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20+ Years of Experience: JASIONLED's Expertise in Outdoor LED Signs

JASIONLED is an outdoor LED sign manufacturer. We provide high brightness 7000cd and waterproof IP67 LED outdoor signage solution. Our products are durable and energy-saving. We have over 20 years of experience in this industry, and we have worked with 90+ countries in the world. We use efficient equipment and workers to produce our signs.

JASIONLED employs a skilled workforce with extensive manufacturing and R&D experience. Our factory has earned ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification. Throughout the whole production process, from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product, we adhere to strict quality control processes.

Maximize Visibility with Outdoor LED Signs

LED signs are widely used, simple to read, and consume less energy than other types of signs. The primary benefit of LED signage is its visibility in all lighting circumstances, day or night. There are various uses for outdoor LED signs. They can be used in businesses to promote their goods or services, during sporting events to support a team or individual.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you with all of your needs for outdoor LED sign manufacturing. We offer a vast range of components and choices, as well as a large range of patterns and fashions. Additionally, we provide customized designs so you can make something special that properly represents your brand!


Delivering Excellence in LED Signage Manufacturing and Support

JASIONLED is a leading manufacturer and supplier of LED signage, providing top-quality products, services, support, and affordable outdoor led signs prices. We have an 8,000㎡ factory area, with a production capacity of 5,000㎡+. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products, service, and experience possible.

We only use materials from the most renowned business partners like Nationstar, Kinglight, Nichia, Cree and Epistar LED. We know how important it is to get this right so you can be confident in the quality of your product.

True color & unique vision

Invest in JASIONLED's Outdoor LED Signage for Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective Results

Blinding Protection

JASIONLED’s outdoor LED signage features robust design, including corner and floor protection for the edge of the modules. These protective features can withstand even the harshest climates, providing reliable protection for your investment.

Video Processing in 4K

The video processing in 4K is also another advantage of JasionLED’s outdoor led signage. It can display videos in full HD, 720p or 1080p resolution and up to 60 frames per second.

High Refresh Rates

The Ultra High Refresh Rate of the 3840HZ or 1920HZ allows you to present a stable image on your LED display. This is crucial for displaying video images like sports, TV shows and movies.

High Contrast Levels

The outdoor LED sign has a wide 140-degree viewing angle and a high contrast ratio of 1000:1. This enables you to present your content in a way that is simple to read from a distance.

Quick Build Designs

The modular design of our outdoor LED screen products makes them quick to put together and easy to service. servicing is fast from the front or rear, so you can get back up and running in no time!

Lightweight Cabinets

Our portable cabinets are made from premium aluminum and connected with a stainless steel fastening. This contributes to the product’s durability and light weight.

What Are the Advantages of Outdoor LED Signage?

Outdoor LED signage is a great way to get your message across, and it's especially useful if you're trying to attract customers or promote your business. outside LED signs are a dependable option for outside use because they are bright, strong, and weatherproof. In addition to these benefits, LED signs also have the following advantages:

Interactive Transmission

Outdoor LED signage is an engaging medium that can be used to display messages and advertisements. Messages are transmitted through the use of LED lights which are programmed to display specific patterns or images.

Versatile Outdoor Transmission

No matter what message you want to convey, outdoor LED signage is a fantastic way to achieve it. Your sign may be broadcast in any weather using LED technology, even when it's snowing or raining! This guarantees you can always connect with your audience, regardless of the weather.

Multi-screen Integration

The ability to display multiple screens on a single sign makes it possible to present more information in less space, or even create a complex animation that spans multiple displays.

Wide Coverage

LED outdoor signage offers a broad coverage area. It is advantageous to get the attention of potential clients when a sign can be seen from a distance. In addition to being tough, outdoor LED signs can survive inclement weather including wind and rain.

Vivid and Eye-catching Display

Outdoor LED signage is a great way to attract the attention of potential customers. The bright colors and crisp image quality will make anyone take notice, and will ensure that your business stands out from all the other nearby businesses.

24/7 Advertising

Outdoor LED signage is a great way to advertise your business, as it can be seen 24/7 by all passersby. Whether you're running a restaurant or a store, or even just want to spread the word about your upcoming event or sale, outdoor LED signs are a great option.

Maximizing Your Advertising Potential with Outdoor LED Signage

Outdoor LED signage is an excellent way to advertise your business, whether you’re trying to attract new customers or reminding existing patrons of your business’ location. The signs are inexpensive and easy to install, and they last for years without requiring any maintenance.

Outdoor LED Video Wall

This outdoor LED video wall was designed to be used outside. For delivering high-quality digital videos at events like concerts and sporting competitions, it is ideal. The installation of our LED screen is straightforward, since it comes equipped with pre-assembled parts and a durable structure to minimize damage caused by environmental conditions like wind, rain and heat.

Outdoor Mobile LED Screen

Outdoor Mobile LED Screen The Outdoor Mobile LED Screen can be placed in any outdoor place to make your business more attractive. It displays your messages clearly and effectively in High-Definition display, while the images/videos displayed on it jump out with vivid colors and super clear display, attracting people easily.

Outdoor Transparent LED Screen

Our outdoor transparent LED screens are built to withstand the elements. With our outdoor transparent LED screens, you can now showcase company logos, messages or advertisements outside of your business with ease. Ideal for construction zones and gas stations alike, these outdoor Transparent LED screens can be installed anywhere you would like them!

Outdoor Rental LED Display

For outdoor event marketing and digital signage, our outdoor rental LED display is a great option. The rental uses high brightness LEDs to provide bright and sharp pictures that can be seen from long distances. You can add or remove as many displays as you need for your event show because the LED screen is modular.

P10 Outdoor LED Display

Professional outdoor advertising is possible with the P10 outdoor LED display. It can be utilized in abrasive areas like roads or outside structures because to its outdoor-grade construction, which includes a unibody aluminum body and IP67-level protection. The display area is increased by the visually adjusted pixel pitch, which also reduces heat generation and power consumption.

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen help you to reach the top of billboards which is crucial to your business. It is a more powerful, high-tech and energy-saving outdoor screen that has all those properties you want for your business, including high brightness and contrast ratio, excellent color stability, guaranteed reliability, eye-catching animations.

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Shopping Mall LED Display

Engage shoppers and drive sales with led display mall advertising: Shopping Mall LED display is a digital billboard that attracts the attention of shoppers, improves mall traffic, and helps you engage your target audiences effectively.

Retail LED Screen

The retail LED screen is a great choice that can enhance your front-of-store experience. It is simple to install and offers a contemporary look. This item is appropriate for use in any store because it neatly tucks away between shelves or may be hung on a wall.

Flexible LED Screen

Flexible LED Screens are self-illuminating screens that are flexible and bendable but still have the appearance of regular displays. You can configure your project in a variety of ways while keeping expenses down thanks to this screen's modest weight and thinness.

Curved LED Screen

The best viewing experience is provided by the dynamic, widescreen image on our curved LED screens. The screen wraps around your viewers providing an immersive watching experience that brings life to movies and games while also standing out in presentations and exhibits. It has a thin bezel and a curved display.

Foldable LED Screen

Foldable LED screens, commonly referred to as LED video wall screens, have a single flat panel appearance but may suddenly be folded into a small package for transport. The screen can be used in an unlimited number of ways and is conveniently portable.

Curtain LED Screen

Our Curtain LED Screen is a perfect solution for trade shows, party, exhibition and other events. It can also be used as an advertising screen. It is an excellent combination of uniqueness, flexibility and convenience

Trade Show LED Display

Trade Show LED Displays are a powerful, yet flexible innovation in trade show displays. Designed to fit perfectly within any trade show booth, these sleek and stylish displays come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs.

Wedding LED Screen

Wedding LED Screen is a new way to transmit information during the wedding ceremony. This display provides video montages with music, it can be used in any setting and will add an amazing touch to your special day.

Why Choose JASIONLED as Your Outdoor LED Signage Supplier?

Choosing JASIONLED as your outdoor LED signage supplier is the smart choice. Here’s why

1. Extreme Professionalism

Extreme professionalism is one of our core values, and it shows in the quality of our products. We take pride in the fact that we have a professional team who are always willing to help our clients with their needs. This includes:

  • Quick response time
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Availability 24/7

2. Superior Quality

To ensure that your sign lasts for many years to come, we only utilize the best materials, such as premium LED light panels and aluminum frames. Additionally, we provide a 3-year warranty on all of our LED products, letting you know that you’re getting a sign that will be dependable and long-lasting.

3. Timely Delivery

The timely delivery of our LED products is guaranteed by highly efficient inventory management and comprehensive logistics services.

4. We Consider Your Demands

We are proud to be able to offer various types of LED outdoor signage solutions for a wide range of uses since we recognize that each of our customers has specific needs. We can provide you with whatever you need, whether it be a huge LED billboard or a straightforward sign for the patio of your restaurant.

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