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JASIONLED is focusing on R&D, production, sales, and services of LED displays and modules, JASIONLED is one of the top manufacturer of indoor LED walls and a leading provider of LED display solutions. Our innovative LED displays set a new standard for the industry.

With our 20+ years of industry experience and design and manufacturing, we can provide you high-quality items at reasonable costs.

For a Beautiful and Vibrant Display, Indoor LED Wall is the Right Choice

Developed with a seamless installation in mind, the Indoors LED Wall is engineered to fit anywhere. It provides a vitalization of any space with its video walls or sound system integration, making it perfect for retail chains, restaurants, clubs and bars that want to attract customers.

The Indoors LED Wall is a powerful tool for businesses looking to build their brand and attract customers. It offers endless customization options, including the option to add a custom logo or design.


Advanced Equipment for Premium Quality

For its equipment, JASIONLED makes investments in cutting-edge technology. We are able to offer you highly stable LED display goods because to our investment in premium grade machinery. This also guarantees that we can provide you with satisfactory service and affordable prices.

We can increase output while retaining the same excellent quality of the product thanks to four automated production lines. Every product fulfills the highest requirements thanks to our meticulous quality control procedure.

True color & unique vision

Innovative Indoor LED Wall Manufacturing Process


LEDs Baking

Restoring an LED after exposure to moisture is as simple as exposing it to high temperatures.



Surface-mount technology involves soldering electronic components to an insulating board, while through-hole technology inserts leads into holes in the panel before soldering.



After the solder paste has been applied to the beaded lamp, it is mounted on an SMT machine and reflow soldering is performed.


Light On Test

To identify faulty LEDs and components, a light-on test should be performed. The unique tools used for this process will make sure that there are no faulty components before a product is installed.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

To protect the LED display and prolong its life, the engineers chose a water-based, semi-transparent material that was both waterproof and shatterproof.


Screw (for bottom shell)

The display is attached to the circuit board with screws made of stainless steel.


Screw (for mask)

The screw of the mask is made of hardened steel, zinc alloy and finished with an anti-corrosion process. This makes it hard, strong and durable.


LED Module Aging

Each module will be examined for lamp life, attenuation, color difference, white balance effect and text quality during playback.


LED Cabinet Assemble

LED cabinets are assembled from individual modules. Each module has a signal cable plugged into it, which sends data to the next module. A 5V power cord is also plugged into each board.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

We test our cabinets and displays in a temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled environment for 72 hours before they go on sale.



Module packages are made of wood and include layers of protective foam inserts and flight cases to ensure the safe transport of the modules.

Transform Your Space with Indoor LED Wall Solutions

It is widely accepted that LED lighting is the way of the future for illumination. In addition, employing indoor LED wall lighting has a number of advantages over other types of illumination. Below are the list of advantages Indoor LED wall can offer:

Light & Thin Board

A thin, lightweight, and simple-to-install panel is an indoor LED wall. The panel is simple to carry, store, and install because to its robust structure.

Improved Visibility

The visibility of the LED display can be significantly improved because to the higher brightness of LED wall compared to traditional wall materials. It is simple to observe from all angles because to the excellent light transmission qualities of LED panels.

Smooth Connection

An indoor LED wall is composed of stacked LED modules that are connected seamlessly. These modules are available in various sizes and shapes. You may customize it to your needs and make sure it will perfectly fit in your space thanks to its modular construction.

Installation & Upkeep Safely

Indoor LED wall installation and maintenance are secure and easy. The procedure is simple and needs little effort. Because of how speedy the installation procedure is as a result, you may immediately begin taking use of the advantages of your new LED wall.

Size Flexibility

Size, form, and color are completely customizable for indoor LED walls. As a result, you can practically fit your LED wall into any area and customize its appearance. Even a personalized LED wall that suits an existing space's design is possible.


Indoor LED wall is versatile. You can use it for entertainment, advertising and promotion, sports, live show and so on.

Highly Robust

Indoor LED walls are strong, long-lasting, and suitable for a variety of uses. They may be utilized in all weather and are simple to install and maintain.

Reasonable Price

Due to the reasonable and cost-effective price of our indoor LED wall, you may benefit from modern technology without going broke.

Bring Your Vision to Life with Indoor LED Wall

The possibilities are unlimited when using indoor LED walls to bring your vision to life. Visualize a vast display of vibrant lighting that is guaranteed to wow your visitors. Use it in a workplace or retail setting to create a distinctive atmosphere that will draw clients in repeatedly. With the flick of a switch, indoor LED walls may also be used to create stunning displays during events like concerts and parties, allowing you to set the mood.

Wholesale Indoor LED Wall Display

A full-color display that is simple to use and maintain is the wholesale indoor led wall display. All of your consumers will be drawn in by this screen's high brightness of 7000cd and wide viewing angle. This screen can be utilized for indoor advertising in malls, markets, airports, and other public spaces.

Indoor LED Wall Billboard

You can effectively spread your message by using our indoor LED wall billboards. These billboards are ideal for event promoters who want to publicize future events as well as for companies looking to build brand awareness. We have indoor LED wall billboards in a range of sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements and price range.

Indoor LED Wall Display

This wall display can be used for advertising inside. It is made of LEDs, which are durable and incredibly energy-efficient. This specific model can display high-quality images because of its 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. This product may be utilized both inside and outside thanks to the brightness and contrast.

Indoor Wedding LED Wall

The ideal method to achieve this is with a magnificent indoor wedding LED wall. You may program the lights to change colors and patterns throughout the night in addition to being able to set them to any color. Scrolling text or personalized greetings are just a couple of the options available.

Indoor Church LED Wall

Several indoor church applications can benefit from the adaptable, high-quality projection screen known as the Indoor Church LED Wall. Both indoor and outdoor use of the Indoor Church LED Wall is possible because to its ultra-wide viewing angle.

Indoor Fixed LED Wall Display

The Indoor Fixed LED Wall Display is a versatile and durable solution for any business that needs to display information in an indoor setting. This product has been designed to withstand the rigors of indoor use, including temperature extremes, humidity, and dust.

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Outdoor LED Wall

Any outdoor space would benefit from our Outdoor LED Wall. This wall is a terrific method to add style to your garden or backyard because of its sleek, contemporary appearance. As a result of the LEDs' high energy efficiency and long lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, you can use them for many years to come.

LED Standee

A straightforward but powerful approach to promote your brand is with this LED standee. In bright lighting, the LED Standee may be seen from a distance and is intended to draw in consumers and bystanders. Deploying and installing it is simple, allowing you to concentrate on more crucial matters.

Totem LED Display

Powerful LED display Totem can be utilized to produce dynamic, compelling information. Totem is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its low power consumption, vivid, and bright colors, and its ability to adjust its display in real-time.

LED Poster

An LED poster is a versatile display that can be used to advertise your products and services, as well as inform, educate and entertain your customers. The poster can be placed in any setting where it will be seen by customers or employees.

Transparent LED Poster

Customers can view your incredible LED display from anywhere in the room thanks to the transparent LED poster, which allows you to create an outstanding LED display that is viewable from any angle. Customers can read the text on the display at any distance because it is viewable from any angle.

Commercial LED Display

Commercial LED displays are a great way to attract attention and make people remember your brand. LED displays come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but they all share the same quality: they are bright, colorful and attention-grabbing.

Custom LED Display

Custom LED Displays are a fantastic method to convey your message in a humorous and engaging manner. The best feature of it is that you may design whatever message you desire. For added creativity, you can even incorporate animations and graphics.

Sphere LED Display

The Sphere LED Display is a distinctive item. It is a spherical display that has a wide range of uses, including entertainment, education, and advertising. While showing the desired image, the sphere can revolve 360 degrees.

JASIONLED: Leading the Way in LED Display Technology

Among suppliers of LED display technology, JASIONLED is a top contender. Outdoor displays, electronic signage, and other goods are just a few of the ones we have available. Both aesthetically attractive and energy-efficient are goals when designing our displays. We make an effort to ensure that our displays keep you fashionable while also helping you save money.

1. Productive Workers & Equipment

At JASIONLED, We want you to be productive so you can focus more on what makes your company distinctive and spend less time on mundane duties. We kept you in mind when developing our LED display technology because of this.

2. High-Grade Components

When you need a high-quality product, you need to go with the best. That’s why JasionLED’s product line is made up of only the highest-grade components from Nationstar, Kinglight, Nichia, Cree, and Epistar. Every part of our display technology is designed to provide you with the most reliable and efficient product possible.

3. 3 Years Warranty & 5% Spare Parts

We offer a 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts, so you can be sure that your display will be working as long as possible.

4. 5000㎡+ Production Capacity

We have the capacity to produce 5000㎡+ LED displays. Our products are used worldwide in many different industries, including advertising, healthcare, education, retail, transportation, and more.

5. 90+ Countries Solutions

One of the most reputable brands in our sector, JASIONLED has offered solutions in over 90 countries. JASIONLED work hard to offer you the best possible solutions.

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