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JASIONLED has been specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of LED indoor and outdoor displays since it was established in 2003. The company has a modern manufacturing plant of 8,000 square meters, more than 120 employees and excellent LED product design, production and quality control capabilities.

We are a comprehensive high-tech company that implements the ISO9001:2008 international quality system. Together with our experienced team, we are ready to provide you with excellent service and a great shopping experience!

The Perfect Interactive Audience Engagement

Interactive content that reacts to your audience is better than static content. Our interactive floor displays are equipped with thousands of touch sensors. Combined with an interactive media server, your steps will turn into magic. You can create a unique experience for your audience. This interactive floor is suitable for concerts, exhibitions or conferences.

The interactive LED floor screen comprises many small cells that light up in response to the pressure applied by visitors’ feet. The cells are divided into groups, each activated by a different group of visitors’ feet. For example, when you walk on a particular part of the floor, all cells under your feet will light up at once, and you will see something interesting happening before your eyes!


20 Years Innovation, 3 Years Warranty

We are a professional LED display manufacturer with 20 years of experience producing and developing LED displays. Our LED displays have been widely used in commercial plazas, stadiums, shopping centres and transportation facilities. We provide 3 years warranty and 5% spare parts. Moreover, our diverse product ranges include Small Pixel LED Displays, Rental LED Displays, Fixed LED display, Outdoor LED display, Indoor LED displays, Creative LED Displays, Sports Perimeter LED Displays, Interactive LED Floor screens etc. They can meet the different needs of different customers on various projects.

True color & unique vision

The Production Process of Interactive LED Floor Screen of High Quality and Excellent Performance.


LEDs Baking

Heating an LED in a high-temperature oven will drive off any moisture. This process can be used to restore an LED after exposure to moisture.



When assembling printed circuit boards, surface-mount technology involves attaching electronic components to the board using solder. In contrast, through-hole technology inserts lead through holes in the board and solders them.



A thin layer of solder paste is applied to the surface of a beaded lamp, and then the light is placed on an SMT machine. After the machine performs reflow soldering, the board is ready for testing.


Light On Test

The light-on test is used to identify faulty LEDs and components. A unique tool applies current to each LED, enabling the tester to determine which ones are burnt out or damaged. If any LEDs do not light up during this process, they will need to be replaced before installation can continue.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

A water-based, semi-transparent material is used to coat the LED display. This coating has excellent insulation properties, preventing leakage and other damage.


Screw (for bottom shell)

This display is attached to the printed circuit board with stainless steel screws and nuts.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

Apply waterproofing adhesive to the surfaces of an outdoor LED display and allow it to dry before storing the display on a horizontal shelf.


Screw (for mask)

The screws in the mask are made of hardened steel and zinc alloy, treated with an anti-corrosion process. The screws have been heat-treated to increase hardness, strength, and durability.


LED Module Aging

Each module will be tested 6 to 12 hours after assembly to ensure that the lamp life, attenuation, color difference, white balance effect, realistic viewing angle, text quality during playback, and ability to display a full range of colors are satisfactory.


LED Cabinet Assemble

LED cabinet construction involves plugging a signal cable into each module and then connecting the output to the modules. Aviation seat power cables are connected to each module. Assembling the system involves plugging a 5V power cord into the board.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

We wait at least 72 hours before placing the screen in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled environment to ensure stability, then ship the screen to our customers.



The packages are constructed of wood, layered with foam inserts, and protected by flight cases and other protection devices to safeguard the modules during shipping.

Main Features of Interactive LED Floor Screen

The LED screen is becoming an increasingly popular addition to any event or presentation. With added flexibility that offers a wide range of multimedia options, these screens can enhance your next production and increase audience engagement. An interactive LED floor screen is an essential element in the modern multimedia presentation of events, both in its technological features and the images that create unusual reactions in the audience.

Installation is Fast and Sensitive

Installation is easy with the Interactive LED Floor Screen. You can install it directly without tools or using guide rails.

Strong Load-bearing

The aluminium alloy structure is strong enough to support a weight of 1.5 tons per square meter. Each square meter can hold at least 75 people, based on a weight of 100 kilograms per person.

Good Maintenance Performance

The damaged display can be exchanged directly with no need to remove the adjacent cabinets.

High-contrast Design

The mask is waterproof, dustproof, and features an excellent playback effect for clear vision.

High Brightness

The brightness is more than 5,000 nits, which can ensure that the screen is visible under different lighting conditions. It is also suitable for outdoor use and prevents eye fatigue.

Adjustable Height

The LED floor screen is adjustable in height, so you can use it at different heights for different applications.

Interactive LED Floor Screen: The Ultimate Entertainment Experience

The ultimate entertainment experience is here! Our interactive LED floor screen will transform your event space into a dance floor and movie theatre. The floor screen has a programmable interface that your guests can control, allowing them to create their unique experience.

Interactive LED Floor Screen for Disco DJ Stage Lighting Event

The LED Floor Screen for the Disco DJ Stage Lighting Event is a great way to get your guests dancing and making the most of your event space. This LED screen is designed for DJs, producers, and other music professionals who want to use their music to create a fun and engaging experience for their audience.

Interactive LED Floor Screen for Wedding

This is the perfect addition to any wedding or party, and your guests will love being able to interact with it. They can play games, dance along to music, and more! We offer a wide variety of colors and sizes—you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. And because we make all of our screens in-house, you know that every detail will be perfect.

Gaming Interactive LED Floor Screen

The Gaming Interactive LED Floor Screen is the perfect way to enhance your gaming experience. This floor screen comprises an array of LED lights that can be used to display various images and patterns. The screen can be programmed to show different images at different times so that each game played has its unique visual aesthetic.

Sports Interactive LED Floor Screen

The Sports Interactive LED Floor Screen is an all-weather, durable LED screen that can be used outdoors or indoors and can play back any file, including video and audio. The fully customizable screens are controlled by a simple control panel, which allows for the creation of playlists that can be updated remotely.

Interactive LED Video Dance Floor for Disco Club

Video dance floors are the latest trend in nightclubs. They create a unique atmosphere and give customers a fantastic experience. Our LED video dance floor is specially designed for disco clubs, providing an excellent opportunity to enjoy the party anytime or at night. It is a beautiful addition to the disco club's decor, attracting new customers and increasing your revenue.

Living Surface Interactive LED Floor

Living Surface Interactive LED Floor is a unique and innovative flooring system that offers an interactive experience for users. The product can be used in various settings, including offices, schools, and hospitals. The floor is made of top-quality material that ensures durability and quality. It comes with an intelligent control system that makes it easy to use.

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Video Dance Floor

Yes, it's a dance floor with a difference. The video dance floor is a giant interactive screen surface that comes to life with animated graphics and lighting effects synchronized to your music via the DJ console! It's a unique feature that will get even the shyest dancer on the dancefloor in no time!

Transparent LED Screen

A transparent LED Screen is a transparent LED lighting panel that we can shine on any surface. The LED panel with high-definition, high brightness and an accurate colour display; Transparent LED Screen is suitable for use in many scenes and environments, such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, retail stores, hotels and other places.

Glass LED Display

Our Glass LED Display offers a sophisticated, simplistic solution for displaying promotional graphics or product information. This versatile panel's luminescent surface is illuminated with LED lights, allowing the user to easily change or customize the graphics on the fly with minimal effort.

Flexible Transparent LED Screen

Flexible transparent LED screens are made of thin, clear, vertical-aligned and light-emitting diodes (LED) technology. They are making it possible to form any shape on the screen with a high brightness and contrast ratio. Flexible LED displays are reported to be able to be used in curved display applications, andbendable.

Transparent LED Window Display

A transparent LED Window Display is a standard LED window display that can be customized. The transparent LED window display has various optional accessories, such as LEDs, to fit your brand, design, and specifications. These lights can be secured directly into your windows or mounted onto the frame of the building itself.

Outdoor Rental LED Display

The outdoor rental LED display is suitable for outdoor events, such as product launching, fairs and festivals. By renting this equipment, you can promote your product, attract people's attention and increase sales for temporary activities.

P8 Outdoor LED Display

P8 Outdoor LED Display is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, including advertising and commercial environments. This bright and high-definition display can be used in all weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor engagements.

P10 Outdoor LED Display

P10 Outdoor LED Display is the most advanced outdoor advertising screen based on market available technology. It has lightness, high resolution and contrast ratio, a wide color gamut, true colors and image richness. With its superb image quality, you can use it to attract people's attention. P10 Outdoor LED Display is suitable for all carriers, such as shopping centres, airports, railway stations and tourist attractions.

Advantages of Interactive LED Floor Screen

Interactive LED floor screens are an exciting new addition to the digital display market. These screens allow users to interact with them in various ways, from playing games to watching videos and music. They are much more than just flat screen that displays static images; they are dynamic and interactive.

Interactive LED floor screen advantages include:

  • The LED interactive floor tile screen functions like the single-scene floor displays used in traditional advertising. It enhances human-computer interaction by creating the illusion that people are part of the visuals, thus heightening the interest in the scene.
  • It is easy to maintain, has a long service life and is safe, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  • The picture is clear and vivid, with a wide viewing angle and high resolution.
  • Attract the attention of people, and even become a means of advertising.
  • It is superior to ordinary floor tile screens in its anti-stepping, anti-collision, anti-pressure and anti-scratch properties. It is also more robust and more durable than standard floor tile screens.
  • The floor tile screen is different from the traditional LED floor tile screen. The former can follow the human body’s activities to present real-time picture effects according to the principle of human body induction. At the same time, the latter can only play fixed pictures according to a predetermined program to meet its performance.
  • Excellent low-brightness performance, with average grayscale reproduction and good consistency.


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