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With 20 years of experience, JASIONLED is a maker of high-quality control room video walls. We produce control room video walls that are of the highest quality, best meet your needs, and are offered at competitive prices.

The knowledgeable crew at JASIONLED is dedicated to providing you with the best control room solutions. We use a one-stop production approach to ensure you always have access to the best, most inexpensive control room video wall.

Real-Time Monitoring Made Easy with Control Room Video Walls

The control room video wall is the most effective instrument for keeping track of the state of operations. It notifies you of the equipment’s condition in real time and lets you know when something needs your attention. To ensure the activities are going successfully, you may always monitor and comprehend the information about the operations displayed on the video wall.

Monitoring the operations with the help of the video wall is a great approach to spot any problems as soon as they appear. It’s a fantastic tool for keeping track on the condition of the machinery and alerting you to issues.


Get Ahead of the Game with Our State-of-the-Art Control Room Video Wall Solutions

JASIONLED is dedicated to offering the best products and services to its clients. To ensure that all of our products meet the highest standards, we have a thorough quality management system in place.

We believe that high production capacity guarantees our outstanding delivery capability to meet your market demands. We are confident that we can offer you the finest solution for any project because to our dedication to a customer-focused company culture and mindset.

True color & unique vision

Quality Control in Action: The Manufacturing Process for Control Room Video Walls


LEDs Baking

Drying out an LED and returning it to its original state can be accomplished by using an oven. Moisture damage can ruin an LED, but this process can be used to restore it.



Surface-mount technology is used to assemble electronic components in a flat panel, which can save space and weight. Through-hole technology inserts leads into holes in a board, which are then soldered together.



To solder the surface of a beaded lamp, apply solder paste to the lamp’s surface and then place it on an SMT machine for reflow soldering.


Light On Test

To identify faulty LEDs and components, you can perform a light-on test. To do this, you must connect a unique tool to each LED and then apply current to measure voltage across the LED’s terminals.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

A water-based material acts as a protective shield for the LED display, which prevents damage that could result from leakage or other sources of water.


Screw (for bottom shell)

The display is attached to the printed circuit board with screws made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and preserving the quality of the product.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

To prevent water damage to a display, waterproof the display’s surfaces, apply adhesive to them and allow the adhesive to dry.


Screw (for mask)

The screws in the mask are made of hardened steel, zinc alloy and coated with a corrosion-resistant material. They have been heat-treated to increase their hardness, durability and strength.


LED Module Aging

We will test the modules for their longevity, attenuation, color difference, the effect of white balance on the image, and playback text quality.


LED Cabinet Assemble

Installing an LED cabinet involves connecting signal cables to each module, connecting the output of each module to the next and plugging in a 5V power cord into the board.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

Our cabinets and displays are put through a 72-hour aging test before being placed in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled environment.



By using wooden crates to package our modules, we can reduce the risk of damage to our sensitive equipment during transportation.

Improving Collaboration and Communication: Benefits of Using a Control Room Video Wall

Control room video walls are designed to improve collaboration and communication. They achieve this by producing an information display that is seamless and simple for users to share. This type of display is helpful across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, energy, corporate settings, and more. A control room video wall has the following advantages:

Internal & External Communications

A control room video wall is a tool used by organizations to effectively communicate with both internal and external audiences by displaying data or messages. Control room video walls are comprised of multiple screens arranged in rows or columns, allowing users to see all of their information at once without having to scroll through multiple monitors.


The Control Room Video Wall is a great way to improve collaboration and communication. It allows for real-time interaction and feedback between team members, which can help reduce confusion and errors in the workplace.

Easy Configuration and Control

A control room video wall can be configured and controlled remotely, which makes it easy to reconfigure the wall as necessary. This will save you time and money during the installation process, allowing you to quickly make changes without having to send someone out to the site.


Control room video walls are typically installed in public areas and are used on a daily basis. The displays in these systems must be able to resist the high usage that can cause them to fail or malfunction. The displays utilized in the Control Room Video Wall, on the other hand, are built to last and will not fail under regular usage situations.

Multi-Source Visualization

Collaboration and communication can be enhanced by having the capacity to visualize and track data from several sources. Operators may view essential information in one place on the control room video wall, enabling them to make quicker, more informed decisions.

Mobility, Versatility, and Creativity

Video walls provide the highest level of flexibility and mobility for a control room. The ability to move these video walls around allows for greater collaboration, as well as the ability to adapt to changing needs or situations. In many cases, they can also be repurposed for other uses after they have served their purpose in the control room.

Visualizing Big Data with Control Room Solutions

Control room video walls have been around since the 1960s, but their use has increased dramatically over the last decade as more companies have begun to rely on big data to make decisions about their business activities. Companies that have adopted big data analytics are able to make better decisions about their operations because they can analyze vast amounts of information simultaneously and quickly identify trends or patterns that would otherwise be missed by human analysts working alone. This helps them stay competitive and increase profits by making sure they do not miss out on any opportunities that present themselves within their industry or geographic area.

Control Room Video Wall for Security
Control Room Video Wall for Security

With the assistance of the cutting-edge, fully integrated Control Room Video Wall for Security, you can put the power of countless security cameras at your fingers. Any arrangement of the system's displays is possible, and each display has the ability to show a different camera feed. With an app on your phone or tablet, you can operate the wall remotely and view all of your feeds from anywhere in the world.

Control Room Video Wall for Telecom & IT

The Control Room Video Wall for Telecom & IT is a wall-mounted display system that is designed to provide a high-definition video wall for monitoring and control of critical systems.

Control Room Video Wall for Utilities

Control Room Video Wall for Utilities consists of a video wall, control system and media switching equipment, which is mainly used in power grid control room, substation control room, etc. The main function of this product is to display different monitoring signals from multiple sources to form a wide-angle monitoring screen for operators to observe and control the entire power grid or substation.

Control Room Video Wall for Federal

For usage in government buildings like hospitals and military posts, the Federal Control Room Video Wall was created. Users can view many cameras at once on the huge display on the control room wall. You may view the images from all of the smaller displays that make up the wall at once since they are all connected to one another.

Control Room Video Wall for Transportation

Transportation businesses can use the control room video wall system to track the status of their trucks in real time. Through the use of a video wall display, the system aids transportation businesses in keeping track of their cars and enables them to get notifications when issues develop.

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Flexible LED Video Wall

The flexible LED video wall is a high-tech product, which is made of several pieces of LED and controlled by electronic equipment. It has large viewing angle, good color rendering index, wide color gamut and long life span.

Transparent LED Video Wall

Transparent LED panels that can be easily arranged to suit your needs make up this video wall. Since the panels are composed of clear glass, you can simultaneously see the video on both sides. The video wall can be used for advertising, as well as in creative projects like art installations.

Fine Pitch LED Video Wall

The Fine Pitch LED Video Wall is comprised of thousands of small, high-resolution LEDs that are arranged in a grid pattern. This allows you to display images at an extremely high resolution—all while only consuming minimal power.

Portable LED Video Wall

In any location, including a hallway or the street, a portable LED video wall is a sizable display that can be set up. The majority of the time, smaller panels are joined together to make larger ones in portable LED video walls. Several arrangements of the panels are conceivable so that you may maximize your available area and give your audience the finest viewing experience.

Stage LED Wall

From nightclubs to art galleries, Stage LED Wall is a lighting system that may be used for a number of applications. The wall is made up of a number of LED panels that are fixed in front of the stage and connected to an LED controller box by cables.

LED Video Wall Panels

LED video wall panels are a great way to display information, graphics, or video in a large-scale format. LED video walls have many applications including retail, education, hospitality and more. They are perfect for displaying large amounts of information that require high-resolution images.

Church LED Wall

A flexible, contemporary option for churches wishing to give their room more life is the Church LED Wall. The wall can be utilized in a number of ways, such as as a display or projection screen. It can be utilized for any purpose and still function effectively as an architectural component.

Totem LED Display

The totem is a self-standing display that may be mounted on a wall or set on the ground. It features adjustable feet so you can level it out if necessary and a stand so you can set it down on any flat surface. If you want your totem display to sit flush with the ground, this function is incredibly beneficial.

Investing in the Best Control Room Video Wall: Guide to Considerations and Benefits

1. Reliability 

Reliability is a major consideration when deciding which control room video wall solution is best. A product will be reliable if it is simple to use, has a low failure rate, and is supported by an effective warranty scheme. The easiest method to guarantee dependability is to pick a business with a long history of operation and a reputation for producing high-quality goods that endure over time.

2. Usability

When selecting a control room video wall, usability is a key factor. The best video walls for control rooms are simple to use and adaptable to your needs.

It is crucial that the control room video wall be simple to set up and use because you will be utilizing it every day. The system shouldn’t need you to spend much time learning how to use it or figuring out how to make it work better for you.

3. Standard Content Mapping

Identification and organization of all the content that will be shown on a video wall is done through the process of content mapping. For each separate sort of content, this covers the size, resolution, and format. Understanding how the material will be mapped is crucial when constructing your video wall. To do this, you must consider two factors: the types of material that will be presented and the amount of space that each category demands.

4. Access Management

Access management is a crucial part of any control room video wall deployment. Without proper access management, it can be difficult to determine who has the right to access the video wall and what they are able to do with it.

You will need to make sure that each user has their own login information that allows them access to the system without having to give them administrative privileges or root access on the server itself. This ensures that everyone’s needs are met without compromising security or efficiency.

5. Remote Control

You may control your video wall via remote control from a distance thanks to this capability. This is crucial if you want to set your video wall somewhere where nobody will be able to view it except for someone who will be there constantly. The video wall can be adjusted remotely in terms of size, direction, and orientation.

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