LED displays are affordable and easy to transport, so they are an excellent choice for anyone who needs to get their message out on a budget.

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LED Perimeter Boards

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Stadium LED Screen

The stadium LED Screen is the most advanced stadium display at present. It applies to digital advertising, game broadcasting and other events, such as sports games, concerts and festivals, to provide digital multimedia solutions.

Church LED Screen

Churches, places of worship and other venues need quality screens that deliver clear and crisp images. With a beautiful visual display, digital monitors make it easy to share the message of your business, ministry or church. This church LED screen is easy to set up, use and store.

Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Screen is a new generation of venue advertisement. It features high brightness and contrast, strong resistance to impact and shock, easy installation and maintenance, low power consumption and is lightweight.

Glass LED Display

Glass LED Display is a beautiful digital and electronic advertising media. It can be used in many commercial places such as Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, theatres, etc. This gift item will give the people who see it a happy moment.

LED Advertising Board

This LED Advertising Board is the perfect way to get your business noticed. Its stunningly bright and colorful display is guaranteed to draw attention from far away. This outdoor led display board has many applications, including but not limited to billboards, roadside boards and promotional advertising in shopping malls or company premises.

Indoor LED Display

Indoor LED Display for a variety of applications, our Indoor LED Displays are flexible and easy to install. They are available in different sizes, shapes and features, providing the best solution for your requirements.

Conference LED Screen

This Conference LED Screen is the perfect solution for presenting at trade shows and conferences. This is ideal for large spaces like auditoriums, meeting rooms and trade show halls.

Why Use LED Screens to Enhance Your Event?

Event LED screens are increasingly used at wedding receptions, concerts, trade exhibitions, and other events. This is due to the numerous advantages they have over regular television screens. They are simple to put up and can be used for various reasons. Here are some of the benefits of Event LED screens for your next event:

1. LED Displays Provide Visual Excitement

LED displays have several advantages over other display types. The most significant benefit, however, is their ability to be seen from a long distance. LED displays can be scaled to any size and seen from several hundred feet away in broad daylight. This creates an incredible first-row experience for event participants, appealing to your target demographic.

2. Budget-friendly

Event LED screens are a budget-friendly way to enhance your event. They are easy to set up and can be used in any environment. They will add a unique element to any event. Event LED screens are the perfect solution if you want something other than standard video screens.

3. LED Displays Would Boost Your Event’s Overall Quality

An outdoor event’s primary goal is to enlighten or amuse spectators during the event. A large TV that displays images and movies can help achieve this aim. Event LED screens provide extensive multimedia options, such as live TV, live ‘camera feed’ and more. As a result, it has been discovered that Event LED screens can potentially improve the attendees’ experience.

4. Customizable

One of the primary benefits of an event LED screen is its flexibility. Because event LED screens are made up of modules, you can make any form and size, from vertical to horizontal, fit your company style, stage design or even audience choice. The rental company is committed to giving you limitless creative options for increasing the impact of your event.

5. Easy To Transport

Event screen displays are portable, which makes them ideal for installation at events where the audience is likely to move from one location to another. Event screen trailers can be towed behind any vehicle equipped with a hitch. Enabling you to travel wherever the audience is, delivering your message or logo to an even more significant number of people. They are also ideal for events when attendees migrate from one outdoor venue to another, such as a golf tournament.

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