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JASIONLED's Custom Banner LED Displays for Effective Advertising

The JASIONLED’s Banner LED Display is a great way to get your business noticed. We’ll help you stand out from the competition and draw clients to your company with our custom banner LED displays. In terms of research and development, JASIONLED has more than 20 years of expertise. Your banner LED display will be tailored to your needs using our expertise.

We have the facility in customizing your Banner LED display situated to your specification. Our customized banner LED display offers you the same great profits and unmatched customer service you have grown accustomed to with anything displayed.

Elevating A Business' Ambience with Banner LED Displays

Banner LED display is a multifunctional digital advertising element that can be installed anywhere in the store. It’s excellent for delivering information, and it’s also quite helpful for drawing customers and fostering a shopping environment that will encourage them to spend more time in the business.

The banner LED display is a great addition to any store because it can be used to highlight products and services. The banners may be used both indoors and outside, don’t take up a lot of room, and are simple to mount.

20 Years of LED Display Expertise

We are ISO-9001, CE, RoHS, FCC, certified factory. We have been focusing on the development, production and sales of LED display products for over 20 years. We are a leading manufacturer in this industry with over 300 professional staffs and advanced production facilities.

We have a group of skilled engineers and salespeople who are experts in this field. We ship to more than 90 nations and have established a solid reputation with our clients.

True color & unique vision

Banner LED Display Specifications

Pixel Pitch (Resolution) 3.91 mm2.97mm2.604mm1.95mm
Pixels Per Sq. Meter (Density) 65,536112,896147,456262,144
Module Matrix 64×6484×8496×96128×128
Scanning Mode1/32 1月28日Jan-32Jan-32
Driving Method Constant current
Module Dimensions 250mmx250mm
Module Weight 0.5KG
LED Package Type SMD
Refresh Rate ≥3,840 Hz 
Video Frame Rate60 frames/second
Grayscale 65536 (281 trillion colors) 
Color Depth 16 bit 
Contrast Ratio 3,000 : 1 
Brightness 800 ~ 1,000 NITS
Brightness Control 256 levels 
Ideal Viewing Angle 160°(H) / 120°(V)
Ideal Viewing Range 4m or greater 3m or greater2.5m or greater2m or greater
Max. Power Consumption 700W/m² 700W/m² 750W/m² 750W/m² 
Avg. Power Consumption 230W/m² 230W/m² 250W/m² 250W/m² 
Input Voltage 88 ~ 264VAC 
Operating Temperature -20 ℃ – +50 ℃
MTBF >5,000 hours 
LED Life – Span 100,000 hours 
Cabinet Size 500x250mm, 750x250mm, 1000x250mm
Cabinet Material Die-casting&Aluminum
Cabinet Weight 8 KG 

Banner LED Display Features:

Advertising with banner LED displays can be effective in several settings, such as retail stores, stadiums and events, or outdoor advertising. These displays offer several features that make them visually appealing. The following are common features of banner LED displays:

Various Resolutions

Various resolutions are available for the Banner LED Display to meet your demands. You can choose the display that is most appropriate for your application from alternatives with a thickness range of 1.9mm to 3.9mm.

Crisp and Clear

This LED display's tiny pixel pitch contributes to the screen's clarity and sharpness. Up to 3840Hz can be used as the refresh rate.

Front Service

Our video walls are easily maintained on site. The front service feature makes it possible to replace all the individual components of your video wall in seconds, without having to disassemble the whole system.

Different Sizes

The dimensions of our banner LED displays are 500x250mm, 750x250mm, and 1000x250mm, respectively. You can select the screen size that best suits your needs thanks to this.

Simple to Use

Utilizing our LED display is simple. You can select from a range of modes, including text and image mode, as well as a number of other choices, using the straightforward interface.

Economic Simplicity

Our LED displays are designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We offer an easy-to-use, self-contained software package that allows you to manage multiple displays across a single network--saving you time and money.

Illuminate a Brand: The Power of Banner LED Displays

Banner LED displays are one of the most popular marketing tools used by companies today. They provide customers with an experience that is exciting, memorable and engaging. With the ability to be placed anywhere, these displays can bring any brand or company to life in ways that are previously unimaginable.

Vertical Banner LED Display

Vertical Banner LED Display is a kind of indoor and outdoor screen that can display high-definition videos, pictures and text. It can be widely used at the entrance on various occasions, just like the entrance to the hotel lobby, company showroom, conference room, parking lot, etc.

Horizonal Banner LED Display

One type of LED display that is frequently used in the hall of high-end wholesale retailers to advertise services and goods is the horizontal banner LED display. This type of display may be utilized in numerous locations and is also easily customizable to meet your demands thanks to its distinctive design and adaptable installation options.

Wall Mounted Banner LED Display

Wall Mounted Banner LED Display are a versatile advertising medium that can be used as a stand-alone poster or installed on walls and windows as a large-scale advertising panel, attracting attention from afar.. Stunning visual effects can be produced using the product's high-quality, brilliant LED display.

Outdoor Banner LED Display

The Outdoor Banner LED Display has an aluminum frame cover that makes it both robust and waterproof. This implies that the display can be used in inclement weather and even at night. Because the signs are constructed of waterproof vinyl, cleaning and maintaining them is simple.

Transparent Banner LED Display

The transparent LED display is a new kind of digital advertising media. It has the features of high brightness, large area, low cost and easy installation. This product can be installed in many places such as the window of the shopping mall, train station waiting room, bus stop and so on.

Front Maintenance Banner LED Display

An LED display with two side cabinets serves as the front maintenance banner. It is made for front open cabinets and double side cabinets with LED displays. It can be tailored to fulfill various purposes based on the size and shape of the cabinet's front opening space. For ease of use and upkeep, the control system can be integrated into the control panel or control box.

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How Banner LED Displays Can Drive Business Growth

Businesses are constantly looking for methods to increase their profits. Engaging your audience using banner LED displays and other digital signage solutions is one method to achieve this. By connecting clients in a more personal way than ever before, banner LED displays can aid in business growth and boost sales.

Here are some of the ways banner LED displays can help you drive business growth:

1. Play Every Video Format

No more limitations to the content you can play. Our system supports a wide variety of formats, including AVI, JPEG, MPEG, MOV, MP4, GIF and FLV. Whether your content is an old VHS tape or a brand new 4K video file – we’ve got you covered.

2. Enhance the Store’s Visibility

Business owners can boost the visibility by installing a banner LED display. This type of display is typically installed above the establishments entrance and is programmed to change colors and patterns throughout the day. It will also rotate images or videos which can be displayed in order to showcase products, promotions, or events happening.

3. Give a Memorable Shopping Experience

Use motion to draw attention to certain products or promotions. You might have a special offer for a free gift, for example—make sure your customers know about it by drawing their attention with movement!

4. Maintain a Competitive Edge

Keep up with the competition by using banner LED displays. In fact, they can assist you in staying ahead of the curve by making sure that your organization can consistently keep its competitive advantage over other companies.

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