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JASIONLED has become one of the best floor LED screen manufacturers that have manufactured top-class LED screens in China. With 20 years of successful experience in the LED industry, we never compromise quality over quantity. We have successfully worked in LED screen technology for more than 10 years.

Floor LED screens are suitable for events, weddings, nightclubs, parties, shopping malls, speech stages, etc. Many hotels, restaurants, and real estates also use floor LED screens to attract more traffic. We have clients from more than 90 countries all over the world. We have gained our client’s trust and respect for our high-quality, solid, long-lasting products.

Floor LED Display, High-definition Stage Equipment

Floor LED display is a moveable stage mediums applied in various projects. The unique feature of the floor LED display is compact, lightweight and flexible. Compared with conventional stage equipment, it has many advantages, such as fast installation, cost-saving, low energy consumption and environmental protection. In addition, its large size provides space for the audience to enjoy the performance more comfortably.  As high-definition stage equipment, the floor tile displays also apply to major performances in large venues such as stadiums, concert halls and theatres.

JASIONLED- High Quality, High Tech, High Service

JASIONLED, located in Shenzhen City, China, has an 8,000-square-meter production site. The highly equipped factory includes the latest technology, such as SMT, automated glueing, and high-quality machinery. A three-year warranty backs all products. The company’s 20 engineers work alongside 10 approved quality control systems, 10 aftersales technicians, and 120 finely trained workers to manufacture and provide customers with top-quality products.

In addition to technical support provided 24/7 by a team of engineers, technicians and service personnel are always available to help customers with any questions or concerns about JASIONLED’s products.

True color & unique vision

High Quality and Excellent Performance in the Production Process of Floor LED Screen


LEDs Baking

Heating an LED in a high-temperature oven will drive off any moisture that may be present on the LED. This process is effective for restoring LEDs to their original performance after exposure to moisture.



Surface-mount technology uses solder to attach electronic components through holes in printed circuit boards. In contrast, through-hole technology inserts lead through holes in the board and solders them.



Solder paste is applied to the surface of a beaded lamp, and then the light is placed on an SMT machine. After reflow soldering, the board is ready for testing.


Light On Test

A light-on test can be used to identify faulty LEDs and components. By applying current to each LED, a unique tool allows the tester to determine which ones are burnt out or damaged. If any LEDs do not light up during this process, they will need to be replaced before installation can continue.

Brush anti-corrosion paint

Brush Anti-corrosion Paint

Water-based, semi-transparent material coats the LED display. This coating prevents leakage and other damage by providing excellent insulation.


Screw (for bottom shell)

With the help of nuts and screws made of stainless steel, this display is fastened to the printed circuit board.

Glue (for outdoor only)

Glue (for outdoor only)

An outdoor LED display can be stored on a horizontal shelf after being coated with waterproofing adhesive and allowed to cure.


Screw (for mask)

The screws in the mask are constructed of a zinc alloy and toughened steel alloy that have been given an anti-corrosion treatment. Heat treatment has been applied to the screws to boost their longevity, hardness, and strength.


LED Module Aging

The lamp life, attenuation, color difference, white balance effect, realistic viewing angle, text clarity during playback, and capacity to show a wide range of colors of each module will be evaluated 6 to 12 hours after construction.


LED Cabinet Assemble

When building an LED cabinet, each module must have a signal cable plugged into it before the output can be connected to the modules. Aviation seat power cables are attached to each module. The system must be put together by inserting a 5V power cord into the board.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

In order to assure stability, we wait at least 72 hours before putting the screen in a temperature- and humidity-controlled setting. After that, we ship the screen to our clients.



To protect the modules during delivery, the packaging are made of wood, coated with foam inserts, and shielded by flight cases and other protection mechanisms.

JASIONLED Manufactures and Sells High-quality, Reliable Floor LED Display Screens.

JASIONLED's mission is to provide our customers with the best products possible. We do this by focusing on quality control and customer service. We provide our customers with extensive research and development capabilities and testing facilities to ensure that every product meets or exceeds industry standards. Our goal is to provide our clients with what they need for their applications—a floor LED display for advertising or something more industrial-oriented for retail environments.

Professional Manufacturer

With years of research and development, JASIONLED has accumulated valuable experience producing high-quality floor LED displays. We use advanced automated equipment to ensure that our products are reliable and cost-effective.

World Standard

JASIONLED display products conform to industry certification requirements for CE, ROHS, UL, CUL, FCC, C-tick and PSE. The company has achieved ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.

Full Range

JASIONLED is a leading provider of LED displays and products, including indoor and outdoor advertising displays, floor-led screens, irregularly shaped displays and billboards. The company offers rental options as well as fixed solutions for outdoor advertising.

Competitive Advantages

Our production capacity is 5,000 square meters per month, and our factory area measures 8,000 square meters. We have professional testing equipment and strict quality standards to ensure high-quality products. We offer P3, P4, P5, P8, P10, P16 and P20 products with a three-year warranty period.

Global Presence

JASIONLED has gained acceptance in the global market for its good brand image, excellent product quality, and rich product line. Currently, it has been exported to more than 90 countries worldwide. In the future, it will continue to improve its LED display products with innovations.

Unique and Creative Floor LED Display Designs

Floor LED displays are one of the most creative and unique ways to advertise your business or product. They can be used to create anything from a simple message to an interactive game. They can be placed anywhere from a small office space to a large warehouse.

Interactive LED Floor Screen

The LED floor screen allows your space to transform from a traditional room into an immersive light art installation. With its 3D-like effects, the interactive floor screen will enable users to experience things in new and exciting ways. It’s perfect for trade shows, entertainment events, concerts and more.

Video Dance Floor

Video Dance Floor is the perfect addition to any party, and Video Dance Floor is a convenient, portable, and easy-to-use dance floor that will ensure everyone has a great time. Designed to avoid tripping and falling while still being practical, you can bring it with you to weddings, proms, birthdays and more...

LED Screen Floor Tiles

These LED Screen Floor Tiles offer an easy way to customize your lighting by creating single or multiple images illuminated indoors. The product is suitable for indoor applications, like bars, nightclubs, and even homes.

Custom Shape LED Floor Screen

Our custom shape LED floor screen can be used as a branded backdrop to showcase your products and services in malls, airports, and exhibition centres. The design incorporates light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which can turn on or off in any color. This unique feature also allows you to choose between a solid backdrop or iridescent effects that simulate a flowing stream of lights.

Floor LED Screen Stage

The Floor LED Screen Stage is a versatile video display installed on practically any floor to transmit information and content for on-screen advertising, live broadcasts and more. With a 4mm pixel pitch and 1920 x1080 resolution, this display delivers incredible visual quality that makes it perfect for indoor events, restaurants and retail spaces.

Floor LED Screen Rental

LED Screen Rental is great for your next event, party or meeting. Rent a wall-to-wall LED Screen Rental for your presentations, advertisements or media content. You can rent an outdoor LED Screen Rental for your company's outdoor marketing campaign or something smaller like a laptop-led display rental for a sales presentation.

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Transparent LED Screen

Our LED screen is lightweight and thin without a steel structure; therefore, it is convenient to transport and install. With a high transparency of 80%, the screen can be used for large-scale advertisements or promotional events. It is widely used in shopping malls, hotels, and exhibition halls.

Indoor Advertising LED Display

The Indoor Advertising LED Display is a wall-mounted display that features commercial-grade materials and construction to ensure years of use. This well-built indoor advertising model will be perfect for connecting with your customers!

Wholesale Indoor LED Display

We offer a wide range of indoor LED display products suitable for any business or event. You can use our display stands to advertise your brand, showcase new products and services, or create an effective way to direct customers around your location. Our indoor displays are also perfect for trade shows, conventions and exhibitions where you want to draw people in with an eye-catching display

Outdoor Rental LED Display

Outdoor rental LED displays are ideal for events, presentations and concerts. It is the most cost-effective way to attract potential customers or clients. Our outdoor rental LED screens are perfect for any outdoor event because they are easy to set up and use. They can be used for advertising, promotions and many other applications.

Conference LED Screen

Our LED screens are a great way to present information during your conference. Our screens are made from high-quality materials and are durable enough to withstand heavy use. They're available in many different sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly in your venue.

LED Billboard

LED billboards are great for any business that wants to advertise its brand in a high-traffic area. Not only are LED billboards more cost-effective than traditional billboards, but they also offer more in terms of flexibility. Signage can be changed at any time, and you don’t have to worry about the weather affecting the lifespan of your message.

Outdoor LED Advertising Board

The outdoor LED advertising board is a large-scale outdoor advertising medium which combines the advantages of traditional billboards and modern LED displays. It can be used for outdoor advertising, with a wide range of uses, including outdoor advertising signs, building entrance signs, pedestrian passage signs, car park signs and other outdoor advertising.

Glass LED Display

Glass LED Display is an excellent addition to any business, whether a restaurant, retail store or anywhere else. The Glass LED Display is a clear, clean-looking display that will draw the attention of anyone who walks by. It comes in three different sizes and can be used for anything from menus to coupons. Hence, it's a versatile option for your business!

5 Advantages of Floor LED Screen

Floor LED screens are a relatively new technology in digital signage. However, they have several advantages over other types of displays.
Floor LED screens can be used for a variety of purposes. They are great for retail stores, restaurants, gyms and even living rooms. Floor LED screens are ideal for displaying product information, promotional offers and other important content for your business.

Here are 5 advantages of floor LED screens:

1. Functional Innovation

An innovative “Interactive Entertainment” feature has been added to the intelligent interactive floor LED screen. This new feature allows users to interact with the screen in real time and play with the screen elements. The technology behind this feature is based on a smart chip or Radar sensor that captures and analyzes actions taken by users as they interact with the screen. This allows for more significant interaction between users and the screen’s content.

2. Strong Adaptability

The intelligent interactive floor LED screen combines the traditional advantages of LED screens—such as high brightness, wide viewing angle, high-temperature resistance, water resistance, etc.—with load-bearing and non-slip functionality.

3. Easy Installation

The floor LED screen, a new product, is easy to use and install. The modular design of the floor LED screen allows for quick disassembly, making it convenient to install and maintain. The floor support is used to fix the cabinet. In contrast, other accessories located at the bottom of the entire floor LED screen are used to connect it. The single-piece design means removing or replacing individual screens without disturbing adjacent screens or needing special tools. Additionally, the operating system of the floor LED screen is not very different from other systems—you can learn it quickly.

4. Multiple Applications

One screen for multiple uses—another manifestation of the high price performance of floor LED screens, with a price and multiple purpose experiences. The load-bearing and wear-resistant mask shell, flexible sensor, and exquisite floor support design enable it to be set in various interactive entertainment and floor surface scenarios. At the same time, even if the outside of the screen is covered with a matte PC mask that reduces reflection to the greatest extent possible, the brightness of the floor LED screen can reach 2000nits – 2500nits. This allows you to use it as an upright vertical regular LED screen, concert stage background, or wedding party backdrop.

5. Effect is Outstanding Clear Display Visual

The floor LED screen has no weakness in color difference, viewing angle and brightness, and can display the same excellent visual effects as other LED screens. First, it has the same wide-angle viewing effect as different LED screens. It can provide a unique sensory experience when viewed from multiple angles. Also, the floor LED screen has high brightness and pixel density and can provide ultra-clear picture surfaces. Finally, the design of accessories such as floor supports allows seamless splicing with minimal impact on painted surfaces, resulting in superb results.

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