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JASIONLED is a full-service LED display company, that provides the latest in LED control system technology. We serve customers worldwide and have the experience to help you navigate through the confusing world of LED displays. We work with you throughout the process, from design through installation, and beyond. No matter what kind of application you have in mind – our team can help.

We provide Full Solutions for Novastar, LINSN, Colorlight., Huidu, Kystar, Mooncell, Xixun, Longgreat, etc LED Control Systems! Quality always is the first factor for everything. LED display products need perfect images and also need stable life. All our products with 3 years warranty.

Programmable LED Signs: The Ultimate Advertising Solution for Any Business

Programmable LED signs are exactly what they sound like: signs that can be programmed to display any message you want. They come with their own software, which allows you to write your message and then schedule it to display at any time of day or night.

The text, border, and background colors of the sign can all be customized. Additionally, you may alter the text’s font and size as well as select from a wide array of symbols like hearts, stars, arrows, happy faces, and more!

JASIONLED's Expertise in Programmable LED Signs

With over 20 years of experience, JASIONLED is a leading global LED display solutions provider. We’ve served over 10000 projects and are committed to providing our customers with the best products and outstanding stable quality.

With our vast selection of programmable LED signs ranging from indoor to outdoor displays, we can help you create an amazing visual display that will not only leave your audience in awe, but also increase their brand awareness.

True color & unique vision

Features of Programmable LED Signs


Custom Font Types and Special Effects

Programmable LED signs allow you to create custom animations and messages using any font type, color and size you want. You can even add special effects like 3D text and animation.


Adjustable Levels of Brightness

You can adjust the brightness of the programmable sign to your preference. We can adjust the brightness for you, whether you prefer it bright, dim, or somewhere in between.


Lightweight and Easy Installation

Easy installation and portability. Because of their minimal weight, our programmable LED signs are simple to install and move around. Depending on your needs, you can use them both indoors and outside.


Long Lifespan

Programmable LED signage are built to last. A LED sign can have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, which translates to approximately 11 years of trouble-free use.


HD Resolution

An excellent method to spread your message is through LED signs. You’ll never need to be concerned about the display’s quality thanks to our customizable LED signs. Everyone who passes by will be able to read your message thanks to the high definition resolution and visibility of our programmable LED signs.

Exploring the Advantages of Programmable LED Signs

Since the time of flickering neon, LED signage has advanced significantly. Today's LED signs are more energy-efficient, brighter, and customizable than ever before. While LED signs are frequently used for marketing and advertising, there are numerous more ways you can benefit from them. The following are some benefits of programmable LED signs:

Flexible and Scalable

Programmable LED signs are the perfect choice if you want to create a unique, highly customizable display. Any word or image you choose can be programmed to appear on the sign, and it is simple to change the content whenever you please.

Manage Your Message Anywhere

With programmable LED signs, you can change your message anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to update your shopping center's hours or let customers know about a special promotion, programmable LED signs are the perfect way to get the word out.

Professional Look

The clean, modern look of a programmable LED sign can lend your business a professional air. It's like having a billboard that you can change at any time, but without the expense and hassle of installing one.

Great for Advertising

The average person sees over 3,000 advertisements per day. These ads are everywhere—on television and radio, billboards and buses, magazines and newspapers, on the sides of buildings, even on their phones.

Real-time Information Dissemination

Real-time data can be encoded into LED signage, such as stock market information, news updates, or offers that expire soon. As a result, there is a sense of urgency and relevancy among the target population that firms can reach out to.

Efficient and Cost-effective

Programmable LED signs are an efficient and cost-effective way to advertise your business. LEDs are low-power, so they don't draw much electricity, which means you can save money on your electric bill.

Programmable LED Display for Eye-catching Advertising

The customizable LED display is a fantastic tool for communicating. It is a tremendously flexible tool because it can do so much more than just display words and images on your screen. Advertising and corporate marketing are just two uses for the programmable LED display.

Programmable Scrolling LED Sign

An effective approach to promote your company or product is with the Programmable Scrolling LED Sign. You can alter the message at any time thanks to the sign's programming ability to display a variety of words and graphics! A vivid, colorful display on the Programmable Scrolling LED Sign can be seen from a great distance. The AC adapter and mounting tools are included, and it may be installed on a wall or ceiling.

Programmable LED Display Board

A programmable LED display board is an electronic device that displays information on a screen of lights. Any text or image can be programmed to appear on the board at a specific moment in any color. In a standard programmable LED display board, there are many lights organized in rows and columns, each of which stands in for a pixel (an individual component of a picture).

Programmable Message Sign

This programmable message sign is a great method to keep up with the ongoing developments in your company. It enables you to switch out the message on the sign automatically every day, or at least once each week. You can always have the appropriate message in front of your consumers thanks to the sign's built-in memory, which can store up to 100 messages.

Outdoor Electronics Sign

The outdoor electronics sign is a fantastic method to draw attention to your company. Any type of business that wishes to increase consumer traffic and spread the word about itself should use this sign. Due to their simplicity of installation and setup, outdoor electronics signs are excellent for outdoor companies. They won't be harmed by snow or rain because they are also waterproof.

Outdoor Programmable Signs

Outdoor programmable signs are made to communicate your message in a way that is both attractive and powerful. You may use these signs to make an advertisement that is more than simply a billboard; it can be an experience. We have the ideal outdoor programmable sign for you, whether you want to build a dynamic sign with shifting graphics or text or a static sign with just one message.

Programmable LED Sign Board

Programmable LED Sign Boards are made up of LED lights that can be programmed with different colors. You may update the text and photos on your sign board without having to manually do so thanks to the programmability feature. Your sign board is also more visible from a distance thanks to the LED lights. It can also include movies and animations, making it a special approach to advertise your company.

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The LED Shop Display is an affordable, flexible display solution for your retail or point of sale needs. Its slim design and bright, vibrant LEDs are perfect for signage that welcomes customers and gets them excited about what you have in the store.

Foldable LED Screen

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Airport LED Display

Airport LED Display is a self-contained, indoor display unit designed to be placed in airports, train stations and other strategically chosen waiting areas where people congregate.

Transparent LED Video Wall

Transparent LED Video Wall is composed of transparent or colored LED display, video controller and high brightness LED source. It has the advantage of large clear image area, high definition and excellent visual effects.

Advertising Video Wall

Advertising Video Wall is a professional, highly-customizable video wall software that lets you to create video walls with various layouts and configurations. It enables a variety of screen arrangements and resolution settings.

Trade Show LED Display

This Trade Show LED Display is a perfect fit for any next event. Whether you're at a tradeshow or marketing event, this display is guaranteed to get heads turning your way and help you expand your brand.

Curved LED Screen

Our Curved LED Screen blends excellent picture quality with a wide viewing angle, creating an unforgettable experience. The LED screen's advanced technology and top-notch manufacturing makes it super bright, while reducing eye strain and increasing clarity of vision.

The Benefits of Partnering with JASIONLED for Programmable LED Signs

If you’re looking for the most reliable, responsive, and innovative LED sign company in the industry, look no further than JASIONLED. We are uniquely suited to assist you with all of your programmable LED signage needs because to our years of experience in the sector and commitment to provide top-quality goods and services. Some advantages of working with JASIONLED include the following:

1. Sample Assistance

JASIONLED will provide you with a free programmable LED display sample so that you can develop the market and create your own displays in your store.

2. Professional Technical Support

We have a group of highly skilled specialists who are knowledgeable about LED technology and can offer you the best option for your requirements. They will collaborate together with you to comprehend your needs and provide you with specialized solutions that will assist you in achieving your objectives.

3. Highest Quality & Leading LED Technology

For your programmable signs, JASIONLED can provide the highest caliber and most cutting-edge LED technology. Furthermore, we’ll collaborate with you to create a distinctive design that successfully communicates your message and provides a memorable experience for your clients!

4.Free Design Assistance and 3 Years Warranty

When you partner with JASIONLED, we offer free design assistance and 3 years warranty on all of our products. Our designs are accurate, tested, and reliable. In addition to our 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts replacement, we also provide you with helpful design assistance so that you can make the most of your sign.

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